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Dont gag me yo   
24 Apr 2014
UK, Ireland / Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK? [150]

yes, it is. polish bread isn't very good for sandwiches i think.

I disagree,Polish rye breads great with cold cuts,I usually take couple back to states along with a pack of cubans and usually the customs let me slide if they find it.
Dont gag me yo   
11 Apr 2014
Life / Moving to Krakow (and other questions) [23]

I dont know about UK but in states the property returns are like 4 to 6% depending on how strong the tenant is as for Poland one can still find 10% return on properties but strong and stable tenant yields are maximum 7.5% which I think is way better.
Dont gag me yo   
25 Feb 2014
Life / New To Warsaw. Where can i buy household items, bedding etc? [25]

Without knowledge of Polands life style and geography I would suggest you go to carrefour in galeria mokotovwhere they sell it all and cheap brands.used pots and pans,silverware they also have some cheap quality stuff to last you ,and wont hurt you to leave them behind aswell.bazaars if any around there by pualska might cost you same or very close as well.
Dont gag me yo   
4 Feb 2014
Life / How much money can I exchange in a single transaction at a Kantor? [7]

Usually as much as u want,call the kantor before and ask and ask price,kantor in intraco building charges .5frolsch pm large transactions over 10k,but call them and ask or some will rape u with rates esp the ones on chemilna

Oh and lol@sparks
Dont gag me yo   
8 Nov 2013
Feedback / Sold my laptop but the buyer cannot have access to Polish Forums from it [8]

Thus by polishforum rules only one person is entitled to use one computer or every computer he logs on from?oh and trust me me laptops,notebooks,desktops,tablets are also banned it's a first hand experience

And about giving money back it's not like some people here order from amazon to save custom duty:)) and can be refunded,I ain't giving him chest he can have his probs sorted with PF. Directly for I care,he ain't getting a penny outta me
Dont gag me yo   
4 Nov 2013
Life / Is 10500 monthly is enough for a family to live in Warsaw Poland [136]

Yeah a decent flat at babka towers with garage will run u around 2800 pln furnished plus gas,car insurance or A monthly metro pass dining out 5 days a week you will be alright,lol and a occasional all set man get that job.

In other EU countries that will not be enough by what polish standards offer.
Dont gag me yo   
3 Nov 2013
USA, Canada / Is there anyone in the US who has a Maluch that is legal to be driven? [13]

Bit late to respond ,where do you get it fixed ? My mechanic is coming back to Poland so I need a mechanic in New Jersey?ill be there next week or maybe use AAA to tow it to virginia or rent a uhaul if you have a good mechanic ther?