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Polish Swear Words

bolo 2 | 304
25 Jul 2006 #61
ass - dupa

, a simple Polish word :)
26 Jul 2006 #62
My mom often says ''Kurwa mać'' when something mildly goes wrong... but she says it to herself, tho i always hear... haha I am all eyes and ears :) lol

kiss my ass would be:

pocałuj mnie w dupe!
26 Jul 2006 #63
I'm wondering how a native English speaker would pronounce it..:)

with great difficulty - I cant even get the fucking polish alphabet off to a tee yet!
Huegel 1 | 296
26 Jul 2006 #64
haha That made me chuckle! Know exactly how you feel!

Love this thread, but my GF's not gonna be too impressed! :)
26 Jul 2006 #65
To be honest I dont really swear, the only word I use (probably too much) is


as in

What a cock (usually referring to some bafoon who drives badly or some idiot thats talking sh*t)

Oh cock (forgot mobile halfway to work)
bolo 2 | 304
27 Jul 2006 #66
as in

Other examples please go on... :)
28 Jul 2006 #67
okay here are some more examples - I must admitt i do use it rather a lot and it seems to have caught on in work and with friends!

Well let say you get off the phone from some complete idiot, the first thing I'll say is "what a cock"

If some one walks infront of you in the street, I'll usually say - "cock"

referring to a friends cheating lying bf - "he's such a cock"

when assigning a name to a pest in my phone book - store them as "cock" - so obviously when the phone rings and cock flashes up you know not to answer (I'm up to cock 5 at the moment!)

Oh it's limitless really - I just think it's such a powerful word and to the point - it's basically describing someone who is a complete waste of space!
28 Jul 2006 #68
my favourite is ''tering'' sounds like: earring +t. it's a medieval disease, and I don't know how to translate it.. but I think it's black plague. :)

in dutch, you can use everything to swear with, so be creative! :) you can choose any disease for example:

''rot op met je tering kop!'' = fuck off with your [medieval disease] face!
''rot op met je kanker harses'' = same, but with cancer.
''rot op met je tyfus bek'' = same, but with tyfus.

''krijg de tering!'' = die of [medieval disease]!
''krijg de kanker!'' = same, with cancer.
''krijg de tyfus!'' = tyfus.

''teringschool'' = [medieval disease]school.
''kankerschool'' = cancerschool.

''teringlijer'' = someone who carries this disease.

we are extremely rude, so we often use far worse cusses than these :)
bossie 1 | 123
2 Aug 2006 #69
Hmm, gues I'll finally start learning Dutch! :)
13 Aug 2006 #70
Can anyone tell me what the folowing means as I have not been able to find it anywhere:

O by cie (Polish)

shlack trafu (sounds like)

Also, regarding the word "pierdolić", I had always thought it was related to fart or some variation. Doesn't pierd (gee) mean to fart?
15 Aug 2006 #71
How they would be pronounced in English they just sound funny...but exactly do they translate into?

Please disregard my blond moment... might help if I quoted right...ugh...but anyway...what exactly are these supposed to translate into?
krysia 23 | 3,058
16 Aug 2006 #72
1.Ty huju jebany
2.__ __ ty huju
3.odpierdol się
4.__ __ się
5.Ty stary huju
6.Jesteś __ __
That's how close I got to it.
guess who
17 Aug 2006 #73
You have nothing better to do, than to display your ignorance.
28 Aug 2006 #74
What is gowno, then? I thought that was s**t.
krysia 23 | 3,058
29 Aug 2006 #75
Tha's exactly what it is.
1 Sep 2006 #76
Tea who you yeah Bunny --> ty chuju jebany

Scotch me tea who you --> skocz mi ty chuju

Odd Pear Doll She --> odpierdol sie

Dee May She --> dymaj sie

Tea Story Who You --> ty stary chuju

Yes Tess Q Tess --> jestes kutas

:) I can't speak english, but I understand a little bit what you wriiting ;P
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 Sep 2006 #77
Nice job PL girl :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
1 Sep 2006 #78
So chuj is spelled with a "ch"?
1 Sep 2006 #79
yes "ch" but many peolpe in poland don't know about this and they writte with miastake :)
you can trust me. :) I know something about ortography in polish language :)

sorry for my mistakes :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
1 Sep 2006 #80
Some write it: "hój", "chój","huj", chuj", "hui", "chui", "hói", "chói", "huji", "chuji", "hóji", "chóji".

I'll ask bolo which one he prefers.
2 Sep 2006 #81
oby cie szlag tarafił --> if you think that somebody is ****** up, and (I don't know what this word in english) wkurwia cie (wkurza, denerwuje) and done you something not good, you say "oby cie szlag trafił!", i'ts something like "go to hell"

Some write it: "hój", "chój","huj", chuj", "hui", "chui", "hói", "chói", "huji", "chuji", "hóji", "chóji".

I was see only chuj and huj :|:O O_______o
bolo 2 | 304
2 Sep 2006 #82
I'll ask bolo which one he prefers.

It doesn't matter how you call it - what matters is what you can do with it... :)
2 Sep 2006 #83
yeh it is differcult
3 Sep 2006 #84
hi all, im polish, i know polish language is funny to you, and i know polish swear words are funny... i can learn you when to use polish swear words and how to say
plg 17 | 263
9 Sep 2006 #85
bolo no one in scotland uses "cock " in this way

well in scotland we would say "dick" i think it is the interjection

as far as cock goes. we would say cocked. i have cocked it up. not really a swear word and less vulgar than fucked up . meaning same thing
polaca 1 | 76
11 Sep 2006 #86
Something about the most useful polish word===>kurwa<===:)
Many poles use this word just as a coma in sentence.
"Today is kurwa very kurwa beautiful day" :)

Oh and one more thing.
Everyone knows that in polish we have A LOT swear words.
So many that we have realy big dictionary of this words :)
All of words with definitions :) but in fact i was surprise whe i saw the dictionary, most of words i didn know :) :)
8 Feb 2006 #87
Sep 16 2006, 10:41 - Topic attached on merging:
swearwords in polish

can some1 post some music files that can help me pronounce them?

I red it a couple of times.... i still dont know how to pronounce it...
OP Admin 29 | 1,504 Administrator
8 Feb 2006 #88
You may check a commercial site providing voice-over and recording services into Polish at Speak Polish
9 Feb 2006 #89
K thanks
21 Feb 2006 #90
Say them as you would read them in english but learn how to say sorry first

Scotch me tea who you

Odd Pear Doll She

Dee May She

Tea Story Who You

Yes Tess Q Tess


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