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Shipping times from China to Poland

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
30 Dec 2017 #1
Does anyone know how long it takes small packages to get from China to Poland via China Post? Anyone have experience importing items from china or japan to pl?
Alexbrz 3 | 78
11 Jan 2018 #2
i ordered many many many things from China post and you're looking at anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months
Taxpaying voter
11 Jan 2018 #3
Or more. And that's assuming that nobody at Poczta Polska gets sticky fingers with the particular parcel.
OP Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
11 Jan 2018 #4
Thank you for replies. Yea in us it takes anywhere from 2 3 weeks to a month n a half for standard post. I dont think anyone at the poczta will take it though. They have tracking now plus now theyre more concerned avout collrcting every groszy of vat
Alexbrz 3 | 78
12 Jan 2018 #5
i've never had packages dissapear. Wouldnt worry about that.
OP Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
12 Jan 2018 #6
yeah im not worried about my packages getting stolen. ive never had an issue with packages not arriving even when i've send presents like a watch or some gold to family. these packages are mostly welding equipment and some clothes plus there's tracking on them and I bought insurance in case they get lost

up to 3 months is a heck of a long time though.... I wonder if express shipping would reduce that to 2-4 weeks it wasn't too much more. I figured I'd first try it with standard china post to see how long it takes. I've sent a lot of packages from us to and from Poland but this will be my first from china.

Yeah I'm expecting it go to through customs. Back in the day you could ship anything even cars without much inspection. Not anymore though. It's not even like drugs and guns they're after so much it's more people trying to skirt paying VAT at least from my experience.
vivian115 - | 1
25 May 2021 #7

how long usually takes ship from china to poland

i bought one shoes from ins:@giygina, it already took 15 days, but havent received them, it's normal, or am i be cheated?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,510
25 May 2021 #8
cars without much inspection

Ha HA true,I remember shipping my first car as trial full with tvs and blue ray in 2003 but when I shipped again in 2007 they even took into account engine oil quarts and had to show them mechanic receipt when shipping back after 4 years.Now they have become very strict,before 100pln did wonders but now with cameras they are running scared.

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