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Exam for Drivers License in Poland; English?

4 Oct 2006 #1
So how many times did you take to pass a drivers license exam in Poland? I was lucky to pass on the second take. It's much a bigger deal to pass such exam in Poland than in the US or other countries (I assume).

How is it in other countries - do the bribes work the magic too? :)
bolo 2 | 304
4 Oct 2006 #2
I passed on the third time - the driving was more difficult than theory; fortunately I took a couple of *private lessons* with the instructor who "was said to knew the examinator" -- maybe it helped? :)

For American friends here I should mention that in Poland there are not so many one-way streets; streets are not that wide; and you had to drive a stick-shift. When I was passing the exam you were supposed to drive the examiner's car - usually the one you have seen and driven for the first time in your life :).
krysia 23 | 3,058
4 Oct 2006 #3
The written exam in Wisconsin can be done in Polish if you don't know english. I am a registered translator with the DMV and for semi-drivers and motorcycles you need to pass the test in English. So I have to translate the questions into Polish which is all taped so I don't give out the correct answers. ( Ha! I know them by heart )

They don't accept bribes and if you try, you will be expelled.
OP maniek2
4 Oct 2006 #4
In Poland they still accept bribes I must say. If not "cash" then other "services". Of course, not everywhere.
krysia 23 | 3,058
4 Oct 2006 #5
Yes, I know. When my brother was graduating from liceum in Poland, The prof. said he won't let him have his matura unless my mom bribes him.

I'm a US Postal Employee and if somebody gives the mail-carrier money, he cannot keep it for himself. When I work Customer Service we cannot accept any extra money, even pennies. It's considered a bribe. It's a goverment job and they have very strict rules about this.
nickknock - | 19
14 Dec 2007 #6
Merged:Is there any English support for getting a Polish drivers license?

Does anyone know of any drivers license support in English. I have never found a study book in English. I do not need to learn to drive, so a school would not help in that manner. Does any school sell an English guild. Anyone know of a Drivers written test being done in English?
davidpeake 14 | 451
14 Dec 2007 #7
hi, there is now support for English, but they let you do the test is an authorised English-Polish translator present during the exam.
29 Aug 2008 #8
I'm going to be 18 soon and I have an American drivers license. Up until recently, I've been living in Europe so it would be more convenient to have a European drivers license. I have Polish citizenship but I don't speak the language too well. Is it possible to take the theory and driving exam in English?
McCoy 27 | 1,268
29 Aug 2008 #9
Is it possible to take the theory and driving exam in English?

i've heard about germans taking exams in PL so I don't think it's a problem for foreigners to get polish driving licence.
20 Sep 2008 #10
how can i know my license is original or dublicate..?
Wroclaw Boy
20 Sep 2008 #11
ask the person or authority that issued it.
beckyinjozefow 1 | 27
20 Sep 2008 #12
It's well known here that to get your driver's license in Poland costs about 1500 zl. I think that involves paying someone to "make sure" you pass. We had friends who tried 5 times and never passed in Warsaw. They finally went to Siedlce and passed the first time. I was financing the second time and I refused to pay a bribe.

By contrast, my son passed his driver's license in FL the first time and he actually probably didn't know how to drive nearly as well as my friends who tried here.

The differences are: 1. they charge every hour to practice since you can only practice with a person who is specially licensed to do so, so it's a business. Making them pay by the hour to practice adds to the economy and gives someone a job 2. they charge you when you take the test so there is no incentive for you to pass, whereas in the states, they charge you when you PASS the test for the actual license. Here it helps their economy if you take the test 2, 3, or 4 times. Not so in the states where you take the test free of charge. 3. If you even attempted to bribe someone in the states in order to pass the test, I think they'd throw you out so fast you wouldn't believe it. You'd probably be banned as well or jailed.
20 Apr 2009 #13
You all are so wrong!!! Try to pay someone off in Poland and you find yourself in jail In addition you have to show your skills in regards to knowins signs, knowing what you do and be able to properly park your car It took me two times to pass. Here in America it was not a problem Did not have to show the ability to park a car on the stree and I passed What a Joke:))!!!
oeabel 2 | 5
20 Apr 2009 #14
We're moving to Warsaw this summer but bringing along international driver's licenses. I'm hoping this will give us plenty of time to learn the rules in Poland!

Yes, getting a license in the US is very easy. I haven't even taken a driving test since I got my first license at 16. It's free, you walk in, take the test and there it is. However, given all the crazies on the road, I really think it should be a bit more difficult. ;)
20 Apr 2009 #15
Try to pay someone off in Poland and you find yourself in jail

krysia 23 | 3,058
20 Apr 2009 #16
Yes, getting a license in the US is very easy

As long as you're a US citizen. Not so easy if someone came on a visa or is here illegally.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,094
22 Apr 2009 #17
Try to pay someone off in Poland and you find yourself in jail

In respect to the driving examination, all that can happen is that it's an automatic fail of the test. Beyond that, nothing - and bearing in mind that no provisional licences are issued here, then you can't even lose your licence.

Poland might be catching up rapidly, but no-one will convince me that the lady in the window of the driving test office won't accept a bribe to get an earlier appointment for a re-test.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
22 Apr 2009 #18
Whatever, bribes or not.... The average Polish driver is a regular nut case. Drive a bit in Warsaw and I am sure you will agree.

