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Short Polish<->English translations

26 Sep 2022 #1,021
Thank you, I've given It a try, but in the original the emphasis falls on the middle syllable So-ko-ly, but I can't get Spar-row to sound natural. I was going to use White-Tail as in 'White-tailed Eagle' but I understand that white-tail also refers to deer as well, and probably something else I'm not aware of.
mafketis 37 | 10,898
26 Sep 2022 #1,022
I think Sokoly tranlates to Falcon, however 'Falcon' sound wrong, it needs to be a three syllable word.

a couple of cheats....

Hey! Hey! Hey proud falcon! (add an adjective)

Hey! Hey! Hey hawk flying! (add a participle)

Or work backward from the rhymes,

omijajcie góry, lasy doły "As you pass by mountains, forests, valleys..." (now work backward from valleys.... or whatever word you put there)
Mikesz 1 | 4
3 Jul 2023 #1,023

Can someone translate this for me?

Can someone translate this for me?

I can't seem to make out all of the handwriting.

Or at least rewrite it for me?

mafketis 37 | 10,898
3 Jul 2023 #1,024
quick and dirty....

thanks for the drawing :)

The recent time has been hard for me but luckily evertything is slowly getting back to normal. I try more and more to look at the future with excitement and with less of the fear that so often accompanied me. I can't wait for what fate brings next. : )
Atch 22 | 4,125
4 Jul 2023 #1,025
Hope the OP comes back to thank you. You are a good soul Maf :)
Mikesz 1 | 4
19 Nov 2023 #1,026
Thank you Mafketis! :)

I am going to send over a Christmas Card to my friend and their family in Poland. May someone let me know if my translation is correct? Thanks!

Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku o od naszej rodziny do Twojej rodziny.

życzymy wiele zdrowie, szczęścia, ciepła i radości oraz Bożego błogosławieństwa w przeżywaniu Świąt i całego nadchodzącego roku.

Niech Pan Bóg poświeci na Was wszystkich swoimu pełnym miłości światłem
gumishu 13 | 6,140
19 Nov 2023 #1,027
o od naszej rodziny do Twojej rodziny.

od naszej rodziny dla Twojej rodziny (no 'o' at the begining, either)

na Was wszystkich swoimu

I guess this was just a typo, but it should read 'swoim'
Mikesz 1 | 4
19 Nov 2023 #1,028
Thank you very much! :)
29 Dec 2023 #1,029
How would you translate to polish word "unfuck" as undoing something that was ******?
pawian 223 | 24,390
29 Dec 2023 #1,030
translate to polish word "unfuck"

Ooops, Polish is too conservative for such nuances. The translation would be typical words like improve, correct sth. Nothing special.
29 Dec 2023 #1,031
Well, there are plenty of words in Polish derived from word "pier*olic", by adding prefixes such as: spier*** odpier*** napier*** and so on, so I don't see how Polish would be too conservative.for translating "unfuck".
pawian 223 | 24,390
29 Dec 2023 #1,032
Polish would be too conservative.for translating "unfuck".

It is, believe me, even if you feel right now it is improbable.
29 Dec 2023 #1,033
No, I don't believe it. While I don't know if there is a direct translation, I can think of at least couple creative translation, such as "usunąć pierd***" "wykopnąć pierd***" But perhaps some other people can think of better, or preferably more funny translations..

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