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Shipping a car from USA to Poland

10 Mar 2007 #1
Hey guys, I am new to this board. My wife is polish and has a green card. We would like to send a car to our parents in Poland.I guess my wife has a right to ship a car to Poland Tax free. Someone in Doma (shipping company)told us that we have to own the car for at least 6 months before we can ship it. And then my wife has to personally pick up the car in Poland to get the tax credit. Is that true? Can someone please chime in and give some more detail? Thanks guys....
hello 22 | 891
10 Mar 2007 #2
I guess my wife has a right to ship a car to Poland Tax free.

Only if she permanently moves back to Poland; otherwise she'd have to pay tax.
chuck - | 10
10 Mar 2007 #3
Hey guys about how much does it cost to ship a car to Poland from USA, CALIFORNIA
Tlum 11 | 194
10 Mar 2007 #4
There are no prices from California, but here are prices from Chicago (Polamer INC is a Polish company that sends stuff to/from Poland)

z Chicago - from Chicago
- wynajecie kontenera 40 stopowego $3,850.00 (renting a 40 feet container) $3,850.00
- wynajecie kontenera 20 stopowego $3,080.00 (renting a 20 feet containter) $3,850.00
- mozliwosc wynajecia czesci kontenera. (can rent a part of a container)

You can call them to find out more details:
11 Mar 2007 #5
We would like to send a car to our parents in Poland.

Hey, You better sent a cash. It will cost You less and parents can buy new american car in Poland. And ask Them if They want an american car. In Europe is better to own something european. Maintanance costs less. But if you decide to do if anyway don`t forget this: a car must have orange blinkers, because of traffic law in Europe.
30 Mar 2007 #6
As far as we've learned. You are correct regarding owning it for 6 months. Which means titled in her name only and registered and insured for 6 months. She does not have to be present in Poland to accept the car for the tax credit. She can give power of attorney to one or both of her parents. The car must then be owned, titled, registered and insured in your wife's name for a minimum period of one year before she can transfer title to someone else. Her parents can do all of this for her with the power of attorney. We are doing exactly the same thing at this moment and we investigated it thoroughly here and in Poland. We are sending an american car because in Poland it's the "cool" thing to have.

Correction from our March 30 post. We have just shipped our car to Poland. We called the consulate to confirm all the information we were told. Apparently, the information depends on who you speak to, when you speak to them, what they "feel" like saying at the time and what they had for breakfast that day. Now they say that the power-of-attorney is valid for everything, EXCEPT, taking delivery of an automobile. They said it's up to the agent in Poland. Apparently, it's not a clear cut law. Seems to be a gray area where we can't seem to get a consistent definative answer from anyone. Typical for Poland. We'll have to wait for the car to get there and have my wife's parents attempt to pick it up. If that doesn't work, my wife will have to make a trip (not that she would mind). In any case, good luck getting some answers. I'll post in a few weeks with the outcome.
witek 1 | 587
8 Apr 2007 #7
just curious what kind of car are you shipping?:)
cyclesearch - | 1
12 Nov 2007 #8
i am getting quotes on shipping a 20 foot container form Ohio to Gdynia for $3000-3200 all transporation, documentation. I hope this helps. Contact
jessica at ship co,
good luck
nohanlon - | 3
19 Feb 2008 #9
Does anyone know the cost and procedure of registering a car, brought from the US, into Poland?
It would be a 2006 Range Rover Sport, 4.2 litre Petrol with a value of approx 122,000zl.

Michal - | 1,865
19 Feb 2008 #10
Can you not simply buy a nice Polish Polonez motor car in Poland already registered and insured? It would make life so much more easy.
polski_zyd 2 | 72
19 Feb 2008 #11
I thought all us Poles were supposed to steal our cars in Germany and bring them back home lol :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
19 Feb 2008 #12
i believe some of you might be paying for them nowadays :-)
polski_zyd 2 | 72
19 Feb 2008 #13
not the people on my wujek's estate, haha :)
db1874 7 | 227
19 Feb 2008 #14
Does anyone know the cost and procedure of registering a car, brought from the US, into Poland?

