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Poland War - Old Military Medals

smurf 39 | 1,981
15 Oct 2010 #1
I was in Kazimierz a few weeks back and bought a wee old military medal off one of the lovely old guys that sell them close to the market.....

anyway, I only bought a fairly cheap one, and with my crappy Polish I wasn't quite able to understand him when he was explaining what the medal was for, I've done a search on the internet and I can't find it, are they're any sites you know of or even any books where I could find out.

Next time I go I'd like to maybe get another one of two, they may become valuable with time

15 Oct 2010 #2
If you posted a picture of the medal we would be able to help you.

As for books, try "Ordery i odznaczenia polskie i ich kawalerowie", Zbigniew Puchalski,
Ireneusz Wojciechowski, Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza, Warszawa 1987.
OP smurf 39 | 1,981
15 Oct 2010 #3
There you go
It's not good quality, I just shot it with the camera on the phone, it's prob worth feck all, but I would like to know what's the significance of it.

But I would like to maybe buy some more proper ones the next time I'm in Krakow

Thanks Torq for the book, I'll check it out

.......sorry, wont let me upload it, I'll try puttin it on flickr and I'll add a link

2nd edit.....
here's the link:
15 Oct 2010 #4
OK. It's been sent to the lab...
OP smurf 39 | 1,981
15 Oct 2010 #5
Fair play Torq, thanks very much
15 Oct 2010 #6
Found it. It looks like you got yourself a, so-called, "korpusówka". It is not a medal,
but insignia wore on uniforms to distinguish the type of a unit. Yours is a logistics,
supply units korpusówka.

Here's a modern version...

Poland x

You can buy one (currently used) for about 10 PLN...
OP smurf 39 | 1,981
15 Oct 2010 #7
Found it.

Cheers Torq......really really nice of you

Yea, I got it for 8zl in Krakow,
They had some mad expensive ones and I might "invest" in one or two in the future, but I might buy that book and make sure that I know what I'm looking for the next time

Thanks for looking it up, really decent of you
15 Oct 2010 #8
Cheers Torq......really really nice of you

No probs.

Make sure you know what you're buying. When I was a student in Gdansk I bought some
first world war insignia and medals very cheaply, but it is very difficult to find a good bargain
nowadays (but who knows - it's always worth to try.)
racheepie 2 | 5
10 Feb 2011 #9
Merged: Poland ww2 medals (bronze, silver or gold?)

Hi, I have collected my Granddad's British war medals and believe I can no longer collect the Polish war medals. However I have obtained, a good copy of a cross of monte cassino and now want a 'Polish Army Medal'. I know I can get hold of one but I have been asked would it be bronze,silver or gold, and I have no idea of what it should be. My Granddad was a Corporal and was in active service from September '38-finally discharged November 1948. This info is from the M.O.D. not sure what other info would be needed to help determine. I'd be extremely grateful for any information you could provide me with. Thanks, in advance.
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
10 Feb 2011 #10
Try here
Its a link to the Sikorski institute down in London,hope it helps.
BTW ,do you know the name of the medal in Polish? This will help in gaining precise info too.
racheepie 2 | 5
11 Feb 2011 #11
That's great thankyou. No I don't know what it is called in Polish but I will try and find out.
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
11 Feb 2011 #12
I ask because I did a literal translation and that came up as a medal only instigated in 1999 which is alegedly for forgeigners in the Polish army or Historians writing about Poland!?!......
Felzensztein - | 2
21 Feb 2013 #13
Merged: Polish Medals

Iam in the same situation to you, my Father server in the Polish Forces under the British command .
You need to send them the military records.
If you want the medal of your father ( British medal) you need to write and recuest the CS20 application form.
BUILDING 28 B, RAF Northolt
West End Road
Middlesex HA4 6NG
Phone 020 88338603

If you want the Polish Medal
Please write to

19 Boileu Road
W5 3AL
United Kingdom


The P.M.S Bookshop Ltd
238 King Street
W6 0RF
United Kingdom

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