I am driving each month 2.000 km back/from work. Today I saw 4 accidents. Every day I think I saw the worst possible and always there is a kamikaze who surprises me.

It is not the licence which counts here I guess....
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
22 Apr 2009 #19

Some people accept bribes, but if you get caught you'll have big problem, trust me.
chante - | 4
26 May 2009 #20
Now it's kinda impossible to give a bribe, coz there are cameras inside and outside the car...
So every exam is recorded and the guy that is driving with u is not the only judge. U can not give the man a bribe... Well if u try u can do everything ;p

But not inside the car and not anywhere near it.

Btw i passed by the second time 3 yrs ago ;)

Oh and watch out everybody, coz thanks to the cameras they record the traffic as well. If u brake the rules they can (don't have to but can) give the videaotape with ur car on it to the police and u get a ticket.

But it's not on all lesson cars, only the ones with EGZAMIN written on them ;]
us emigree
15 Aug 2009 #21
For some one who has been driving for many many years in the US and is planning on emigrating to Poland, what is the procedure for obtaining a Polish license? I will have a resident card as a spouse of a Polish citizen. Is there help available with the language? Is there a practical test in addtion to a written test? Does any one have any experience with licenses other than passenger cars? I've had a commercial licence in the US for 20 years and I'm licenced to drive tractor trailers, busses, tankers, and haz-mat. I'd like to have that cabability in Poland also.

delphiandomine 88 | 18,094
15 Aug 2009 #22
I think that Americans are allowed to solely sit the theory test, which is available in English. You'll have an exemption from the practical test as you've got an American license. I'm not sure if you'll have to complete the 30 hours mandatory theory training first, but it's possible to do this in English in major cities.

Course materials are another question - I've never found English language materials, but it's possible that they do exist.

As for the commercial categories - it may be that you'll be allowed to simply sit the theory tests for those, too. But I'm not at all certain on this point.
pimp daddy
14 Jan 2010 #23
can i take the exam or course in english in Poland?If so where?i dontwrite or read in polish good.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,094
15 Jan 2010 #24
Any city should have the theory test available in English. The major cities will also have courses - Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan do for certain.

The driving test itself, you'll need a sworn translator.
marmatch - | 1
26 Jun 2010 #25
The materials in English can be found here...
smurf 39 | 1,966
2 Mar 2011 #26
Merged thread:
Learning to Drive. Polish rules of the road books in English?

Rightio I'm learning to drive over here, never needed a car at home but Poland being like a million times the size of Ireland then I guess I need one....anyway...

Does anyone here know if the Polish rules of the road books can be got in English?
Poradnik Kierowcy, Cwiczenia Kat. B, Ilustrowany Podrecznik Kierowcy & Ilustrowane Znaki Drogowe z Komentarzem.

I can do the exams in English, the first theory test can be done and the actual driving one you have to bring along a qualified translator.....well, I think that's what they told me.

Yea, so if anyone knows if I can get these book in English it'd really help, thanks.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,094
2 Mar 2011 #27
Does anyone here know if the Polish rules of the road books can be got in English?

You can definitely get the CD containing all the questions for the driving test in English. The rest of the materials - I haven't seen them in English, but they might be available. But as I recall - last year - they weren't available in English, just the CD with the questions was.

The instructor should have all the materials available for the theory part of the compulsory training (mine did, anyway). In al fairness - if the instructor does his job properly, you'll be taught everything you need to know in the theory lectures.

As for the test - you'll need the sworn translator for both the theory and practical parts, although the actual theory test is conducted in English. It's to do with the idiotic requirement for the translator to translate the instructions.
smurf 39 | 1,966
2 Mar 2011 #28
Thanks if I have the CD with the practice exams in English it'll prob be ok to get me to pass it?

They told me that I dont need to go to any theory classes coz it'd just be wasting my time since my Polish so basic.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,094
2 Mar 2011 #29
Thanks if I have the CD with the practice exams in English it'll prob be ok to get me to pass it?

Yep, without a doubt. I don't think much has changed since last year - so it's about 440 questions to learn. Everyone's way of learning is different, but loads of the questions are just a case of "any idiot could answer this" - I think there's only really about 10% of the questions that you need to be careful about and actually learn.

One thing I'll warn you about is that the translation of the questions is a bit...hmm - crap at times :)

They told me that I dont need to go to any theory classes coz it'd just be wasting my time since my Polish so basic.

That's a bit dodgy - I had the classes in English, specifically for me. Most of it is common sense, but there are a few things that are worth learning about - for instance, the law on turning right on the small green (separate) arrow.

Still, if you don't mind just learning the questions by heart, there's really no need for the theory classes.

I'll try and dig up the name of the publisher of the CD - for some reason, I think they're based in Pila, but I can't be sure...
rabidbavib - | 20
3 Mar 2011 #30
I talked to a lot of people that passed there test here and most said they paid a bribe, thats why they overtake on a hill corner with double white lines in the center, aparently a bottle of vodka is the norm but if you fancy it free take a tape recorder. Not that im against this kind of freedom just tell me so i can get a tank if im coming in the other direction.

good luck.

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