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What are the best Polish - English Dictionary and Learning Books?

hopsta 3 | 3
10 Jan 2011 #1
I would like to know what peoples opinions are on what are the best Polish to English dictionaries are? I mean the physical book type dictionaries, not online.

I am looking to spend about £20-30 but would be good to know other options too.

Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
10 Jan 2011 #2
oxford wordpower

the newer editions might have additional CD's etc.
OP hopsta 3 | 3
14 Jan 2011 #3
Thanks for that.

Just interested if anyone else has any different recommendations?
Vincent 9 | 892
14 Jan 2011 #4
Just interested if anyone else has any different recommendations?

Try looking on Amazon, WHsmith and Waterstones websites to see which ones will fit your budget. In my opinion the best one is the two volume Oxford, PWN, Polish- English dictionary, very expensive at around £75.00 but they also have a few "slimmer" versions which may be around £20.00. Another good one at around £15.00 is the Hippocrene standard Polish-English dictionary which has a phonetic guide to pronunciation.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
14 Jan 2011 #5 - Polish Online Dictionary - another one

For free...
shekofte 5 | 23
29 Jan 2014 #6
[Moved from]: Titles of the most well known comprehensive [Polish to English or vice versa] dictionaries ?

i mean such comprehensive dictionaries similar to "Merriam- Webster" !
may you offer some of them to me?
so that i can check the price or compare them !
your sincerely .
Vincent 9 | 892
29 Jan 2014 #7
This one 0039&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=oxford+pwn+polish+and+english+dictorany. Is one of the best around, but unfortunately comes at a premium price.
shekofte 5 | 23
30 Jan 2014 #8
This one ...

thanks a lot Mr Vincent
spaceboy_psy - | 2
22 Feb 2014 #9
Merged: Looking for an affordable Eng-Pol dictionary with verb forms

Hi all,

Was looking for a Polish-English/Eng-Pol dictionary today on Amazon, and came across this very useful review of an Oxford dictionary:

"This dictionary does not show the genitive singular next to any Polish words or whether a Polish verb is perfective or imperfective. So although it's great for Polish learners of English and fine as a quick help with general communication points it will not help anyone wanting to check their Polish grammar. A previous Collins pocket dictionary managed to fit everything in."

This Collins edition the reviewer mentions sounds like exactly what I want! But Google isn't cooperating to help me work out exactly what edition it might be. Does anyone here happen to know?

Much appreciated!

Wish me luck, learning the world's hardest language :D *shudder*
Vincent 9 | 892
22 Feb 2014 #10
Does anyone here happen to know?

This edition seems to be the one the reviewer mentioned. You can also have a 'look inside' before buying on the website.
spaceboy_psy - | 2
22 Feb 2014 #11
Amazing! This sounds just right, what a great dictionary concept! Will definitely get one.

Dziękuję bardzo!
Bio - | 1
4 Apr 2014 #12
Merged: Request: Polish pronunciation dictionary

Is there any desktop application/dictionary that pronounces Polish ?

something like longman, or macmillan in english but in polish

thank you
Bio from Egypt
Tlum 12 | 167
5 Apr 2014 #13
I often use this one:
rinty - | 1
21 Aug 2014 #14
Merged: ESL learn Polish books with instructions in both English and Polish?

Anyone know of such student books? Any help will be really appreciated.
Looker - | 1,134
23 Dec 2014 #15
ESL learn Polish book

Check here and in similar sources:
piotrga - | 4
28 Aug 2015 #16
Merged: Good book to enjoy reading in Polish?

Do you know of any good books in Polish for beginners.
I want to give it to my English friend who is learning Polish.

Something like Penguin readers series for Polish?
smurf 39 | 1,971
28 Aug 2015 #17
Something like Penguin readers series for Polish?

Naw, doesn't exist.

Maybe think about getting him a Polish version of a book he's already read. That way he'll get to practice his Polish better.

Or if he's a proper beginner, maybe some graphic novels/comics in Polish.
31 Aug 2015 #18
I've recently bumped into Polish Easy Readers by Daria Gabryanczyk. She also wrote Polish for Dummies. I think they have a half price offer for one of their books right now. Their website is something like if I remember correctly. You can find those books also on Amazon.
5 Mar 2016 #19
Merged: Best polish learning books that are 20 dollar type range??

Hi, I would say i am a A2 level getting into B1. I am NOT and absolute beginner and I feel comfortable with the basics. But are there any good textbooks for polish language learners?? I have the Teach Yourself course and the Hurra! Po Polsku book. But are there any more???

Dziękuję za informacjia
dieseluk 1 | 6
24 Mar 2016 #20
Merged: Rosetta Stone and Polish for Dummies.

I've just purchased the complete Rosetta Stone course and Polish for Dummies from Amazon UK. Are there any other suggestions you have to accompany these? And can you recommend a good Polish to English dictionary please?
smurf 39 | 1,971
24 Mar 2016 #21

It's free
dieseluk 1 | 6
24 Mar 2016 #22
Thank you very much for that! Free is always good
pawian 223 | 24,371
9 Jan 2021 #23
In my opinion the best one is the two volume Oxford, PWN, Polish- English dictionary,

Yes. The best and the biggest one. My uni mate was a co-writer of it - I always admired his intelligence - during boring lectures we did crosswords and he was able to finish a complex Jolka crossword within an hour. Amazing. Later he went into translations while I into teaching.

So, his dictionary must be top level.

The problem is that today people prefer to use phone dictionaries or google.

PS> Jolka is a crossword in which the clues are given in a random order-i.e. there are no numbers to tell the solver which clue corresponds to which squares on the grid.
25 Apr 2021 #24
Would love to know your crossword-loving lexicographer friend. Saving up for the PWN. Thanks for recommendations, despite good on-line free dictionaries, still good to have a big one on the desk.

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