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Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines?

16 Sep 2007 #1
You obviously haven't flown Alitalia have you? lol. :)

No, seriously... every time I fly LOT to Poland I always hear some fool complaining about the service (usually in Polish, btw) and I've lost count of the number of times I've heard such whingers describe them as the "worst airline in the world". Well, I would choose them to fly to Poland every time.

Having flown with BA recently (who EVERYONE seems to rate highly), I couldn't see much difference really... other than that the flight attendants were too strict, there were no Polish papers, and the catering, though OK, wasn't as good as LOT's is (give me proper kielbasa and Polish bread any time) But credit where credit is due... I'd give them 10/10 for professionalism, though. But why does LOT have so many haters? I don't get it. They have a great safety record as well, so I really can't see the problem </confused>.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
16 Sep 2007 #2
To be honest as long as the plane gets me from a to b with a little comfort i don't really care who's airline it is. I'm sure the Polish airlines are not bad and are as good as the rest
regionpolski 33 | 153
16 Sep 2007 #3
My wife and I flew LOT a week ago Saturday. We flew Chicago to Warsaw, and Warsaw to Gdansk. We'll return on Wednesday. I too had heard plenty of negative info on LOT. None of it was evident on our arrival flight. It was as pleasant an 8.5 hours as there could have been in coach seats. The service was great, the food was good, the flight attendants were attentive to our needs, and it was a pleasant flight. Actually it was rather festive. The flight attendants are bi-lingual

The forty minute flight to Gdansk was fine. Snacks were offered, as were non-alcoholic beverages.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
16 Sep 2007 #4
Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines???

Maybe this stems from their reputation in the past. All I know is that I'll never use them because they don't service the routes I would take.
isthatu 3 | 1,164
16 Sep 2007 #5
I rate LOT, Flying back to Manchester our Pilot did a cracking,no fuss, mid air jink that saved us from a very near miss.No anouncment,only a few of us on board noticed but it was a close thing handeled cooly and profesionaly. + I love the rather loose interpretation of baggage weight limits :)
regionpolski 33 | 153
20 Sep 2007 #6
I just flew back from Gdansk to Warsaw, and then onto Chicago. Pleasant flights. The attendants were attentive. Only one complaint. It's a 10 hour flight back to Chicago, and the second meal served came with less than 90 minutes left on the flight. The first meal was served a couple hours into the flight. There was a lot of turbulence though, and that may have contributed to the large time interval.
16 Jun 2008 #7
LOT is the WORST airline in the world, this is why:
1) customer service is terrible
2) in flight service is a joke. God forbid you ask for a glass of water, the attendants look at you like you are crazy.
3) Calling them for info is a joke, if they don't like what you are saying they just hang up on you
4) The plances are 100 years old.
5) On yesterdays flight (WAW-ORD) the engine blew out, they had to dump fuel to lighten the plane to land in Iceland. I mean do they have mechanics that check planes beore they take-off? They kept everyone on the plane for 4 hours. Stayed ovrenight in some cheap hotel. Don't post a press release that people will be coming in the next day. People are still in Iceland waiting in the airport to get out...gee that is so much fun!

6) Simply they are just rude.
I fly business class reason being I like to sleep in the bed/chair, the chair was BROKEN. Hello, why did I pay this money then? Certainly not for the food. They just DON'T CARE. Fly another European airline, same price and MUCH better service.
vaga_bond - | 9
16 Jun 2008 #8
3) Calling them for info is a joke, if they don't like what you are saying they just hang up on you

or they put you on hold for a decade and torture you with an excruciating chopin midi file, THEN hang up on you.
jagoda12 - | 15
16 Jun 2008 #9
I flew from Warsaw to London with Lot and a few times with BA and to be honest I found Lot better than BA.The food was decent,not a strange looking tuna sandwich and I have no reason to complain about their service either.

