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'Fort Trump' Military Base in Poland

G (undercover)
21 Sep 2018 #61
It's far from worthless

Of course it is. It's actually far worse than that. It's dangerous. Nothing worse than ineffective alliance giving fake sense of securit.
TheWizard - | 233
21 Sep 2018 #62
Russian trolls dont like it so its definitely worth doing.
Joker 3 | 2,324
22 Sep 2018 #63
Maybe you should sign up and train at Camp Trump so you can be a real expert on military matters.

I wonder if he would have the balls to make such comments in front of Camp Trump, to a Marine?

Who cares about dumb jarheads that sacrifice themselves for rich American corporations

You talk pretty tough game sitting behind a computer Delpf, but can you back it up big mouth??
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
22 Sep 2018 #64
I wonder if he would have the balls to make such comments in front of Camp Trump, to a Marine?

Who would be afraid of a big stupid Marine who has to be told exactly when to eat, sleep and crap? They're so stupid when they join that most of them don't even know how to shower and shave quickly. Heck, the army even has to teach them how to make their bed, they're that dumb.

We really don't need the dregs of American society here.

Nothing quite says "dumb" like dying for rich old men.
TheWizard - | 233
22 Sep 2018 #65
The stats show you are many times more likely to be gunned down or killed in a car and by other things than being a marine or being killed in war. In the usa joining the armed forces increases your chances of living. People who idolize soldiers we find often did not serve themselves and just talk crap. In a country like the usa the ones who stay need the medals for bravery, the ones who got out of that nut house may not be as dumb as you think or imply above.
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
22 Sep 2018 #66
Who would be afraid of a big stupid Marine

You without a doubt and that is a given.
That is the real reason you oppose Camp Trump, you are scared to death of American soldiers.
Open your pie hole to one of them with the things you post here and you would be sitting on your keister looking for your front teeth.

most of them don't even know how to shower and shave quickly.

Quicker then males that have to put their girls make up on before they go out.
Marines don't wear girls eye shadow and eye liner nor do they walk and talk like little girls.
They are in tip top shape and are nor afraid to put their lives on the line so you can afford the freedoms you enjoy.

When they get out they can get good paying jobs because they have been trained to conquer any obstacle.
Then we look at your picture thinking the only thing he's conquered in his life is a triple bacon cheese burger with extra cheesy fries.

The Marines would not even take you which seems maybe why you have such a huge inferiority complex towards them.
You couldn't begin to qualify to join the U.S. Marines.
They would stamp your papers REJECT and wouldn't take you, trust me.
jon357 74 | 22,054
22 Sep 2018 #67
It's dangerous

Putin is certainly dangerous. When his power starts to decline this will get worse. This is one reason that a strong NATO is such a good thing.

We really don't need

Right now, the Americans are concentrating their resources elsewhere.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
22 Sep 2018 #68

You You You You You. Why are you projecting American military inferiority onto me?

I mean, look at this garbage. - they need an expert on bed making because the recruits are just too damned stupid to make their own beds properly. JOIN THE MARINES AND LEARN TO MAKE YOUR BED! LOL, if they can't even make their beds, what hope have they got of being anything other than cannon fodder?

Let's face it, the truth is that the Marines suck. Read this - - unemployed among Marines is actually higher than the general population. No-one wants to employ big dumb jarheads who couldn't make their own bed before they joined the military.

If that's the best America's got, then Poland doesn't need them. They might well stay at home killing each other instead, because they're so stupid that friendly fire is commonplace. - dumbasses, LOL!
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
23 Sep 2018 #69
It's dangerousPutin is certainly dangerous. When his power starts to decline this will get worse.

That has already started jon.
The U.S.A. just slapped more tariffs on China for buying Russian fighter jets from Russia.
Trump said anyone doing business with Russia would regret it.
Well that pissed old Putin off in a bad way and now Trump has China pissed off too.
Putin is only going to be pushed so far and Trump sure is testing him.

Why are you projecting American military inferiority onto me?

I already told you, as bad as you make them out to be you are even worse then they are since they would reject you for being sub par.

They would stamp your papers REJECTED and wouldn't take you, trust me.

You couldn't begin to cut it dough boy.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
23 Sep 2018 #70
I already told you, as bad as you make them out to be you are even worse then they are since they would reject you for being sub par.

Yeah yeah, the truth is that they accept anyone. Failed high school? Dumbest in your trailer park? A career in the US Marines awaits you! Only the stupidest need apply!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
23 Sep 2018 #71
Funny you should mention mental instability -

1/3rd of Marines are mentally unstable. No wonder America has such a problem with white terrorism when they're all deranged gun nuts. The US Marines are clearly a home for those that are mentally unsound, which is why they have to be taught everything from the basics onwards. After all, even Trump dodged military service repeatedly, which shows what little he thinks of the morons that did serve.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
23 Sep 2018 #72
The point is that if the American military are nothing but abusive bullies, we simply don't need them in Europe. Anyone can be a US Marine, but not anyone can be a soldier in Poland. What use are the Americans to us? All they'll do is come and assault local citizens because they don't understand the language. We've already seen how they crashed cars constantly in Poland, blocking roads and causing chaos as a result, so what use will a base here be?

