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Dont gag me yo   
8 May 2014
Life / What are those scars and cuts on many Polish guys' arms? [21]

I have seen it in usa also on many men and women looks cute but creepy(not that I am an admirer of tatoos)...never thought what they were about!I meant that tear thing under the eye.

lol just googled it has various meanings
Dont gag me yo   
5 May 2014
UK, Ireland / Help required with moving my art works and stuff from Scotland to Nowy Sacz [17]

Most of the items are packed in double wall cardboard boxes but certain items are not easy to pack. It will be roughly size of Luton van or a half truck full load.

I would help you man but wouldnt take the risk of the cargo contents.Why dont you use a transportation company?probably not much expensive.
Dont gag me yo   
5 May 2014
Life / Mushroom hunting close to Warsaw [7]

maximum 1,5 hour

I forgot the name of the place I went to its near sidelce/biala podlaska area and is famous for horse breeding and by the border of terespol is known to be best area for mushroom picking and is almost less then 11/2 hr from warsaw with new road..but usually mushrooms are good at end of fall ...I almost every year do it regularly if im in Poland.
Dont gag me yo   
5 May 2014
Genealogy / Americans of Polish descent. How many of us are on Polish forums? [216]

The train system here is slowly being cut back and even the bus service between a lot of the communities whether small or large is not very conducive

Yup,same in the usa,the car trip that takes only 20 minutes by public transportation can take almost 16 hours(as the buses and connecting buses will make you wait for 6/7 hours).I agree usa is a nation for cars,electronics,branded clothes,music etc,but lately the food in the usa is getting compatable by that of europe for eg a loaf of bread in $3.99,other day I bought oranges for $1.25 each..either the food is getting expensive in the usa or the polish prices for food rising
Dont gag me yo   
2 May 2014

with citibank handlowy one can transfer anymount in one transaction from the states atleast,then to withdraw i think was 12k euro a day or by signing a form for tax department any amount above 12 k euro or equilent

yes the withdrawl from citibank was free for me i withdrew 12 k euro everyday to cash at kantor
Dont gag me yo   
1 May 2014
Love / How to propose to Polish women? [17]

You've got some astonishing sights there in the USA

I took my wife to the jersey beach hired a plane with the banner and asked her on the beach was 25 years back though and cost then was 50 bucks now is almost 250 bucks..but what the hell!
Dont gag me yo   
1 May 2014
Law / Canadian who studies in Warsaw - Visa, Karta Pobytu and Deportation? [6]

they should have stamped your passport for extended visa,since they didnt you should go to them best according to my information you will be told to leave or given a letter for extended visa,whatever they tell you just get it in written.Usually they overlook american and canadian passport holders but you never is a law good luck
Dont gag me yo   
30 Apr 2014
Life / Is becoming a Polish national this easy? [16]

Yes, but one would need to have a Polish passport in order to know that

since when anyone needs a polish passport to be a polish citizen to begin with? national id is the only requirement to have.
Dont gag me yo   
30 Apr 2014
Life / Is becoming a Polish national this easy? [16]

But I think citizenship doesn't have any serious advantages over long term residency

Polish citizenship with a foreign citizenship is infact is very problematic,you have to declare your income in both countries and answer to stupid questions of the tax departments and god forbis if your income declines in any of the country the both country tax departments also look into your underwear almost to get to the bottom (eg:one of my tenants left and was paying almost7k a month) but I had lot of explaining to do and numerous trips to there offices and paperwork with accountants in both countries.If given a chance all over I would stick with my old permit to settle in Poland.
Dont gag me yo   
28 Apr 2014
Life / Questions on unlocking a sim in Warsaw [10]

make sure you have a icloud account and back it up for any pics/contacts as most simlock opening place will not tell you that you will loose all info esp the latest one iphone 5s
Dont gag me yo   
26 Apr 2014
Life / Food wastage in Poland households [6]

In states we have lots of food wastage,starting from my house I see how much expired food rotten vegetables in referigerrator etc we throw out.When i am in Poland I tend to do same but in little,is it also with everybody ?

also wanted to add paper wastage,so much in states and I now get so much junk paper mail in Poland also.
Dont gag me yo   
25 Apr 2014
UK, Ireland / Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK? [150]

but you must agree bringing back the money makes it even better

yup agreed! just not what people from UK coming to teach english and CAME before to teach english...times hard for them now they living to survive until there mom is helping from the UK