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Short Polish<->English translations

9 Apr 2015  #121
Thank you so much:) unfortunatelly I would like to bother you with few more quenstions, just in case I wouldn't become the main smuggler of the ogórek kiszony to the Western world I would like to know how to say:

1) seminarium/proseminarium magisterskie
2) ćwiczenia (at the University we have 2 types of classes: lectures and "ćwiczenia")
3) zaliczenie (again at the University lectures are finished by exams and "cwiczenia" by something like exam but less important)
Thank you in advance one more time and promise I won't be bothering you again or at least I will change my nickname not to seem so annoying;)

Oops last more time, promise

4) czynności procesowe i pozaprocesowe
9 Apr 2015  #122
4) czynności procesowe i pozaprocesowe

Procedural steps and outside procedure steps if I'm not mistaken.
Vincent 9 | 805  Moderator  
9 Apr 2015  #123
1) seminarium/proseminarium magisterskie

seminar/introductory seminar/ a graduate seminar


"physical exercise" (not sure if this is correct)


in the dictionary it just says"credit" Someone at uni who's a member on PF might give you better explanations if you check back in a few days time. If you find the answers, let us know:)
Looker - | 998    
  9 Apr 2015  #124
"physical exercise" (not sure if this is correct)

I would say - practicals - this is not much connected with physical exercises, although the different meaning in Polish is that what you said, but regarding studies, it's practicals, practical exercises I think.


It means pass (eg. some exam)
Vincent 9 | 805  Moderator  
9 Apr 2015  #125
but regarding studies, it's practicals, practical exercises I think.

yes that would make more sense.
kpc21 1 | 763    
  10 Apr 2015  #126
Ćwiczenia as a type of classes at university are tutorials.

Zaliczenie - maybe a final test. If you mean a kind of a test or exam. Credit or pass would be just the fact that the course is passed.
10 Apr 2015  #127
Thank you for all your answers:) I think KPC21's reply perfectly accurate solves my problems:)
13 Apr 2015  #128
Could someone please help me with sentence: "Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedys przyjedziesz, ćwiczyć polski". It is being implied that I should practice my Polish, or that we practice Polish if we, in this case meet again? Is more context needed? Thanks :)
Looker - | 998    
13 Apr 2015  #129
I hope that you someday come to us yet, practising Polish. It's more-less literal translation.

przyjedziesz, ćwiczyć polski

This part doesn't say much about the way of practicing - it's like practicing Polish in general. This part looks like torn out from the rest of the sentence, I would write it differently, but nevertheless it still says about Polish practicing.

If too much confusion, my apologies - it's because of over-analyzing ;)
  13 Apr 2015  #130
"Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedys przyjedziesz, ćwiczyć polski"

I hope You'll come back in some time to practice Polish. Simple. Didn't over-analyze. :)

The comma after "przyjedziesz" is an interpunction error.
13 Apr 2015  #131
Thank you, both of you. This unfortunately was the complete sentence. Actually it was "Mam nadzeję, że jeszcze kiedys przyjedziesz, ćwiczyć polski", but I assume 'nadzeje' was a typo. Anyway, thank you for the clarification.
14 Apr 2015  #132
Merged: movie

can anybody please tell me what are they saying from 45:22 to 46:22 and 48:12 to 48:52? i know they r talking about the movie picnic at hanging rock but i cant understand polish,thanks.
15 Apr 2015  #133
Merged: PLEASE HELP OUT - what does this translate to and what does/can it mean?

i bądz tutaj zakochany.. :)

Still learning my Polish, but what does this translate to and what does/can it mean? Who would write this and in what context?

Thank you so very much!
Looker - | 998    
15 Apr 2015  #134
i bądz tutaj zakochany.. :)

This could write someone who is/was in love and is/was experiencing some minor (or major) dilemmas connected with it, and complains about it in a playful way.

And it means more-less (saying jokingly) - how to be in love? / how to love? (someone in such situation)
Polonius3 1,005 | 12,502    
15 Apr 2015  #135
Merged: artykuł 3 ustęp 4 paragraf 5

How would you translate this bit of Polish legalese into English: artykuł 3 ustęp 4 paragraf 5?
Dictionaries translate both ustęp and paragraf as paragraph, and that can't be right.
15 Apr 2015  #136
Article 3 Section 4 Paragraph 5 if this dictionary is correct in the definition of ustęp. It makes sense anyway.
Polonius3 1,005 | 12,502    
16 Apr 2015  #137
Section sounds pretty good. Many dzięks! I have used passage for ustęp but it seems that would be more appropriate for a literary passage than a legal term.
jęzka Polskiego    
27 Apr 2015  #138
Merged:How do you say 'the previous page' in Polish?

