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Anyone recognize this lullaby? 'Ah-ah-ah Ju ju spach...'

MMarrou 1 | 2
20 May 2012 #1
None of us in the family can remember the rest of this lullaby my mother sang or what it meant. All I can find online is the AH AH AH Kotki Dwa lullaby and 'kotki dwa' sounds nothing like 'ju ju spach.'

If you know it, can you provide me all the words in Polish and the English translation?

Alligator - | 259
20 May 2012 #2
'ju ju spach.'

I don't recognize this. Maybe you remember more words.
"ju ju spach" is probably "już już spać", but it's in almost every lullaby;)
OP MMarrou 1 | 2
20 May 2012 #3
hmm...ah ah ah już już spać, ...Ben jee mama co e sach..
Alligator - | 259
20 May 2012 #4
Now we have "aaa już już spać, będzie mama..." [I can't recognize "co e sach" - maybe "snach"].

It means "aaa time to sleep, mum will..."
Still not enough.
Here you have Polish lullabies:
sa11y 5 | 331
20 May 2012 #5
This will probably be 'Aaa już już spać, będzie mama kołysać' but i don't recognise the song
OP MMarrou 1 | 2
21 May 2012 #6
I talked to my siblings but that is all they remember of it too. Except my sister says she remembered it meaning 'Go to sleep, blessed mother watches over you.'
BohdanBazooka - | 24
30 Nov 2013 #7
Ben jee mama co e sach..

''Będzie mama kołysać.''
Ironside 50 | 12,461
30 Nov 2013 #8
Idz juz spac bedzie cie mama kolysac.
Qacer 38 | 125
8 Dec 2013 #9
I believe I've heard my wife sing this lullaby. I've been trying to get her to sing it on tape so I can upload it. No luck, yet.
Schmiznurf 9 | 31
16 Dec 2013 #10
My wife will know it, her and her mother have sang it to my son on occasion. I will ask her to type it out when she's home.
Qacer 38 | 125
3 Feb 2014 #11
I was finally able to record my wife. Does it sound like this?
TanguyB - | 1
8 Aug 2014 #12

I believe I'm looking for the same lullaby. All we can remember in the family is:

"mmm mmm lu lu spac, mama niet e tsee tsee dac"

Sorry I don't speak Polish at all, this is just an attempt at a phonetic transcription, plus it has probably changed quite a lot from the original over the years.

We've been trying for years to find it but no luck so far, perhaps you can help me.

As someone mentioned already "lu lu spac" is probably "już już spać"

I tried to add a recording but the forum won't let me. I'll try uploading it to youtube.

Here's what it sounds like:
Marysienka 1 | 195
8 Aug 2014 #13
Second part sounds like "mama nie wie co ci dać" which means mama doesn't know what to give you
9 Aug 2014 #14
Not sure where "..Lu-lu spac..." part comes from. Maybe it is a regional version. "Ah aah a kotki dwa". would go onto "szare bure obydwa.. Nic nie bedo robily, tylko Jasia bawily". The name Jasia is meant to be substituted with the name of the child the rhyme is being sung to. "szare bure" are colours of the 2 cats the nursery rhyme is about. The rest says more or less...that the two cats have nothing else to do except to play with the tot until he, or she falls asleep. If there is more lyrics to this that I cant be sure..
Marysienka 1 | 195
9 Aug 2014 #15
But isn't it kind of lullaby where you make up your words after you ran out of them. idż już spać mama nie wie co ci dac seems like that.
9 Aug 2014 #16
You could right. Maybe ladies werent inovative enough in my part of the country.
BohdanBazooka - | 24
12 Aug 2014 #17
"mmm mmm lu lu spac, mama niet e tsee tsee dac"

Second part sounds like "mama nie wie co ci dać" which means mama doesn't know what to give you

I think it's more like ''mama nie chce cycy dać'' - mama doesn't want to give [you] tits.

(Don't be offend, breast feeding is a normal thing).
27 Jul 2016 #18
This is awful but when i was 5 my grand grandmother used to sing something similar to me. I found this page trying over and over combinations and you are the only ones who hit the mark.

I remeber sounds like these:

lu lululu spat kasatata kowisat tini mama na titinhe nhe ti nhe ti ti
1 May 2021 #19
Ah-ah-juju spach, Benje Babca (Momma) Coe a Sach, precheja momma da buzi, niezh jusz (the baby's name) nie nudzi.
gumishu 14 | 6,288
2 May 2021 #20
do you want it translated?
pawian 224 | 24,473
2 May 2021 #21
No need for it. But could you sing it for us?

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