Add on about 50% to your car value to get a ball park figure for the cost of doing it. I've been through it all recently, PM or email me and I can put you in touch with the agent I used to handle it.
davidpeake 14 | 451
20 Feb 2008 #15
is it value for money to ship a car all the way from the US..
nohanlon - | 3
20 Feb 2008 #16
So basically you are saying that I should factor an additional 60,000zl as import duty or tax, based on the approximate value of 120,000zl that is on the vehicle?
db1874 7 | 227
20 Feb 2008 #17
yes approximately for your shipping, unloading, transport to destination, car inspection, registration, VAT, C£O and AKCYZA. If you actually have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months in the US in your name then it's a different matter though and the taxes are less.
nohanlon - | 3
20 Feb 2008 #18
Thanks for the info. Do you know where I might be able to get specific costs?

All the best,
lamp01 - | 1
22 Mar 2008 #19
So, here's a question... from Colorado... where's a good place to ship my car into along the west coast of Europe and than drive to Poland? I'll definitely save money on shipping costs. I know from NJ to England it's $850. I could pick it up and drive it.

What do you guys think about that?
zoogle 6 | 44
23 Mar 2008 #20
Bremerhaven and Rotterdam have been the cheapest places I've found, depends on the shipping company
przemek79 - | 12
24 Mar 2008 #21
As far as I know in PL you must pay additional payment called AKCYZA (excise tax), the sum of this charge depends on the engine capacity, above 2,0 l you must pay 13,4%, under 2,0l only 3,1%. As far as I know there is some custom tax, I don't know the amount (in %) of this charge. You must pay also VAT tax...

I'm also interested in this of course, and for people who have companies, there is a possibility to custom release things in another EU country and pay VAT after a month or later.

Does anybody know about this ocean shipping to the Netherlands ? How much does it cost and where to look for info regarding it ?

Best Regards
rejbel 1 | 13
26 Mar 2008 #22
Does anyone know about the polish company that ships cargo to Poland from Houston?
przemek79 - | 12
27 Mar 2008 #23
Ipsen Polska Sp.z o.o.
Oddział Lublin
Al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 36
20-147 Lublin

I cooperate with them, they are also able to import cars in containers (they told me that they imported many cars).
Lenny - | 3
6 Jun 2008 #24
If you actually have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months in the US in your name then it's a different matter though and the taxes are less.

What is the proper agency in USA or Poland to call to verify this information?
redbull86 - | 1
11 Jun 2008 #25
Hello. I'm new, but I would like to ship the car from USA to Poland. I found a car Cadillac 2000$, could you tell me how to take care of Shipping to Poland and how to transfer the money to the owner and also what sort of taxes should I pay?

Greeting Martin
jezmilligan - | 4
16 Jul 2008 #26
Hi - has anyone actually imported yet or checked tax details with the authorities so we can get confirmed info? I know there are 2 tax bands if we import from elsewhere in the EU - around 3% for less than 2ltr and 13% > 2ltr - but is it different for cars from the US - I've heard figures of 22%! If not I'll check it out this week.

Can anyone recommend a shipping company they've used? I'm looking to import a Lotus from the US - 1.8 ltr so I'm hoping it's a lower tax band.

Also what happens regarding insurance? I guess we have to get a technical check for the car before it's registered so how do you insure it to drive it from the port before you have this?

Thanks guys

Jeremy, Krakow
chrissr 1 | 13
20 Jul 2008 #27
Does anyone have any new informationg regarding this? Im wondering about importing a new car from the US, costing about 30 000USD, I know i would have to pay 22% VAT, 13% for the engine, and is there anything else?
Mr Guyski - | 1
29 Jul 2008 #28
You can get precise info from

Much of the info quoted here is inaccurate, get it straight from the guys who know all about it
4 Aug 2008 #29
ok.... i agree.... there is so much mis-information/here say on this board about this topic.

i also agree that PL officials give inconsistent info on things on an hourly basis. And yes its based on how they feel that day.

99% of this car export talk is about cars from the USA.

Has anyone dealt with an export of a car from Canada??
Would there be a different procedure with a Canadian car?
Or how about an American car bought and imported into Canada, then exported to PL??
pawlak - | 1
10 Aug 2008 #30
Hey, I just got back from Poland yesterday, and i gotta say that the prices are unbelievable there. In my opinion, buying a car in Poland is not worth it. Especially now with the price of the dollar being low and the Z£oty being so high. I really am considering sending a car from the states but i heard from my uncle that some new rules are being put in place as of April that shipping a car will be Very expensive. Does anyone know anything of this. Im gonna send emails to DOMA and POLAMER to see if thats true and im looking wherever i can. Thanks

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