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11 Nov 2014
Law / How much should American dad that makes 407k PLN pay in child support? [9]

@MHR - be careful, something tells me that they will go for the gold and try to get as much as they can off your husband.

1300 PLN might be OK with Polish husband, but to be honest, it is very low amount of money. A more fair amount would be more like 2500 PLN, the fact that the mother lives with her parents should be irrelevant, She might not afford anything else. On the other hanh, child not be treated as source of income.

In any case - fair in my view would be anything between what he is paying now and 2500 PLN, do not let them hope for more.
24 Jun 2014
Life / How Much money for Gas heating in Poland's winter?? [4]

Hi - I must be out of touch, as it seems a lot. Is it throughout the year or only winter months? A lot of people have meters and it works out cheaper (not sure by how much though...). And the accuracy remains a lot to be desired...
28 Apr 2014
UK, Ireland / Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK? [150]

@ enkindu and Polish cold winters...

So what??? Winters in Norway are even worse. I don't remember winter when it was -20 'C two months in row and I live for a while. I agree with most if other stuff about UK, but weather is better in Poland. I lived i UK for 8 years, and I find it easier to put up with frost than with UK's damp winters.
4 Nov 2013
Law / Moving to Poland - How do I get the Polish Identity Card [17]

The law is quite complicated in this respec

Delph - law is actually quite simple - anyone born to a Polish parent(s) is considered Polish citizen.
What he needs to do is the following:
- get his unabridged birth certificate (passport is not enough)
- register his birth certificate in USC (Polish authorities for registering births, marriages etc) - the procedure is called "Umniejscowienie Aktu Urodzenia" (additional documents may be required - like parents birth certificates, better to check)

- get Polish birth certificate and apply for Polish ID.
I recently enquired about the procedure as my son born in South Africa does not have Polish passport yet, and that's what I was told at the embassy.

my parents (both deceased now) had to give up their Polish passports

If your parents gave up their passport you might not have right to become Polish based on descendence.
But you can still live in Poland and apply for Polish citizenship after a while.
4 Nov 2013
Life / Is 10500 monthly is enough for a family to live in Warsaw Poland [136]

Another Indian/Paki claiming to earn fortunes

Sobieski - I KNOW personally people who relocated to Poland from India or Pakistan and are earning that sort of salary in Poland.
Believe me - it is possible. International companies generally prefer to relocate people to other sites as it saves them head hunting fees. And gives their people opportunity to grow.

There are companies that transfer Polish expats too (I'm one of them) to overseas locations. And they don't offer them junior roles for national minimum wage.

You just have to be in right place at the right time.
20 Sep 2013
Law / Polish citizen wife wants to apply residency permit in Poland.... [4]

You apply at the foreigners office for your Voivodeship or at branch offices thereof.

Harry - from what I see they are still in South Africa.

Gina, I'm Polish and living in SA - your best bet is to contact the Polish Embassy in Pretoria and initiate application.
I don't know what the process is, but if it's anything like for South Africa, then you will have to first live in Poland for few years on temporary residence before you are eligible for permanent one.

In any case - Polish Embassy is your best source of the information.
9 Aug 2013
Love / Adultery- Is it ok for Polish women [41]

its so common seen a polish men on adultery

I worked for a big multinational company which used to bring a lot of expats to Poland.
Mainly from UK and Japan. Most of them married. I don't think even single one of them over the period of 3 years I worked there was ever faithful to his wife.

All had their little Polish girlfirends. They would go back home, switch the SIM cards in their phone and live happily with his wife and kids, and then go back to Poland and carry on as usual.

Do you think those English and Japanese wifes of thos men knew and accepted their adultry?
Or rather they didn't know?
Is this any different to behaviour of Polish men you met?
I don't know about Columbian men, but I used to have Brazillian friends. They were far from faithful... Both men and women...
26 Jul 2013
Travel / What to do with EU Visa and Poland flight ticket when surname is changed? [6]

For flight best to contact the travel agent, but both, visa and flight ticket is issued to a person, not to a name (otherwise someone bearing same name could use it, which is illegal) - so I'm sure that if she can show her old documents, the EU visa will be stamped in her new passport. With flight she might only bring her old passport with, but best to check with travel agent or airlines.
13 Apr 2013
Polonia / Polish Community - Dubai or Abu Dhabi [53]

Magda, below links to blogs of two Polish women currently in Dubai. You can contact them via their blogs:

Blogs are actually very good way to meet people :-) here is mine...
17 Mar 2013
Love / ACCEPTABLE modest wear for Polish women? [49]

Abui3issa - I haven't got much to say about what you like her wearing, but were I live (South Africa) there are plenty of modern muslim girls.

