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Do Poles like to hunt? Hunting in Poland.

superkill 7 | 9
13 Mar 2011 #1
I was just wondering what polands view on hunting is, and if they actually do hunt in poland and if its popular.
gumishu 11 | 5,142
13 Mar 2011 #2
there is Hunters Association in Poland- and millions are members
you cannot hunt here unless a member or paying for "hunting party' marketed to foreign hunters (Polish hunters organize and have pretty close supervision over the whole thing.

there may be no great variety of game and there are periods set up to protect animals in certain times of the year

appart from shooting animals Hunters' Association feeds them in winter, cultivates some plots of land for winter food for animals (mostly within forests where I live) in certain areas it also provides fences for protecting farmland from animal intrusion and devastation or organizes shooting 'patrols' during most vulnerable times for crops shooting once a quarter of an hour so scare of


actually Polski Związek £owiecki had little above 100 000 members - I took the previous fiugrefrom the top of my head
hunter - | 2
24 Aug 2012 #3
This is true what gumishu wrote below. If you are real hunter (licence, gun ect.) you can try with hunting agencies. I recommend company HUNT ADVENTURE. I was three times with them, one was driven hunt with group 15 people (the best fun I've ever had), and two time individual roebuck hunt. My biggest trophy was 515g. If you are really interested just contact them by website.
sa11y 5 | 331
24 Aug 2012 #4
Superkill, if you like hunting, come to South Africa. This is hunting paradise.
hunter - | 2
24 Aug 2012 #5


I wonder what experience you have in hunting in Poland?

I was several times with one polish company Hunt Adventure, I was really satisfied. Good organization, all inclusive, nice places and prices. The most important for me - great game. The best was driven hunt, we were in 15 people for one week. In Winter I will go one more time there. Maybe some of you would like to go with us - just send PM.

Thanks, Africa is something different from European hunt. I heard only good comments about this kind of trips. They also recommended me this. But for now I'll discover polish forests.
4 Jun 2014 #6
Now I see why there are less and less wild animals in Polish forests. Hopefully hunting won't get more popular and they stop converting forests into foreign-owned shopping malls :(.
4 Jun 2014 #7
I think you are not hunter in Poland... As you know each hunting club have season plans for each game on their hunting areas, they are calculated by years of inspections and counting year by year. Population of "Polish animals" is stable. Please visit web - Polish Hunting Assoccation and our website if you are interested to hunt in Poland.

Best Regards / Darz Bór

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