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Short Polish<->English translations

17 Sep 2012  #91


chaza 50 | 254    
3 Feb 2013  #92

[Moved from]: Difference between popsuty and zepsuty

what is the difference between popsuty and zepsuty, my aged mother uses popsuty and i was taught to use zepsuty. is one old polish.

Zibi - | 336    
3 Feb 2013  #93

They mean the same. I would say that "popsuty" is somewhat more colloquial.
arnaud 4 | 3    
23 Mar 2013  #94

[Moved from]: How to say "both"

To the question "Czy mówię za cicho czy niewyraźnie?", I would like to answer "both". Is there any way to say that in Polish?
wjtk - | 30    
23 Mar 2013  #95

To i to/i to i to.

Or "i za cicho i niewyraźnie".
23 Mar 2013  #96

Polish also has a number of forms for "oboje", but indeed that's a different "both" from what you'd asked about:-)
23 Mar 2013  #97

yes, 'jedno i drugie'
Pan Zuk Gnojowy 10 | 24    
2 Jul 2013  #98

Merged: AKURAT

"Akurat" - to słowo, które słyszę codziennie, w wielu sytuacjach i coraz mniej rozumiem. Od czasu do czasu trafię w sedno z tym - ale nawet wtedy nie wiem dokładnie co powiedziałem :)

bardzo proszę o definicje, przkłady, równoważne zwroty w języku angielskim, i takie tam

z góry dziękuję
4 eigner 2 | 848    
2 Jul 2013  #99


in many situations it means "yeah, right"
delfinek200 - | 1    
3 Aug 2013  #100

na zawsze for example: I'll stay with you for good.
zawsze for example: I've always liked you.

Forgive my English:)
15 Mar 2015  #101

Merged: Translation of " Tego goscia z mpesow dales nie ma ?"

What is the translation of this phrase?

"Tego goscia z mpesow dales nie ma ? "

Thank you very much

Looker - | 947    
15 Mar 2015  #102


Either misspelled or it's an unknown acronym.


If this word would be "dalej", the sentence could be translated as:

Is this guy from 'MPS' still missing?
Zazulka 3 | 130    
17 Mar 2015  #103

maybe MOPS = social assistance office ???
Tego goscia z MOPSu nadal nie ma? Is the guy from MOPS still not here?
Snowflake - | 71    
20 Mar 2015  #104

Merged: Trzydzieści minut żebrania - need help in translation

Good morning all.
I have one funny sentence and i need help in translation:
" Trzydzieści minut żebrania przed, nie jest grą wstępną!"

Thanks a lot in advance!
20 Mar 2015  #105

" Trzydzieści minut żebrania przed, nie jest grą wstępną!"

Thirty minutes of begging is not a foreplay!
jon357 70 | 12,784    
20 Mar 2015  #106

Without 'a' and it's perfect :-)
Snowflake - | 71    
20 Mar 2015  #107

Many thanks for help!
Have a nice day.
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,577    
20 Mar 2015  #108

Merged:Centrum Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcze and Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Edukacyjny

The wychowanie/wychowawcze business is a pain to translate into English. Also, how about this: Nie tylko centra oświatowo-wychowawcze ale także ośrodki szkoleniowo-edukacyjne uczestniczą w...bla-bla, ple-ple...

Some of those things sound like bureau-gibberish from the commie years in Poland, but they still function so there has to be a nice way to translate them. Esp. centra & ośrodki!
21 Mar 2015  #109


centrum - center
ośrodek - resort
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,577    
26 Mar 2015  #110

[Moved from]: Meaning of Profesor dr "rehabilitowany"?

How does one translate this into proper English: prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Srajda

Not being one much for stuffed-shirt titles I often jokingly say Profesor dr "rehabilitowany" in Polish,
Seriously though, would we just say Professor Mieczysław Srajda in English?
Looker - | 947    
26 Mar 2015  #111

It basically means that this man, being a doctor, received the habilitation qualification. Then he became professor, but the title "dr habilitowany" remains, however it is used only in writing. So yes, we can say Professor ... in English.
Szybkowski 5 | 10    
27 Mar 2015  #112

Merged:Need help translating letter from Lodz archives.

Hello everybody, I recently received this letter from the Lodz archives after asking for any information on my family from Daszyna, Lodz pre-1939. I'm not quite sure what they are asking me to do. Any help is appreciated.

Looker - | 947    
27 Mar 2015  #113

The key parts of this letter:

According to the article of the Code of Administrative Procedure "application should contain at least an indication of the person from which it comes, his/her address and request." In addition, "if the application does not indicate the address of the applicant and there is no possibility of establishing this address on the basis of available data, the application will be not reviewed." Therefore, we are calling for the removal of formal deficiencies within seven days. Not correcting these shortcomings will result in no examination of this application.
At the same time please specify what type of documents for Martin, Marianne and Joseph Szybkowski you are interested in..

2 Apr 2015  #114

Merged: help with translation

Hello everyone,

Can somebody please help me with an English-to-Polish translation. I am writing an article about start-up companies dealing in trade receivables / factoring business, and I am strugguling with the phrase "receivables exchange" (such as the U.S. company

I managed to find two possible translations being "giełda należności" or "giełda wierzytelności".

Which one would be more appropriate? What is the difference between "należności" and "wierzytelności"?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,105    
2 Apr 2015  #115

należności is close to payment while wierzytelności is close to debt
7 Apr 2015  #116

Merged: Polish into English

Hello! I'm learning English and i would be really grateful if somebody could help me with translating a few expressions:

1) zebrać szczękę z podlogi
2) foch
3) which one is correct: help me with or in
4) pierdoła/sierota
5) ogórek kiszony- according to wikipedia it's a pickle but it's not

Thank you in advance!
Vincent 9 | 810  Moderator  
8 Apr 2015  #117

I've had to look most of these up, so wait for a second opinion:)

1) zebrać szczękę z podlogi

if you are amazed or in disbelief about something, your jaw drops. If you have to pick it off the floor, then you're really amazed :)

2) foch

the sulks

3) which one is correct: help me with or in

help me with is used more often.

4) pierdoła/sierota


5) ogórek kiszony- according to wikipedia it's a pickle but it's not

According to my dictionary, kiszony is pickle or marinated .
9 Apr 2015  #118

Aaa thanks so much, especially the 2nd one has made my life easier:)
Zazulka 3 | 130    
9 Apr 2015  #119

kiszony = sour pickle or brine cured pickle
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,577    
9 Apr 2015  #120

I think it's a cultural thing. In the Anglo and maybe even most of the Western world pickling implies curing something in a vinegar-based marinade. Polish differentiates between marynowane (marinated in a vinegar solution) and kiszony (brine cured without any vinegar). So waht are known as pickled cucumbers in Polish can be konserwowe (used instead of marynowane) or kiszone or kwaszone (brine cured). Sauekraut in Polish is kapusta kiszona. The term konserwowy also means tinned or canned, so groszek konserwowy would mean tinned peas without any vinegar. Smacznego!

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