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Terms of endearment in Polish

9 Apr 2017 #151
Thanks both for the suggestions,

The ever dubious google translate suggests Ładnie wyglądasz pronounced something like 'wad-nee v-glon-dash', does that sound about right?

Also does 'bardzo sliczna' (bard-zo sleech-na?) work standalone or do I need to combine it?

For example translate shows that as 'very lovely', do I therefore say 'bardzo sliczna wyglądasz' ?
Summary poles
15 Jul 2018 #152
My polish mother would call her babies chu chu lanka anyone kno what this might mean Summary
28 Aug 2018 #153
My grandmother used to call me something that sounded like "hunushka" I'm not sure what it was though, my father said he thinks it meant honey but the google translated version doesn't sound like it. Maybe it wasn't honey?
29 Aug 2018 #154
Hanushka = (most likely) "my little" Anna / Hania (Polish first female name)
22 Oct 2018 #155
My husband used to call me a "goovashke" -- that is what it sounded like.
It might have been Polish or Russian. Would anyone know the meaning?
He said I was his awkward little girl.
30 Dec 2018 #156

Don't know affectionate name - "tree-ka" or "tray-ka?

My grandfather is first generation American born Polish, and he is quickly losing his mind to dementia. He used to call me something that sounded like "tree-ka" or "tray-ka" when I was a kid, and into my teens, but fell off as I got older, and I never asked him what it meant, and now that I can't anymore I can't find like, a term of endearment that's even close. The closest word I've found is "trajka," I guess, but we never...had one...

I dunno, I didn't know where else to ask. Could be trajka, could be chlaike or something, could be something misremembered or mispronounced, could be something he just made up, but...I thought I'd ask.
21 Jun 2020 #157
A lot of messages typed but many are not clear whether the endearment words given are for both mail or female....would it be OK if this can be clarified in all examples replied, please??? Thank you so much!!

Because...i am still confused!!
12 Jul 2020 #158
My uncle would call me " my little Pochaha..... what does that mean..... my uncle was Polish.... sorry about spelling
gumishu 11 | 5,494
12 Jul 2020 #159
it's spelled pociecha in Polish - and it means something like a cross between joy and solace
pawian 175 | 13,563
12 Jul 2020 #160
Yes, gumi, also it is used to call kids in the sense of kiddie.
14 Oct 2020 #161
If a Polish man calls you his 'witch' does mean he's under your spell and will do anything for you or has it an additional more negative meaning? He's told me it's a common as a term of endearment but to me it sounds rather ambivalent and I feel rather uncomfortable with it....
Mr Grunwald 27 | 1,816
14 Oct 2020 #162
Depends on the word I reckon
Wiedżma/baba Jaga has a more pagan/sinister maliscious sounding to it (witch)

While czarownica has more the resemblance of the word "enchantress" as being "zaczarowanym" is basically being enchanted.

Shortly... He is probably in love and has difficulty of thinking about anything else then you, and considers you to be the source of his affections and hormones going wild

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