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Terms of endearment in Polish

Jedeane Macdonald
9 Feb 2006 #1
For a novel, what terms of endearment were used in 1939?
9 Feb 2006 #2
Hi! Do you mean the movie?
11 Feb 2006 #3
Not a movie, but sweet terms like "Honey."
11 Feb 2006 #4
honey - kochanie
11 Feb 2006 #5
Mi 2;y / mi 2;a - this definitely sounds old-fashioned
11 Feb 2006 #6
or drogi (said to a male), droga (to a female)
11 Feb 2006 #7

Forgive this little joke:
Frank Sinatra's "My way" translates directly as "Moja droga"
11 Feb 2006 #8
heheh, there is another one that you can tell your sweetheart: "mam pociag do ciebie" :)
11 Feb 2006 #9
well :) I have a train towards you, right?
14 Feb 2006 #10
drogi (said to a male), droga (to a female)
mean what?
14 Feb 2006 #11
my dear
14 Feb 2006 #12
to make everything exceedingly clear (but I think that the asker can also see that it's two words instead of one)
my dear = mój drogi / moja droga
14 Feb 2006 #13
heheh, there is another one that you can tell your sweetheart: "mam pociag do ciebie"

this means either: "I am attracted to you" or "I'm catching a train to you" :)
8 Nov 2006 #14
It also refers to road and expensive
28 Dec 2006 #15
Dec 28, 06 [12:16] - Attached on merging:
terms of endearment

hey...i just met someone that i'm really interested in and he's polish. what are some terms of endearment i can say to him that would be sweet? like

you're my sunshine
my sweetie

and any more typical polish words....please help :)
11 Jan 2007 #16
Jan 11, 07 [21:14] - Attached on merging:
any sweet sayings

hi all.
could you please tell me what "misiu" means...i think thats how you spell it. ive been told it is sweet but would like to check first.

also could anyone give me any more sweet names or phrases, i know a special lady that would over the moon if anyone could help.

very many thanks
16 Apr 2007 #18
I was wondering what the translation would be for my dear/my love/my darling (from a guy to a girl)?
ella - | 46
16 Apr 2007 #19
dear/my love/my darling (from a guy to a girl)?

dear = droga /or moja droga ("droga" other meaning = road)

my love = kochana /or moja kochana/ or moja milosci

my darling = ukochana/ or moja ukochana
Anjelkake 1 | 9
24 Apr 2007 #20
forget my spelling, I can't spell Polish. But the nice thing is that I'll spell it phonetically for you.

My mother would say stuff like "ko-hana" which means beloved. Or "be-yed-naw jet-skaw" which means poor baby. I don't know why poor baby would be a term of endearment, but she always said that when she saw something terribly cute.

Does anyone know of a site like this one, but for Polish? Yes I have been learning Hawai'ian on the side. I think it would be important to know if/when I move to Kaua'i.

That would be great to have a site like that for Polish...anyone know of any?
25 Apr 2007 #21
hi, my best friends polish! hahaha and i know kocham cie means i love you. and piekna means beautiful. siostra is sister and bratowski is brother i think thats how you spell it. so saying "moja siostra" is like "my sister." Kisses is calusy. and okay i just wanted to send some random polish words! :)
19 Jun 2007 #22
Terms of endearment in Polish language

I'm totally new to Polish. In fact, I started dating a girl who is originally from Poland, and I've decided I want to learn Polish. Of course, I have to start very simple...

I was wondering what kind of "terms of endearment" are commonly used in Poland. Like in English, we say "sweetheart," or "cutie," etc. (In Mexico, they say "pumpkin"...I have no idea how referring to someone as a large orange gourd is endearing.)

Anyway, please give me a few of the common terms and what they mean in English. Thank you!! :)
ukinpoland 5 | 338
19 Jun 2007 #23
Kochanie - Darling, Sweetheart

Piekna- Beautifull

I know more Iwill post when I remember
bunia 1 | 134
19 Jun 2007 #24
sloneczko - sunshine
kiciu - kitten
zabko - froggie (sounds nice in polish :) )
skarbie - darling
26 Jun 2007 #25
How do you say I Love you in polish
FISZ 24 | 2,116
26 Jun 2007 #26
Kocham Cie
31 Dec 2007 #27
what does forever family and love of family translate into polish?
Seanus 15 | 19,674
29 Jan 2008 #28, definitely not this
Davey 13 | 388
29 Jan 2008 #29
n Mexico, they say "pumpkin"...I have no idea how referring to someone as a large orange gourd is endearing.

We say that in Canada?
19 Feb 2008 #30
tellin "pumpkin" to a girl in peru, means you are tellin her she is an airhead hahahah

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