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Short Polish<->English translations

26 Sep 2022 #1,021
Thank you, I've given It a try, but in the original the emphasis falls on the middle syllable So-ko-ly, but I can't get Spar-row to sound natural. I was going to use White-Tail as in 'White-tailed Eagle' but I understand that white-tail also refers to deer as well, and probably something else I'm not aware of.
mafketis 35 | 11,492
26 Sep 2022 #1,022
I think Sokoly tranlates to Falcon, however 'Falcon' sound wrong, it needs to be a three syllable word.

a couple of cheats....

Hey! Hey! Hey proud falcon! (add an adjective)

Hey! Hey! Hey hawk flying! (add a participle)

Or work backward from the rhymes,

omijajcie góry, lasy doły "As you pass by mountains, forests, valleys..." (now work backward from valleys.... or whatever word you put there)

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