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Terms of endearment in Polish

17 May 2008 #31
my grandmother used to call me "setsa" when i was younger. i have no clue if this is how it is spelled but thats how it was pronounced. setza....cetsa...cetza? im not sure.

i would like to know if this is a polish term any one is familiar with
20 May 2008 #32
Hi I am Polish and here are some terms of endearment for you...

Kochanie - Dear/My Love
Scarbie/Skarbus/Skarbeńku - Sweetie/Honey/Dear
Kocham Cie - I love you
Daj Mi Buzi - Give me a kiss
Pocaluj Mnie - Kiss me
Kotku/Kocie/Kociku/Koteczku - Baby/Kitty
Misiu/Misiaku/Misio - Baby/Teddy Bear
Slonko/Słoneczko - Sunshine
Perełko - Pearl
Babisiu - Baby
Tygrysek - Baby Tiger
Aniolku - Angel
Myszko - Mouse
Gwiazdeczko/Gwiazdko - Star
Serce - Heart
Cukierku/Cukiereczku - Candy
Kwiatuszku/Kwiatku - Flower
Robaczku - Lil' Bug
Różyczko - Rose
Rodzynku - Raisin
Rybko/Rybeńko - Fishie
Serduszko - Sweetheart
Stokrotko - this is a type of flower
Słodyczko - Sweetness
Truskaweczko - Strawberry
Złotko - Gold
Króliczku - Bunny
Księżniczko - Moon
Motylku - Butterfly

This should be enough to last you a while......
26 Jul 2008 #33
In French it's considered sweet to call someone a chou (cabbage) or a puce (flea). Imagine using that in an English conversation!
8 Sep 2008 #34
Was sent a note that said fajny z ciebie facet, tried translating it on various sites but didnt really make sense. If anyone can help that would be great!!
9 Sep 2008 #35
fajny z ciebie facet - You're a nice guy
11 Sep 2008 #36
11 Sep 2008 #37
Would anyone be offended if someone was to call you stara kobieta? want to poke fun at a female friends age even though shes only 27(4 months older than me)
11 Sep 2008 #38
stara kobieta?

Yes ! It's not a phase you should joke about with no matter what Nationality the female is.

Most females can be touchy about their age <depending on what day it is lol>

It means 'Old Woman/Lady' ..........hmmmmm I"d say if you want to stay friends find something else to say....

11 Sep 2008 #39
Ok Thanks!!
ania2 - | 2
24 Oct 2008 #40
I love the polish terms of endearment! I mean; zabko or kwiatuszku - that's so sweet! But maybe someone can help me with "dziubek". I found dziobak, but I'm not quite sure, if that's the same. Is it a common term?

15 Nov 2008 #41
"Dziubek" is very common and very pleasant in polish, usually in the form "dziubku" (vocative case), it means " a little beak". It probably refers to the shape of lips we make when we want to kiss somebody
19 Nov 2008 #42
what does koconie mean?
szarlotka 8 | 2,205
19 Nov 2008 #43
Sure you don't mean kochanie?
ania2 - | 2
21 Nov 2008 #44
Dziękuję bardzo:)
30 Jan 2009 #45
How do you pronounce perełko (pearl) in polish?
Seanus 15 | 19,672
30 Jan 2009 #46
Perewko, not so hard.
osiol 55 | 3,921
11 Feb 2009 #47
Stokrotko - this is a type of flower

Daisy. The kind of thing that grows as a weed in lawns. Bellis spp. although particularly Bellis perennis.

Rybko/Rybeńko - Fishie

newo - | 1
13 Feb 2009 #48
Thread attached on merging:
nice word for my fiance


As it is valentines day tommorow, I am naming a rose after my fiance, but I would like to also include a very special polish word that I can call it as well, I was originally going to use UKOCHANY, obviously she is female so I just want to get this right because it would be embarrasing if I end up calling it something wrong lol


Best Regards

13 May 2009 #49
what does kochanienka mean and who is it appropriate to use it to?..
Piorko - | 9
14 May 2009 #50

or "dziubuś"

it's tiny beak... i think xD

kochanieńka means honey or something similar. My grandma says it to me.
8 Jun 2009 #51
My grandmother used to call me a Polish name, and it sounded like "pooka". She said it meant doll. Is this correct? And what's the correct spelling?

Cardno85 31 | 973
8 Jun 2009 #52
Could be kukła, it is the only translation i can find that sounds a wee but like what you wrote. Not sure though.
gumishu 15 | 6,184
8 Jun 2009 #53
My grandmother used to call me a Polish name, and it sounded like "pooka". She said it meant doll. Is this correct? And what's the correct spelling?


must be something dialectical - I am not that strong in Polish dialects being a Pole myself

in standard Polish a doll is lalka
15 Oct 2009 #54
Hey! Can someone tell me what muffin is in polish? Moja kochanie is Polish, I know its along the lines of "babeczka", but I've looked it up, it kind of means bun?

Anyone know what the direct translation of muffin is, or a term of endearment that is similiar to muffin? I have this page saved as a bookmark, its very helpful :D

Dziękują :)

(had to repost because of spelling mistakes :P)
Seanus 15 | 19,672
15 Oct 2009 #55
Muffin is mufinka I think but it is slang for, well, the same in English you know? ;)
19 Oct 2009 #56
Heh, I get ya :P
Thanks. Don't wanna go callin my boyfriend that! haha!

Can someone tell me what "dobranoc kochanie najslodsze. Bede o tobie myslal do czasu az sie znow spotkamy" means? I know it means goodnight love at the very start. Could someone translate it for me? I don't have the Polish letters, so I'm sorry if its not accurate.
Seanus 15 | 19,672
19 Oct 2009 #57
Goodnight my sweetest darling!! I will be thinking about you until we meet again.
grzybami 4 | 27
20 Oct 2009 #58
I don't have the Polish letters

Look above the message text box; click to insert.

  • Polish Letters
jendi - | 9
22 Oct 2009 #59
Muffin is called muffin ussually with polish "u".
Some words like katchup and donut can be pronounced 2 ways.
Some polish people say those words english way, but some (like me) say it like (keczup and donut with polish "u").
We have a problem also with sites like google, and youtube. Some poles say it properly, but others say google like gogle and youtube like jutub(e).
23 Oct 2009 #60
Thank you! :)

Ah I see, how did I miss that :P thank you :)

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