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Short Polish<->English translations

brooklyn - | 3
27 May 2008 #31
How do you say LIFE GOES ON
Jova - | 172
27 May 2008 #32

Życie toczy się dalej.
brooklyn - | 3
2 Jun 2008 #33
okay i gotta say thank you to all of you who come on here and translate for us.

How do you say " A BEAUTIFUL DEATH" if its possible to translate that is
z_darius 14 | 3,968
2 Jun 2008 #34

Piękna śmierć
6 Jun 2008 #35
Hi all,

Just need help on a couple of nicknames my late grandmother used for old relatives: We had a left handed cousin somewhere along the line that was called something like "shmy-uh" meaning "Lefty" according to her. What is the word and what does it mean?

The other one I was wondering about was something she used to call old ladies that she was friends with, sounding something like "chuh-cha."

Thanks for any help!
Franek 8 | 271
6 Jun 2008 #36
Niech ta gwiazda milosci,co zawsze swici na ciebie nigdy nie zagasnie
Marek 4 | 867
6 Jun 2008 #37

'May this be the starlight of my love that e'er burns bright for thee and ne'er shall be extinguished.'

To moje tłumaczenie tego zdania. -:)
czarnykot 16 | 28
21 Aug 2008 #38
[Moved from]: Suspect and suspicion

I believe the construction in Polish 'to suspect sb of sth' is 'podejrzewać kogoś o coś'. But how would a Pole express the following?
'King Krak suspected that the dragon was responsible for...' Possibly as follows?
'Król Krak podejrzewał, że smok odpowiadał za...' or
'Król Krak miał podejrzenie, że smok odpowiadał za... '
Any help in this matter from a Polish person would be greatly appreciated. I am currently doing a homework assignment on 'Legendy Krakowskie - Legenda o Smoku'
puercoespin - | 129
21 Aug 2008 #39
'Król Krak podejrzewał, że smok odpowiadał za...' or
'Król Krak miał podejrzenie, że smok odpowiadał za... '

both are correct but first one it's better translation and sounds better
22 Oct 2008 #40
Nic do stracenia - nothing to loose
LOVE- milosc
6 Nov 2008 #41
literally : kochanej pamięci...
I would rather say : pamięci it's more natural in Polish i guess
Florin 2 | 40
7 Nov 2008 #42
How do u say to a girl, "Good night and sweet dreams my love!" ?
Dobranoc i słodkich snów moja droga ?!
Seanus 15 | 19,704
7 Nov 2008 #43
Seems good enough to me. Moja miłości is also possible but may get a strange reaction.
Florin 2 | 40
24 Nov 2008 #44
I need a translation for this for a girl:
I miss you a lot..and one of these days I will be next to you. I promise you!
12 Dec 2008 #45
does anyone know the spelling for this phrase my grandma likes to say when someone belches, i think it means big pig. i have no clue when it comes to polish so dont criticize me im spelling by what i hear, svionoletta or somethin like that.
krysia 23 | 3,058
12 Dec 2008 #46
big pig

Duża świnia - do-shah shvee-nyah
świnka (little pig) - shveen-kah
plk123 8 | 4,148
12 Dec 2008 #47

do-shah shvee-nyah

so when i use the hs in "pronounciations" i get everybody jumping down my throat.. hmm. wankers
13 Dec 2008 #48
ahh close enough, thanks much. and one more saying that my grandpa always tells me, if someone could translate it that would be awesome because i want this as a tattoo... "There are no shade trees on the road to success."
Bydgoska - | 3
19 Dec 2008 #49
[Moved from]: "Szajbus" advice gratefully received!!

My favourite word of the moment is szajbus.....does this refer to a man and how does the word change if it refers to a female? Also, is the plural Szajbusy & Szajbusów??? Thanks for this coz I love using this word!!!
McCoy 27 | 1,269
19 Dec 2008 #50
.does this refer to a man and how does the word change if it refers to a female?

its a male form but you can use it refering to a woman. but it also has female version - szajbuska. you can use tham boyh.

Szajbusy & Szajbusów

its ok
6 Jan 2009 #51
hey i was wondering if anyone could translate a few things for me

you are my sunshine

stand by your man

everyone is naked in heaven

magic toe

wipe that smile off your face

and also i was wondering if anyone knew what it was that people sometimes wrote above there door in chalk to bless it...not sure if this is common but I was just curious

thanks so much if anyone is willing to humor me I know my phrases are super random : D
6 Jan 2009 #52
you are my sunshine

jestes moim słoneczkiem

stand by your man

stań (zostań) przy swoim mężczyźnie

everyone is naked in heaven

wszyscy są nadzy w niebie

magic toe

magiczny palec

wipe that smile off your face

przestań się tak uśmiechać
ladykangaroo - | 165
7 Jan 2009 #53
These are the initials of three Wise Men / biblical Magi: Kacper, Melchior and Baltazar ( K+M+B, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar), written with the blessed chalk above the door on the day of Epiphany (6th Jan). It is supposed to bring the good luck and Lord's blessings to the house.
Florin 2 | 40
28 Jun 2009 #54
Hello, I need a translation for this "przepraszam, że czasem taka suka ze mnie." , coz google is translating in a strange way and I don't know how I would take it.

michalek - | 42
28 Jun 2009 #55
'sorry for being a bitch sometimes'
polishmeknob 5 | 155
17 Nov 2009 #56
[Moved from]: Weights and Measures in Poland; kopiasta / czubata lyzeczka

What exactly are kopiasta lyzeczka and czubata lyzeczka compared to tablespoons and teaspoons?
17 Nov 2009 #57
kopiasta lyzeczka and czubata lyzeczka

The same full teaspoon.
Moonlighting 31 | 234
28 Nov 2009 #58
[Moved from]: "At the occasion of" in Polish


I would like to know how you say in Polish the expression "At the occasion of...".
Someone who is learning Polish told me it was "Z okazji + [noun of the occasion in dopełniacz]". For example, I need to write to somebody:

"At the occasion of Andrzejki, I would like to tell you..."

Thanks in advance
Nika 2 | 507
28 Nov 2009 #59
here it is:
"Z okazji Andrzejek chciałbym ci powiedzieć....."

Darrell j 1 | 2
14 Mar 2011 #60
How do translate "give me just one night and i'll make you the happiest woman in the world"

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