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Shipping a car from USA to Poland

johnfisher 4 | 22
5 Apr 2011 #61
Dear All,i am non-Polish, married to a Polish; we have been living abroad for the last 3 years, and we biught a car in 2009 , so 2 years old under my name as her husband; i have a residency in poland (one year residency renewable everyyear).The question is: we are relocating to poland for good, so if we want to ship the car, do we have to pay tax? or it is considered resettlment and no tax is needed? it is under my name, not her, but she is my wife,and i have residency.

I wait for your advices.Tx.
24 May 2011 #62
please contact Joanna
Martin Transports
her web: mtishipping
27 Nov 2011 #63
I am moving to Poland in the summer 2012 with my wife who is a Polish citizen. We would like to take our 2011 Buick Enclave with us due to the resale value in the states. I know there are some things we would have to change (i.e. turning signals) but where can you find out exactly what has to be changed? Is it possible to have USAA insurance in Poland b/c I am an U.S. citizen or would I have to get Polish insurance? One last question, is it worth it to bring all your furniture with you or buy new furniture once you're there?
pip 10 | 1,661
27 Nov 2011 #64
what is wrong with the turn signals that they should be changed?

As for furniture- there are plenty of furniture stores here- Poland is the main exporter to the rest of Europe. There is also Ikea. Depends what you like. I have done what you are about to do. Sold all my stuff, packed four suitcases and moved to Poland- completely starting over. Ikea is handy because if you leave your stuff behind you can buy everything you need to start in one store.
1 Dec 2011 #65
My wife saw something online about having to change the color of some of the lights. I think we are going to sell 95% of our furniture and get the smallest conex available to send our stuff over. What about electronics? i.e. 50" tv, surround sound system.
Zazulka 3 | 129
1 Dec 2011 #66
what is wrong with the turn signals that they should be changed?

In Poland a blinker has to be a yellow/orange light and separated from a rear red brake light. Some American cars use a blinking brake light for a turn signal.
1 Dec 2011 #67
is it possible to get this changed in Poland?
Zazulka 3 | 129
1 Dec 2011 #68
What about electronics? i.e. 50" tv, surround sound system

TV most likely won't work. There is a different system in Poland. I don't know much about it but you can google info on Pal Secam to get an explanation.

Radio won't work in Poland either due to a different FM broadcast band in Europe.

is it possible to get this changed in Poland?

Yes, I did it a few years ago. You need to do it only if you want to register car in Poland. You can drive it without a yellow blinker if the car is registered outside Poland.
pantsless 1 | 267
2 Dec 2011 #69
Hahahah this thread is just a pile of garbage. But just quickly...

Legally the turn signal needs to be yellow/orange, however if you know someone at a inspection station they'll overlook it. However the police can and probably will take away the car's registration if they catch you. Depending on the car, rewiring for the turns signals to be yellow could be a nightmare.

Electronics like TVs and radios do not work in Europe. Forget about it. You could buy and use signal converters but its not worth it. If someone tells you otherwise, they are either lying or ignorant.

And anyone who offers "help" to ship over your car from the US to PL is going to rip you off for hundreds if not thousand of dollars. You can easily do it yourself if you take the time to research it out.
CherylM 2 | 3
12 Dec 2011 #70
Merged:Process of shipping car from USA and convert it to European norms

I will be moving to Poland in the summer of 2012 and my company does not cover costs to ship vehicles only household effects. I am debating between selling my car before I move and purchasing one once in Poland OR shipping my vehicle at my costs. The car is a 2009 model purchased new and now paid off with clear title.

Thank you for any advice in advance =)
delphiandomine 85 | 18,273
12 Dec 2011 #71
It very much depends on the model and how much work is needed to convert it to European norms - some cars can be done very cheaply, others require very costly conversions.

What I'd do is try and see if anyone else has imported the same model/year in any EU countries - cars are built to the same spec these days in the whole of Europe, so conversions should be much the same in any EU state.

However, car costs are likely to be higher in Poland - so I'd look into shipping it if you can.
24 Dec 2011 #72
I would like to send a car from Seattle to Gdynia. Do you have info on that?
28 Aug 2013 #73
Hello, I am shipping a car from Bremerhaven to Poland.
What has to be done as far as emission requirements?