However I fly BA more often because flying from Krakow is more convenient for me.
I sometimes fly Wizz Air too and it`s ok as well.
As long as I can get to London and back safely I don`t care which airline it is
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
17 Jun 2008 #10
I have no issues with LOT. I'm a frequent flier with them and they've never lost my luggage and the service is usually good.
Tamara 9 | 202
17 Jun 2008 #11
I wonder if the people complaining are Americans or Poles? Most of the Poles I know won't fly another airline and the Americans hate Lot - food sucks, RUDE, RUDE RUDE. They operate on a "need to know" basis and as a passenger, you don't need to know anything!
vaga_bond - | 9
17 Jun 2008 #12
what on earth are you talking about? what is the point of info hotlines if nobody needs to know anything? what does nationality have to do with calling them in order to know whether a flight has been postponed or cancelled and getting slightly annoyed when they decide to cut you off instead of answering? nada, dude. jk. i'm not american. not that it matters. ps: i'm guessing most of the poles you know have never heard of low cost airlines. haha.
tomek - | 134
17 Jun 2008 #13
Did anybody realize how ceratin type of Poles like to complain about anything that is polish-made, like his car, boiler and other technical stuff. It is a kind of humor - like having a friend whom you like to banter with.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jun 2008 #14
Oh, come on, they have foreign help, LOL
osiol 55 | 3,922
17 Jun 2008 #15
I've flown with Lot. I flew back on Lufthansa. I had no complaints about either. The Polish stewardesses were prettier though.
dnz 17 | 710
17 Jun 2008 #16
I hate LOT because those stupid turboprop propeller planes fly about 50 metres above my roof on approach to £awica and make a godawful noise, Never flown with them though although I do rate BA very highly as I have never had any problems and have flown with them 3+ time a year since I was 5 years old (cant remember that far back), I have been using Ryanair recently and they are terrible but at 100 pln return Poznan to Bristol I can't really complain,
Lori 4 | 118
17 Jun 2008 #17
I have flown Chicago to Warsaw 4 times and also Warsaw to L'viv with LOT and have nothing but positive things to say about LOT. The service is good, I like the food, the Warsaw to L'viv plane was much more comfortable than what I'd expect for a short haul in the U.S.

If it's Americans complaining the only thing I can think of is that Poland starts on the LOT plane. The food is definitely Polish which I find to be a treat. However, if one is expecting LOT to serve food like Midwest US than passengers will be disappointed.
djf 18 | 166
18 Jun 2008 #18
Used Ryanair 3 times in the past 6 months and all flights have been fine (UK to Poland). Plane left slightly late once but arrived on time and arrived early once too. No luggage lost, no hassle.
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
18 Jun 2008 #19
I don't hate LOT, however their flights are out of Heathrow, and I prefer to use London City Airport or Stansted - maybe Luton at a push.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
18 Jun 2008 #20
I wonder if the people complaining are Americans or Poles? Most of the Poles I know won't fly another airline and the Americans hate Lot - food sucks, RUDE, RUDE RUDE. They operate on a "need to know" basis and as a passenger, you don't need to know anything!

I'm American. Never had an issue. In fact, anyone that I know who fls with them havent had any issues. Maybe it's you?
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
18 Jun 2008 #21
The worst service that I have ever had was on American Airlines. Hardly any legroom (in ecenomy) and really miserable cabin crew.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
18 Jun 2008 #22
Why can't all airlines be like Singapore Airlines?

Worst ever service was an internal AA flight from NYC to SF. Cabin crew from hell were on duty. Everthing was too much trouble for them
Tamara 9 | 202
18 Jun 2008 #23
Actually the worst airline that we ever flew on was Southwest.
turin - | 16
23 Jun 2008 #24
SW bad?! Swietokradztwo! However, I didn't even know that they flew to Poland. It's hard enough to find a desired SW route in the US apart from the very popular connections.
ina_pod - | 32
27 Jun 2008 #25
The worst service that I have ever had was on American Airlines. Hardly any legroom (in ecenomy) and really miserable cabin crew.

I do agree with you. I had "luck" to fly from NYC to Las Vegas with American Airlines...during almost 5 hours fly I got only glass of juice. If you are hungry....forget it, almost 10 bucks for stinky sandwich! Stewardesses are very unpolite and seems that they just can't wait to get retired...

Anyway, Delta and Northwest are on the same level ...
Tamara 9 | 202
27 Jun 2008 #26

Hi, What does this mean? I never heard it before?
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
30 Jun 2008 #27
Sth is Sacrilegious.
Peter 3 | 248
30 Jun 2008 #28
I flew with LOT in 2005, Heathrow - Warsaw - Wroclaw return and found the service to be quite good. The flight was 1 hr late leaving Heathrow and we got into Warsaw with barely 45 minutes to make our connecting flight. Considering I was in a wheelchair they had us off the plane, through immigration and back on the Wroclaw plane within 20 minutes. Coming back into Heathrow we had a lot of turbulance on the final approach which was handled very well.
MrBubbles 10 | 614
30 Jun 2008 #29
I love LOT. I wish I could afford to fly with them more often. Once, many years ago, I was flying back to the UK on Easter Sunday - the plane was only 1/3 full and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. The stewardess even handed me a couple of extra beers during the flight.

I appreciate they've had to cut their costs a little when it comes to the food (it used to be better when the prices were higher) but the level of professionalism has always been high - it's a much nicer experience than something like Ryanair
WooPee 1 | 124
1 Jul 2008 #30
I have never flown the LOT but I flew Central Wings (LOT is the owner) one time.. The worst cheap-airlines.. Always late and almost impossible that your call will be answered at call center...

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