I know that page is 'stronie', but can't find 'the previous page' in online dictionaries. Help please?
27 Apr 2015  #139
Poprzednia strona.

Na poprzedniej stronie.
8 May 2015  #140
Merged: what does "Pizdeczko" mean

what does Pizdeczko mean in Polish? especially if a guy say that to a girl? does it mean honey/sweatheart?
Looker - | 998    
  8 May 2015  #141
does it mean honey/sweatheart?

Not exactly as you may imagine. Maybe that person who used this word describes his sweethearts this way, but it's a naughty term - it's the C-word said affectionately.
nycgirl - | 1    
8 May 2015  #142
Merged: polish meaning of this word " pizdeczko"

can someone tell me what is the meaning of this word "pizdeczko" , is that suppose to mean honey/sweetheart?
how and when do you use it?

i knew it !! thanks for your help !
stressed - | 2    
27 May 2015  #143
Merged: help with translation!

I'm flying to Poland with my partner to see her family and I've decided I want to ask my partner to marry me. However first I want to do the respectful thing and get the father's blessing. Can someone translate this short "speech" I want to say to the father for me?

"Kamil, growing up I never had much of a father or male role model in my life. My childhood was unconventional, to put it nicely and it lacked the family atmosphere any child deserves.

I idolise you and everything you have created here. I respect you as a man, a husband and a father. Your family is everything I imagined a stereotypical family should be, sometimes slightly dysfunctional but still perfect. It brings me great joy to experience a part of it and through having a child with Magda, play a part in it also.

However, I'd like to go one step further and fully commit to becoming a permanent part your family... I want to ask your permission to officially join the loving bond that all the Kobylinski's share and I'm asking for your blessing to have your daughter's hand in marriage?"
Looker - | 998    
27 May 2015  #144
First my question - you are on first name terms with this father? (you say 'Kamil' name directly - I'm asking because of the translation difference)

OK, so I'll try:

"Kamil, dorastając nie miałem przy sobie ojca czy męskiego wzoru do naśladowania. Moje dzieciństwo było mówiąc delikatnie nietypowe, brakowało w nim rodzinnej atmosfery, na którą zasługuje każde dziecko.

Podziwiam Cię i wszystko to, co tu uczyniłeś. Mam do Ciebie szacunek jako do człowieka, męża i ojca. Twoja rodzina reprezentuje wszystko co w moim wyobrażeniu powinna reprezentować, czasami tylko są drobne odstępstwa lecz wciąż wszystko jest perfekcyjne. Sprawia mi ogromną radość możliwość doświadczania jej, a za sprawą wspólnego dziecka z Magdą, bycia również częścią tej rodziny.

Jednakże poszedłbym nawet o krok dalej i w pełni pragnąłbym zadeklarować swoją trwałą przynależność do Twojej rodziny. Dlatego proszę o Twe pozwolenie by oficjalnie dołączyć do kochającej więzi rodziny Kobylińskich i pragnę błogosławieństwa w poślubieniu Twojej córki - czy mógłbym poprosić ją o rękę?"
Polonius3 1,005 | 12,502    
27 May 2015  #145
I would suggest Panie Kamilu. Just Kamilu is a bit forward and inappropriate in Poland towards an older person you've only just met.
Looker - | 998    
27 May 2015  #146
I would suggest Panie Kamilu.

Definitely I agree.
stressed - | 2    
27 May 2015  #147
Oh we are on first name basis definitely. We've met before, plenty of bonding over Polish wodka
Looker - | 998    
27 May 2015  #148
So for me it may stay as it is now..
WielkiPolak 59 | 1,035    
28 May 2015  #149
Merged: What do they want from me? [for Polish speakers]

I applied to write for a magazine and they replied with this email

'Dzień dobry,
proszę zaproponować 2-3 tematy z krótkim uzasadnieniem oraz objętość (12.500, 7.500 lub 5.500 znaków).'

Do they want me to write a general summary of what the articles would be about or do they actually want me to write them? The fact that they have given me a word count is confusing to me.
Obiwandonnelly - | 8    
28 May 2015  #150
Do they want me to write a general summary of what the articles

They want you to write a proposal that includes brief explanations of the pieces you intend to write and their length (word count)

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