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Shipping a car from USA to Poland

wildrover 98 | 4,451
10 Aug 2008 #31
Last i heard it was 25% of the price for the import duty...and thats the price they think its worth , not the price that you tell them it is.... A friend brought a Harley in from the USA for a small price , but to calculate the duty they looked at the price of a similar bike in Poland....might have changed now...
10 Aug 2008 #32
I've been lurking thru the car pages of to check prices of cars, and yes they are still quite expensive compared to the exchange of the dollar.

I'm looking to purchase a 2008 Subaru WRX STi.
Here in Canada its about CAD51000 or 103,000PLN.
For me to buy it in the USA is about USD35000 or 71,000PLN.
To buy that car in PL is 166,000PLN or CAD83,000/USD80,000 :O (roughly) It would be cheaper to buy the car in North America and ship/import it.

Shipping rates would be about USD1000-2000.

Now the interesting part happens, IMPORT/CUSTOMS/DUTIES/VAT FEES

Like i was saying earlier, everyone knows someone who has a different take on what the rates are, previous length of ownership bla bla bla. Nothing concrete.

My good friend found me this info online in less than 5 minutes. Well done for a woman that doesn't even drive. I've been waiting for my male friends for 1 week to find this same info.,koszty-sprowadzenia-samochodow-spoza-unii-europejskiej.html (PO POLSKU TYLKO)

I've got to get my friend to help with translation on the first link. If anyone here can do a translation, that would be awesome!!
Drewski - | 4
10 Aug 2008 #33
Friend of mine works for Polish Customs where he takes care of imported cars.
here is what he said:

10 % clo
3,1 % lub 13,6% akcyza (zalezy od pojemnosci silnika - mniejsza dla silnikow ponizej 2 litrow
22% VAT

wyliacza sie to w taki sposob ze wartosc cla dodaje sie do podstawy akcyzy i analogicznie akcyze do podstawy VAT.

mienie przesiedlenia przysługuje tylko osobom ktore udowodnia ze przebywaly np. w stanach przez minimum ostatnie 12 miesiecy (12 liczone do momentu przybycia do Polski czyli w tej chwili przykladowo od czerwca 2007 do czerwca 2008) i udowodnia ze byly w posiadaniu i uzytkowaly dany towar przez minimum 6 ostatnich miesiecy.

I hope this helps
11 Aug 2008 #34
it would help if i could understand it all :P not the English part of it.

thanks for the info.
dheva 3 | 28
20 Aug 2008 #35
yeah, me to :D. and also if you could help to ask your friend for clear information. how these 10, 31, 1, 13, 6, 22 % they work out, is it from declare price or market price or??

thanks a lot before
Moto Evolution - | 3
26 Aug 2008 #36
What are the popular vehicles in Poland that are imported from the US?
27 Aug 2008 #37
the ones with little to no body damage
Joanna SHIP - | 3
9 Dec 2008 #38
Please contact our company
martin transports
9 Dec 2008 #39
Joanna SHIP

how long does it take from Houston to PL and how much does it cost?
Joanna SHIP - | 3
22 Jan 2009 #40
6 months needed (important date on registration)
, 12 months presence in USA required, you must be present to pick up and claim tax exemption in Gdynia or the city you live.
you must have original registration to claim relocation
PLGentleman - | 1
4 Feb 2009 #41
I have been shipping cars in containers in the past and to tell you the truth I did not have to know anything and was instructed by a freight forwarder. I have been working with them for some time now and became a good friend of the company by doing business with them. If anyone is interested the company is called Global Partner Alliance and they are out of Chicago. Jakub is the person I have been dealing with the most and he is very helpful and polite (something hard to find these days). Company # is 630-860-3500.

They are very cheap. I paid $3800 for 40'container for Home-to-Port delivery. Polar wanted to charge $4900??? Not sure if you will get the same price but see what they say if you want a trusted company to handle your needs. They help me I help them ;) have a great day!
Alex0519 - | 2
27 May 2009 #42
Thread attached on merging:

Does anybody know any polish shipping company that ships vehicles to Poland for less than $2,000.00? I am talking about a mini-van shipment. You can contact me at:

Thanks for information
atlantic 13 | 50
29 May 2009 #43
Where in the US are you shipping it from?
janosik 1 | 9
30 May 2009 #44
Better deal would be to sell this car and buy new one in Europe!!!! My friend shipped his car and he had to pay some fees in Poland anyway!!!! First registration of imported cars cost most than regular, need to change front lights, rear red taillights need to be changed on orange, front orange blinkers should work only when turning. and couple things more TOO MUCH STUFF TO DO!!!

engine 3 liters in Poland??? this country doesn't have any freeways, highways, and gasoline cost 3-4 times more than US. driving will be expensive, really!!!

there's only one thing!!!!! that nobody else have that kind of car, or that model!!!

and I forgot to say that he put some stuff inside the car and fuc... Polish people stole couple things... geeeeezzz what a country, what a people....
30 May 2009 #45
I'm shipping from Chicago.
Joanna SHIP - | 3
2 Jun 2009 #46
please contact us:
15501 Texaco Ave
Paramount, CA 90723
thank you

contact me
we ship for less then $2000.00
Pierogi - | 43
6 Aug 2009 #47
and I forgot to say that he put some stuff inside the car and fuc... Polish people stole couple things... geeeeezzz what a country, what a people....

yeah, like there's no thieves in the good ol' crime-free USA... lol
GregKelly 1 | 15
6 Aug 2009 #48
To simplify things here, :

There is duty to be paid on any vehicle imported in to the EU.

Example : England = duty to be paid and vat.
Ireland = Duty +vat and VRT= vat. VRT is paid on the book value.

