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Shipping personal possessions from US to Poland

AdamK 5 | 7
11 Apr 2011 #1
Just curious if anyone has had experience shipping personal possessions from the US to Poland. We're in CT (approx 80 miles from the port Newark/Elizabeth, NJ) and I'd like to make this as easy of a move as possible. Not getting reimbursed for relo so I'm on a budget. I don't mind getting everything in a UHaul and getting it over there. Anyone have experience with this? FYI - I'm doing this via "mienie" so vat, customs, etc. are not an issue. Cheers,
Jerold - | 2
12 Apr 2011 #2
Your best bet is to contact one of the Polish Travel Agencies. If you can't find any (I know there are plenty in CT area) then let me know, I'll look them up for you. I am in Boston and around here our Polish Travel Agencies take care of things like that for you. They will know best and most reliable businesses. Don't use Uhaul or one of those large ones... they don't do enough of this type of business so they will charge you arm and leg and will simply sub-out most of the work to some other agency.
PolGrl - | 2
18 Apr 2011 #3
Yea I definitely agree, you should use one of the Polish companies, it will be a lot cheaper for you.
I know lots of people that used Doma Export in Linden, NJ. They shipped their mienie by cubic meter so
it ended up not being expensive.
You can get their contact info on their website
grspring 11 | 55
12 Mar 2015 #4
Merged: Shipping Items for Personal use to Poland

My wife and I (She now has her Polish Citizenship & Polish Passport) will be moving to Poland for possibly a two year stay. I will have to work out a residence after we arrive (unless I'm told I can start the process in the United States).

We have an apartment, in Krakow, we purchased three years ago and it will be our permanent residence. We would like to ship some of our personal items for the apartment, including a couple of pieces of furniture.

Should we expect to pay any import fees or taxes for doing this?
Firefly 1 | 16
12 Dec 2017 #5
I have a similar question.. what are import fees/taxes for people relocating back to Poland, normally not a problem sending small amounts but what happens if you send large amounts of personal items/ cook equipment etc.. thanks for any advice..
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
12 Dec 2017 #6
It's free of duties, as long as it's shipped within 6 months. If you're shipping it commercially, you can get someone to do the paperwork cheaply to avoid hassle.
MMLH - | 2
23 Jul 2019 #7

Moving to Poland

My wife is Polish and we are planning on moving our family to Poland soon, from Michigan. At this point, we are looking for leads for a moving /delivery company to pick up our stuff (shipping container delivered at Gdańsk port) for delivery to Zagrodny. Planning on 20ft container with a vehicle, possibly September this year. Estimated costs /fees/time frame.

Thank you
MMLH - | 2
24 Jul 2019 #8

Moving to Poland From Michigan

My wife and I are planning on moving to Poland in the very near future. We have found a company to ship our stuff (container) but haven't found a company to transport/ ship from Gdańsk (arrival port) to Zagrodny (end destination).

Does anyone have an estimate cost or leads for companies?

pawian 222 | 23,766
24 Jul 2019 #9
Estimate cost is impossible right now cause the place of destination is too mysterious - do you think it is normal for an average Pole to know where the shythole Zagrodny is? :):)

Besides, you weren`t precise enough - do you need a van or a truck?

Check these ads about transporting things in Gdańsk

I hope you speak Polish.
Crow 155 | 9,030
24 Jul 2019 #10
Moving to Poland From Michigan

Very very wise. If not little Slavia that is Chicago or little Poland if you wish, then it is always healthy European Poland, mother of many healthy people.
3 Aug 2023 #11
Can I move some personal belongings from the US to Poland when I own an apartment in Poland (I have a European Passport) but my first residency is in the US, without paying import taxes?

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