They quite often wear tight fitting dresses or tops with pair of fitting jeans or leggings in summer.
Overall they look quite smart and if I was a male I would even say sexy... but not too revealing.
Even a pair of skinnies with a slightly longer top are ok here. They do often wear hijab, although I saw many muslim girls not wearing one (how do I know they are Muslims? Because I work with them...)

But again - I found Muslim women in SA to be a lot more outward thinking and progressive than in other parts of the world...

If you love your fiancee you should accept HER style and hope that she learns to accept your feelings and perhaps adapts her style - rather than expecting het to fit into a "matrix" that you created for her.

By the way - skinny jeans - unless they are too skinny are not really considered too revealing anywhere - even a modest girl would wear them in Poland.
12 Feb 2013
Language / Does Polish have a plural of "You"? [51]

May I help you? = Czy mogę PAŃSTWU pomagać?

Lyzko - correct would be "Czy moge panstwu pomoc?", or even better "Czy moge panstwu w czyms pomoc?"
12 Feb 2013
Work / Average monthly salaries in Poland's voivodships [12]

If we consider the % of taxpayers per tax brackets, we realize that very few people are rich in Poland (or they cheat and don't report what they make ;))

You hit a nail on the head here.
A LOT of small and even medium companies in Poland cheat on wages. They pay minimum "on paper" so that their costs are lower, and pay the rest "under the table".

So just looking at taxes you won't have true reflection either.
Another way of looking at it would be at what Poles spend, although I can see few issues with this method as well...
Statistics can be very misleading when looking at country like Poland.
10 Feb 2013
Love / Marriage with a polish woman - Heaven or Forever Hell ? [60]

Kondzior, disciplining children by father has nothing to do with male dominance in family. I would give my own family as example (I know, I'm far from being objective and my family may not be representative, but that's not the point). My husband is far from being dominant towards ME, although he is a very masculine type.

We both discipline our son, but our son is still small. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that men is usually stronger built and has more physical power, which can play a role when disciplining teenager.

I will be very happy for my husband to deal with the teenage tantrums of our son when the time comes...
But only part of disciplining is related to physical dominance.
Rest is mental strength and consequence, which is not gender related, but rather driven by confidence and position within the household.
An independent women, a provider, will be more confident and mentally strong than a housewife.
9 Feb 2013
Love / Marriage with a polish woman - Heaven or Forever Hell ? [60]

What??? Poland has 10 % divorce rate? When, in the 60's? Divorce rate in Poland now is over 30% (which is still significany less than USA and Western Europe), but days of 10% are looong gone...
8 Feb 2013
Love / Marriage with a polish woman - Heaven or Forever Hell ? [60]

Western Man's average income: 200.00 USD
Polish Woman's average income: 4,000.00 USD

I see you haven't done maths at school... So now your man lives for nothing, no food, accommodation, bills and woman "consumes" everything?
4 Feb 2013
Travel / Poland travel with baby (car seat?) [18]

If you travel by bus or train, you won't need car seat. If you hire a car, you can hire with car seat. Or if you travel with family and friends in their car, ask them if they can borrow one. There might be someone in the family that does need it.
27 Jan 2013
Love / Are all beautiful Polish girls as crazy as this? [262]

Knight rider - you sound like a song...
'If you wanna be happy for thr rest of your life
Never make pretty woman your wife
From the personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you...'
9 Jan 2013
Love / What to answer to the Most annoying phrase that EVERY and EACH polish girl always says? [58]

Yes, Polish people are not the most confident. This is actually a big problem - most of my cousins have decent education, some speak quite good English and they don't seem to get anywhere with it. Sometimes I think that the only reason why I'm not like that is that I left Poland for few years very early and basically had to fend for myself. So I had to learn how to be confident.

A lot of Polish young adults still live with their parents - that's not good for confidence either as Polish parents (especially mothers) are very patronising.
26 Dec 2012
Love / Polish mother, possible UK father - child law Poland. [35]

Hudson, bottomline is SHE doesn't need HIM to do this, so your cooment doesn't help much. To be honest I don't think he can xo anything to firce paternity test, unless she wants money, and then court will order the test. The test OP brought will not be valid anyway.