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Can i still exchange my driving license after fail in practical exam

23 Nov 2011 #1
I pass the theoretical driving test in Poland, and i fail the exam 3 times, I am about to get the Ukranian driving license in few weeks, Can i exchange it to get the polish one after failing practical exam in poland?
mactifosi 1 | 11
23 Nov 2011 #2
You can get an international license but after six months you must get a Polish one if are living here, I don't think that has changed recently.
OP Chantal
23 Nov 2011 #3
but am i able to exchange after failing practical exam?
Havok 10 | 902
23 Nov 2011 #4
i fail the exam 3 times,

how did you fail the exam 3 times? We're talking about driving cars, right? or are you a commercial pilot?
21 Sep 2013 #5
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I am from Pakistan, and I am studying in Poland. I had a question regarding exchange of driver lisence. I have heard that I can exchange it into polish driver lisence after I have lived here for 6 months. What I am wondering is if I have to take some additional test(e.g. language test, or other test related to driving) before I can exchange it.

kpc21 1 | 746
21 Sep 2013 #6
For example: This is information of Municipal Office of Warsaw. In other cities/powiats rules are identical.

Pakistan signed Vienna Convention of Road Traffic, so it shouldn't be any problem.
24 Jun 2015 #7
Can I exchange my Cape Verde driving licence to a Polish licence please
Jaky007 3 | 10
11 Sep 2015 #8
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Hello guys , I want to have a polish driving license that allow me to drive here , So i hear that i can change my Egyptian or saudi driving license to polish license , So Do anybody have any idea how can i do that ?!

7 Oct 2022 #9

DiD you get your driving licence?

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