I suggest they stay home, because they have nothing to offer.
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
23 Sep 2018 #73
Anyone can be a US Marine

You can't even if you wanted to be. lol

What use are the Americans to us?

They grease the wheels of your freedoms.

Pump billions of dollars into Poland's economy and make Putin think twice.
The question is, what use is an ex-pat Scot in Poland that criticizes and talks down about Poland ?
Now put the Piwo and nose candy away and go to bed.
Church bells will be ringing in a couple of hours.
TheWizard - | 233
23 Sep 2018 #74
This hatred is because of trump? Well he isnt very well liked outside his domain. I think he was necessary for a time to fix the usa after obongo stuffed it. Necessary to remind lazy and taking it all for granted Americans that they need to actually get up and go and vote on their day and also to stop the march of the nutcases with their 128 genders and a bucket full of other ideas just as nuts. He is necessary for a time and its his time now.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
23 Sep 2018 #75
The question is

Why anyone would want a bunch of mean, arrogant, moronic bullies trying to "protect" them when we all know they'll run away like cowards as soon as the Russians cross the border. They couldn't win in Korea, couldn't win in Vietnam, couldn't win in Afghanistan - quite a miserable record post-WW2 to say the last.
TheWizard - | 233
23 Sep 2018 #76
Lol it's true they haven't won any conflict since 1945 but its nice to have a deterant anyway.
Tacitus 2 | 1,382
23 Sep 2018 #77
It is kind of difficult to not call the Korean War a success. The primary goal of the intervention was to preserve South Korea, not conquer the North. That only became valid after the surprising success of the initial campaign. Given the circumstances and ressources available, the intervention succeeded in its' initial goal. The same can be said about the first Iraq War (liberating Kuwait) and the intervention in Serbia (stopping the Serbs from comitting further genocide and pacifying the region).
TheWizard - | 233
23 Sep 2018 #78
In a way they were all victories as it tied the vietnamese commies down for 10 years and made them weak after as well. That's not how people see it though in a lot of places. They want the old fashioned victory type thing with trumpets and parades but they spat on a bunch of gi' s instead when they came back. Big difference! All those baby killing rumors and stuff didn't help them.
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
23 Sep 2018 #79
I know better then to engage with a provoking mental midget. I do apologize to the rest of you.
I don't take kindly to ungrateful people especially when my family and friends have died to protect them and theirs.
The facts however are very clear.
Every time the E.U. gets it's tit in a ringer with a conflict who has been there to bail them out ?
And, and the United States of America always has gone back and rebuilds what they blew up BETTER then it was before in said countries.

The problem with the loudmouth tin horns on this forum is that they have never experienced WAR.
And if NATO pulled out of Europe Putin could march from one end of Europe to the other (non nuclear) within two weeks.
And guess who would be begging for the United States of America's help AGAIN.
(Hello President Trump - Germany and Russia just shut off our winter gas by locking the valve of Nord Stream, please send help immediately as our families are freezing.)

A Camp Trump in Poland is the best thing that could happened to Poland since the ending of the cold war.

- quite a miserable record post-WW2 to say the last.

Still in bed with a pounding headache this afternoon I see.
You were slurring your provoking posts last night but to set the record straight remember the U.K. was involved in all those wars too so speak for yourself.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
24 Sep 2018 #80
Otherwise the USA would not have lost Vietnam.

America also lost iraq and afghanistan... not just vietnam.. as their long term goals were not accomplished. Clearly NATO failed their mission.

You need to motivate your population, show them that your war is legitimate and that you are not alone in this.

Actually americans dont give a rats ass if germany uk etc are involved. It doesnt matter to americans one bit. Bush didnt even mention polands help in afghanistan and Iraq and most americans dont even know that there were other countries involved. It was a token gesture to make themselves and us feel good. No different than participation trophies. Whether the uk poland germany etc were in iraq and afghanistan or not wouldve made zero difference.

Currently, Allied forces in Afghanistan consists roughly 50% out of Non-Americans).

Thats not something to be proud of. Afghanistan is a lost cause.... was and always will be...

Besides, if we look at the war in Afghanistan, other countries have provided and are still providing significant ressources, both military and financially.

Thats the difference between the western world and places like afghanistan - you give western peoples a pile of metal, they build a hummer, give them a pile of bricks they build a city.... give afghanis a $200k hummer theyll turn it into a pile of metal, build them a city they'll turn it into a pile of bricks...

The smarter leaders, like Trump and Putin, stick to just bombing the place and testing weapons with cool names like mother of all bombs on goat herders, the dumb ones like merkel keep giving them money and taking in their people despite the countless of rapes and terror attacks comitted by afghans including a few in the past few weeks. Then people in the bundestag boast how german troops set up schools - which was never part of the nato mission... and which only make them even more of a target especially if theres girls in that school.

Its the same as giving aid to somalia or helping liberians with the ebola outbreak. Its not gonna change sh1t. They don't even believe ebola exists (white mans rumor), pray to witch doctors when they feel sick and they sure as hell wont stop eating infected bush meat - even those who survived ebola. Better to spend the money elsewhere on a cause that isnt helpless..

