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Dont gag me yo   
13 Feb 2018
Work / Polish Canadian ESL job/student advice [78]

Bar tending is your best option in Katowice in a good bar. Speaking English will definitely help.3500 Zees is easily achievable there but late night shifts and mostly weekends and holidays.
Dont gag me yo   
9 Feb 2018
News / Poland's economic future? [294]

LOL Dirk , living with parents they paying insurance with 5k down, 6k miles a year is 499$ a month:)899$ a month is with 16 k miles a year:)
Dont gag me yo   
7 Feb 2018
Work / Sikh coming to Poland with over 14 years experience in Customer Service and running operations [30]

Dominic he can provided the employer is willing but no one would do until they get any benefit out of that. I know there are so many so called consultants mushroomed in Warsaw doing this hanky lanky business, just watch on YouTube how they lure them.also I know some are making over 100k euros a month.amazing how these guys get trapped.
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Work / Career as an English teacher in Warsaw Poland [28]

link for that please?why not what makes u afraid like a puss puss to post a link?
lol and i never posted english teachers wash cars did i? but again they might have to susbtitute there income* lol SUNSHINE!
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Law / My wife's signature has been forged relating to a Polish will, is it worth hiring a lawyer? [16]

You do have a point,but on the other hand with my experience,the lawyer appointed to me by the big firm is also competative and show results to his boss so works with the client assigned and also they will assign a lawyer who is appropriate in the matter.But I will agree your point also so its a grey area,depending on the lawyer and the client.

unfortunatelly I had some "clients" who were interested in being counseled, got their initial opinion and never paid.

LOL i do that also honestly,and usually take the attorney as a friend and go out for lunch etc and get my info:)But I understand your point but in poland I was invited to come and talk by a small law firm and then they told me to pay 400pln and if I retain them that will be adjusted towards the fee,next lawyer I called I asked her if it was a consultation or a presentation by her for the work she said consultation so I cancelled the appointment.I think it should be clarified before the appointment what is it so both parties know what they are going to meet for and what are my choices and what can he/she do for it.I dont think if thats an advice to be paid for or a presentation for the work they will perform.

Recently I had a envoirenmental settlement through a big law firm attorney hired by my insurance,after 6 months the other party refused to comply with the court ordered settlement.I called the attorney and he wanted to charge me 500$ an hour from me personally to pursue the case as it was a seperate issue for implementation and monitoring the court order,now I am fighting the insurance to cover it.I was glad that the attorney told me before hand that they will charge me and how much unlike the experience I had in Poland.
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

I Would like to see a more normal intrestrate, and see if we could clean out some of this.

Yes me too,was a time one could live off interest rates now one has to make the money work.Infact still they give you 4% lokata in Poland but in USA you can get .2% or .5% for 5 years deposit .SUX!and 1% on $ in Poland.Better off buying even expensive property and sit on it for a while and eat the rents meantime.
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Travel / Solo Traveler to Krakow in August - Random Questions/Thoughts [9]

Make sure you have a camera and take a picture every 10 seconds and you will fit in ( a stereotype of them).

lol that sounds like typical Japenese and korean tourists with a high lense powered(atleast looks like one) big camera hanging around there neck and a hat all around the world.
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Travel / Information on flying from USA to Warsawa next spring [5]

Try Polish Airlines.

worst airline to fly to Poland until one is a local of new york,chicago or la,otherwise they will charge you more most compatable ones are SAS and lufthansa now with one stop but big planes better leg room and entertainment menu and CHEAPER then lot.
Dont gag me yo   
14 Jul 2014
Law / My wife's signature has been forged relating to a Polish will, is it worth hiring a lawyer? [16]

I'm sorry to hear your opinion.

Its very true though.When you meet a lawyer they charge you for consultation fee which in my opinion is wrong and those are the lawyers i never hire.The lawyers I hire are the ones who first present a case to me that why I should hire them....I figured those lawyers usually end up being expensive but they do the job.Lawyers asking for initial consultation fee eventually turn out costing same but they just money hungry without work.And I learnt that hiring reputable law firms are best then hiring individual lawyers(reason I found out the lawyers assigned to your case in a reputable firm has to show results to his collegues and climb up the ladder in the corporate world) .I dont have any litigation experience in Poland YET but in states I do a lot and there eventually the best way to do is to settle by mediation,even the judges there give you time to mediate esp if you think your case is not strong.Then also see what lawyer has his specialisation in,never hire a lawyer who is do it all in all fields,as with experience I can tell as i dealt with environmentall,taxes,real estate and criminal lawyers in my line of work they were all specialised in there field.
Dont gag me yo   
12 Jul 2014
Law / My wife's signature has been forged relating to a Polish will, is it worth hiring a lawyer? [16]

You will first have to check what are the statute of limitations in Poland if any.Check the American embassy lawyers guide and call or e email them.I know one named steve bendette(spell check) he was good but expensive well worth it,recommended by embassy as well.Just to add trials in Poland are not jury based so all depends on judge esp in civil cases.
Dont gag me yo   
9 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

But they speak Polsih

which is acceptable,there are people who are americans and dont speak a word of english,plenty of italians,Indians,Polish,spanish,chinese etc.But calling others names is unacceptable.


paid cash by some other illegal Pole

All nationalities do that...I know portugese,italians,indians,spanish,Irish,Brits and all communities do that.Honestly with my experience even tax departtment overlooks it(not legally) till the taxes are paid on someones name or they want to fry someone eg: Al Caponne.

quote=tygrys]This is America and we do things our way, not the Polish way[/quote]
Agreed 100%...if you dont like it GTF out.
Dont gag me yo   
7 Jul 2014
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [84]

yes 25 year old car or more taken as an antique an custom agent will charge u around 300$ and get it out for you.I took my maluch there after initial registration my 5 year registration is free and I use antique car insurance haggerty company 250$ a year with QQ historic plates in NJ and no emission tests required and one can own only 2 antique cars on his name as i wanted a 3rd but had to be on wifeys name.