I am not 100% sure, but i think in poland there is only duty to be paid + VAT, and also has to get vehicle test before registration can take place.

The duty can be avoided if the person importing the vehicle has owned it for a certain period : 6 or 12 months and has proof of insurance for that period, and is coming back to live permanently.
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
17 Oct 2009 #49
I shipped a car from the US to Poland from NJ using DOMA. It was my car before I became a Polish resident so I had the right to bring it to Poland for my own use. I got all the information I needed from the Polish Embassy in the US and also from DOMA. The people at DOMA double checked that I had the correct information and paperwork before I brought my car there. I paid $800 from NJ to Warsaw (I had the choice of pick-up in Warsaw or Gdansk for the same price) plus I insured the car/container for $10,000 which cost $100- so $900 all in all. After I arrived at DOMA they told me that I could also transport some belongings in the car but I didn't know that before so it was too late. Also bigger cars require bigger containers which cost more.

The car has to be insured to drive on Polish roads from the moment you leave the import/export grounds so I got a one-month policy in Poland under the American registration (before I picked up the car) and then after getting Polish registration I got a normal policy for a year. I had to change the lights a little (change the red turn signal to yellow) but it wasn't costly. The reason I brought the car was because it was brand new and the resale price in the US wasn't in my favor. It was actually more cost-effective to bring it to Poland than to sell it in the US and buy something in Poland.

Good luck.
KLove 1 | 8
3 Jan 2010 #50
Jan 6, 10, 20:52 - Thread attached on merging:
Is it worth bringing my car to Poland?? moving there soon...

Let me prefix this with telling everyone that I have a Honda Element (not sold in Europe, to my knowledge)... which is a smaller SUV... Im looking for advice from people who have actually done this and paid/experienced everything that was involved in shipping their car to PL... still trying to hash it out and see if its worth it.

Im on the East Coast in America. Can anyone recommend a company that 'takes care of everything' ??

Also what about my stuff? Personal belongings and all... not so much worried about furniture but my books id like to keep. Computer as well.

Any tips would be more than appreciated.
convex 20 | 3,978
3 Jan 2010 #51
How long are you planning on staying in Poland? Is your car still covered under warranty? Does it use the same parts as any common hondas? How long have you owned it?

There is an older thread on this with some good information:
3 Jan 2010 #52
Are you aware of the level of fuel prices in Poland? And the hassle of re-registering a car here?
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
3 Jan 2010 #53
I brought my car to Poland a few years ago. I went through the company DOMA located in the Newark area. I didn't have to pay any customs/duties because the car was mine before I got residence in Poland and you have the right to bring a certain amount of your belongings to your new country of residence. If that is the case for you, then you need to arrange it through the Polish Embassy in the US. I arranged everything by post. Are you planning to live here long term? If not, I wouldn't do it. On a short-term basis, I would lease a car here.

Good luck!
wildrover 98 | 4,451
3 Jan 2010 #54
Unless your car is something you really can,t bear to part with its much simpler to sell it and buy another one over in Poland....

I brought my cars over from my home in the UK , but that was a simple matter of driving on a ferry in the UK , and off in Holland..i could also load them up with stuff i wanted to take to Poland...If you are moving to Poland permanantly you have to be strong , and sell everything other than personal stuff....There is no point paying big money to transport stuff you can buy cheaper at the other end...
slawekk - | 18
3 Jan 2010 #55
Depending on the make cars in Poland cost between 20% to 100% more than the same car in the USA.

I moved do Poland from the USA in summer last year, shipping my household and one car. I think shipping a car is worth it if:

- the car is worth at least $6000 in the USA
- you are able to prove that you are moving to Poland permanently and claim it as part of personal and household effects (mienie przesiedlencze).
bednar - | 2
3 Jan 2010 #56
Hi.I wouldn't take my car to PL if I was you.
First of all,Honda Element is not available on European market.That means you may not be able to get any parts for yours (used or brand new)

Shipping a car from US may take up to three months and may cost you about 1500 bucks.If you want to register your Honda in PL then it's 10% duty to be paid for cars from beyond EU, 17% of tax if size of engine is over 2 liters ( I believe your Honda has 2.4) and 22% vat ,plus registration fees $100, American documents translations $40,emissions test $50,unless you will drive it with us plates that you can do for 6 months.I don't know whether fuel consumption is for the main criteria but in PL you need to pay $1.70 for 1 liter unleaded petrol and with 2.4 SUV it it almost impossible to keep below 14l/100km in urban cycle.

Regarding your stuff,try POLAMER,my brother use to use them when he lived in Chicago.They got their branches in many major cities in US.The address below is for branch in Chicago:5514 West Belmont Avenue

Chicago, IL 60641-4129, United States
(773) 794-0200

I know that forums may not be a very good place for that,but it happens that since I migrated to UK my car is for sale(near Krakow) if you are interested.It is silver 2005 Skoda Octavia turbo diesel estate,mileage is 75k miles,very popular make in PL inside it's all VW technology.Didn't take it with me because I was given company van over here.My UK number 00447754411215.

I hope you like in Poland.Good luck!
23 Mar 2010 #57
HEY! I am looking for some rates and companies to ship my personal car to Gdynia, Poland. Can someone who had the same situation share the information and rates if possible? Will appreciate a lot. Thank you
23 Mar 2010 #58
Try Looking on uship they have the most options I have seen for a site.

All the best
ericv - | 1
7 Aug 2010 #59
Hi, I would like to ship a car from montreal,Canada to Poland. Can anybody give me any details about what exactly i need. Thanks!!!
Luisa Kurdziel - | 1
3 Feb 2011 #60
Hi I am Luisa and I can help everybody to ship a car from US or Canada (others) to Germany.
I am from Germany Bremerhaven and I do customs clearance and more
Please contact me.

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