STOCK# JC012819
2011 Volkswagen Jetta SEL
Engine:2.5L 125 KW 5-MT

Title:COO Export

Location:Bremerhaven Germany

Comments:Runs & Drives.
Emission Sulev.
US Emission.
28 Aug 2013 #74
Is this a US car? Have you also checked about getting it legal in Poland from the lighting and electronics perspectives? And how come you're shipping it instead of driving it?
27 Jun 2014 #75
how did it go? Did your wife had to go to pick the car? what was the extra cost in Poland tax , Akcyza ...?
7 Jul 2014 #76
anyone hwew shipped a car from Poland to US before? i know the vehicle has to be 25years old to be able to be registered as the fed safety/emmision do not apply to cars over 25 y.o. Just looking for some suggestions tips...
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
7 Jul 2014 #77
yes 25 year old car or more taken as an antique an custom agent will charge u around 300$ and get it out for you.I took my maluch there after initial registration my 5 year registration is free and I use antique car insurance haggerty company 250$ a year with QQ historic plates in NJ and no emission tests required and one can own only 2 antique cars on his name as i wanted a 3rd but had to be on wifeys name.
Yason - | 6
25 Jan 2015 #78
This is correct. In answer to the original question, a good auto shipping company will be able to answer those questions for you. Here's one I know of that ships in between the U.S. and Poland but there are probably dozens of other options too. Just call a couple up and ask them about the process, paperwork, etc. Their answers to your questions will tell you lot.

*Sorry, I just realized this thread is from 2007.
dnb22nu - | 1
3 Mar 2015 #79
Merged: Importing Car From USA

So I am an American working here in Wroclaw. I would like to Import my car from home, and would like to try and get it done tax free. Does anyone know the process of this?

Is it possible to get it the car imported tax free if the car is legally owned by my mother in the states?
Is this something I should handle on the American side or can this be handled on the Polish side?
Also, and links would be helpful as well.

25 Mar 2015 #80
DB you would need to get information for that most likely from a agent in Poland/Germany that is knowledgeable in customs regulations. Reason I say Germany is because most people export to Germany and from there to Poland. Cheaper freight costs

If you need someone to export your car from USA to Germany you can try to contact cargoux - she is usually doing my exports for me and is very good
Krakow1312Brad - | 1
23 Oct 2015 #81
Dzien Dobry my sisters and brothers,

we shipped our house hold goods and 4 cars (my fathers, my husbands, my daughters and mine) from Chicago over New Jersey to Bremerhaven and then from there to Kraków.

We moved in the 15 years several times back and forth and used many different companies. This time we chose West Coast Shipping. We asked over 20 companies and except of one they were the cheapest and seemed the most trustworthy. Alex and Amin took excellent care of us- it was so easy and without any hassle!

it was very convenient that Amin is from germany and speaks German it made a lot of things way easier. And then on top their partner in Bremerhaven spoke English, German and of course Polish this made the whole process incredible- this is what I call GLOBALIZATION !!! :)

if you ever need a quote ask Amin, you can reach him 24/7 :)

Amin Rajabi
Logistics Manager

West Coast Shipping Inc.
1200 Wright Ave
Richmond CA 94804

Gruffler - | 6
25 Apr 2016 #82
There's a lot of misinformation out there about the fees and exemptions for shipping a vehicle internationally. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably talk directly with a shipper, or someone within the industry. I know that this company ships internationally from the U.S. and they would know the details. I've only used them within the U.S., but they're one of the better options from what I understand.

Edit: 2011 ... nevermind.
26 Nov 2016 #83
This page you linked to is autogenerated and not specific and accurate information on Poland's regulations. Even the costs are way higher than any I've seen quoted. The text mentions Bangladesh where it should be Poland. OBVIOUS aut-generated garbage text. Don't trust that site at all for your information!
longulf - | 3
20 Jul 2019 #84
You should check with the company A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. - They ship cars to and from Poland from the US all the time and know all the details of it. Call them and they'll give you a free price quote.

Or you might be able to find the information you need on their website. They have a long article about the process that I found pretty easy.

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