Why anyone would want a bunch of mean, arrogant, moronic bullies trying to "protect" them

Because soldiers are supposed to be mean and arrogant. Would you rather have a bunch of pencilneck pansy soy boys more concerned about using the right gender pronoun and not offend anyone and generally hate or are scared of guns or a real man that is cocky, strong and loves guns? No wonder western europe has been thoroughly invaded - by third world migrants that arent even armed... and you think theyd manage russia by themselves? No way...
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
25 Sep 2018 #81
Trump addressing the General Assembly Live right now.
He has already given Poland high praise.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
25 Sep 2018 #82
This is a revolution man. The white christian middle and upper middle class are sick of leftists trying to change their lifestyle and brainwash them and even more so their kids. People who are conservative, patriotic. Hetero and paying taxes are sick of the globalists and their flooding of countries with migrants to get more votes for the left and constantly trying to force bullsh1t like homosexuality, all these different genders and that illegally entering a nation (always a white european or north american country) is somehow their human right.

Trump is the man that the white christian conservatives have been waiting for. Hes been kicking ass and tsking names since day 1. I wish hed be president for life and have full power over the obstructionists like rosenstein blumenthal schumer feinstein - all liberal jews who want to do everything to undermine Trump and keep pushing their divide and conquer plan to split up and destroy the white christians who love their guns pickup trucks and bibles.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,914
25 Sep 2018 #83
Personaly,I don't like the man but I love the fact that he is kicking the establishment's butts!
I get your American bible bashing,gun loving crowd,but not sure you guys are right.....I'm on the fence on guns and I'm an atheist.

Don't wanna know about all that anti Semitic crap.....straight out of a Neo Nazi or KKK meeting....tired old bullshit.....
Pick up trucks I'm cool with....."Drop your tail gate down and have some fun!"
OP johnny reb 48 | 7,091
25 Sep 2018 #84
At the U.N. General Assembly today Trump praised Poland for Poland and Baltic States to build a gas Pipeline to ease dependence on Russia.

He also stated that Russia now owns Germany with the Nord Stream pipeline.
Damn I love this guys Political Incorrectness.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
25 Sep 2018 #85
How are facts anti semetic? It is fact that there are numerous far left Jews attacking trump in every speech, interview, tweet etc like those i mentioned above. Furthermore it is fact that the 3 people who backstabbed trump and are ratting him out to mueller are also jews. Im not saying this to be anti-Semitic ill have you know im dating a jewish girl. It is fact though that the democrats and those who are supposed to remain apolitical and are leading the obstructionist movement are disproportionately jewish - rosenstein, blumenthal, schumer, feinstein, cohen, pecker, weisselberg....

See thats the problem. When someone says a fact that offends a group and they get called some sort of word ending it ist or phobe, it doesnt change that it is still a fact. To me that just seems like people who do thst are uncomfortable with hearing the truth. Like if i said black people commit the majority of violent crimes is that racist? Maybe. But it doesnt change the fact that its the truth as according to fbi stats blacks are responsible for the majority of violemt crimes.

And guns are awesome. Personally i dont see how a man can not like weapons. Thats like the most natural thing to a man. Can you imagine knights not like swords or kings trying to pass legislation to ban halbreds or morning stars? Imo every man who considers themselves a man should know how to handle atleast one class of guns. Going to the range on a sunday afternoon or shooting targets out in the country is sheer fun. Hell even my gf packs a revolver now in her purse.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
25 Sep 2018 #86
He also stated that Russia now owns Germany with the Nord Stream pipeline.

He can state what he wants, it simply isn't true. In fact, delegates were even laughing at him for the nonsense that he was coming out with. Trump is presiding over a failing power, one that is rapidly losing influence and power. It's amazing just how much the Americans have lost influence under Trump to the point where they're being openly laughed at.

By the way, his ignorance also shows, given that coal imports from Russia are dramatically up. Still, can't expect Trump to actually know or understand anything beyond cheeseburgers and tanning salons.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
25 Sep 2018 #87
Hes a billionaire and president of the most powerful country in the world. Hes no dummy hes obviously doing something right if hes that successful.
jon357 74 | 22,054
25 Sep 2018 #88
In fact, delegates were even laughing at him for the nonsense that he was coming out with

He's an international joke, isn't he. Something that his domestic audience don't quite get. He inherited his cash, has used it badly, and had knocked yet more nails into the coffin of his declining 'superpower'.

Meanwhile, China surges ahead and Putin laughs. Even 'rocket man' is in a stronger position after his attempts.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,914
25 Sep 2018 #89
Yeah,he is an international joke,but he is shaking things up.
I see as many positives as negatives.
jon357 74 | 22,054
25 Sep 2018 #90
The problem is, he's doing it in an utterly cack-handed way as well as causing immense damage to the poorest people in his own country and elsewhere, as well as spiritually feeding some of the nastiest little sh1ts around the world. And he can't even do that effectively.

Water finds its own level in the end. The main positive is the reaction against him and the unlikelihood of the Americans getting another egotistical demagogue any time soon. He'll eventually be a pitied and scorned memory in the annals of a dying empire.

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