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Polish Swear Words

18 Nov 2006 #151
What do swans have to do with it

i guess swans in UK are not graceful at all Krysia:) just the opposite:(
krysia 23 | 3058
19 Nov 2006 #152
I still don't get it.....Duhhh
But that's OK. I don't need to know.
Lala Lee
19 Nov 2006 #153
I'm Polish living in Canada and I just pissed myself laugh reading all these. Isn't the Polish language great? I think Poles are the funniest people ever. Thanks for the laughs guys. :)
Amathyst 19 | 2700
19 Nov 2006 #154
I just pissed myself laugh reading all these

tenna lady, now have incontenance undies for you should be okay..:)
Lala Lee
19 Nov 2006 #155
Thanks for the tip Amathyst, but it's a long time before I need those. I made it to the washroom on time...........I hate sitting in puddles :)
30 Nov 2006 #156
My dad was first generation American. He used a swear word that I don't see here. Pronounciation in English was something like......Shakreff
Does anyone know tha word and the meaning? I always thought it meant "damn" or something like that.
30 Nov 2006 #157

it's psia krew - dog's blood
pronunce psha krev
you got the right meaning
30 Nov 2006 #158

"When a polish guy is crossed with a woman instructing him, and speaks the word Kurwa at her (this from a guy that speaks reasonably good english), is that an insult? "

It depends if he says "ty kurwo" it's an insul, but when he says kurwa it more likely that he use this word only to show that he is angry.

"And what about two guys and a girl shouting the word Kurwa laughing?"

It is hard to explain usage of word "kurwa" in poland. The real meaning of this word depends on the way you pronounce it. I would say that polish sometimes use kurwa as the carrier of emotions, so the context is need. It could be that they just saw something funny

I also had a guy turn to me and say angrily to me "gowno" in the same way you would call somebody a bad name.

In poland when we are angry and someone ask us "co?" (means "what?") we answer "gowno!!"), In your case i think it could be offend
sledz 23 | 2247
30 Nov 2006 #159
I always hear people saying kurwa masz.. does that have different meanings?

like you fuk or you *****... something like that maybe????
30 Nov 2006 #160
like you fuk or something?

Yes, exactly like fu_ck vs fuk

In poland when we are angry and someone ask us "co?" (means "what?") we answer "gowno!!"), In your case i think it could be offend

They also use: Co? Chujow sto! (What? A hundred of dicks!)
30 Nov 2006 #161
How do I say 'beg *********;, I only ask because I told PGF the Welsh words for 'you are my puppy now' and it's putting me off somewhat, so I thought if I really piss her off then she'll marry me?

It doesn't have to be 'beg *********; anything that ensures she is so shocked that I m guaranteed a long walk is fine- what I need is a phonetic spelling of something so ridiculous and shocking that she doesn't know if she'll kill me or call the police [after she has killed me].

I know I have a sick sense of humour, but she' is breaking my balls over my polish language [it is shite, I must be honest, after a year of trying it's still dreadful].

I just need a Polish version of something out of a German prn film, but in stupidest that I can understand, or English that I can almost speak.

Of course it won't be so funny in the morning, when I wake up dead.
30 Nov 2006 #162
Beg what? :)
30 Nov 2006 #163
Well I was hoping not to go into too much detail, so anything that sounds degrading to a Polish women while in the intimate will be fine- as long as I can pronounce it.

I can’t be her puppy [baby dog] all my life guys, just one moment of freedom is all I ask [and we both share the same humour so it’ll just be a laugh- I just need to know something that I shouldn’t from a CD and polite talking- welsh swearing isn’t very good, but PGF is better than me at it!]
4 Dec 2006 #164
what does this mean

jestecz fejna dziewcyna
krysia 23 | 3058
4 Dec 2006 #165
"You're a cool girl"
dziadek 3 | 64
4 Dec 2006 #166
Once my cousin accidently in his english class instead of "hour" said "whore".

...well... i'll say, that his teacher wasn't very glad about hearing this...
4 Dec 2006 #167
I have been taught the word dziwka for hoe? and kurwa meaning damn, shi.t or serious question, but I'm also just checking out the censor. :)
sledz 23 | 2247
4 Dec 2006 #168
english class instead of "hour" said "*****".

Thats funny :)

I learned a new one cant spell it in Polish though

Ty who you
4 Dec 2006 #169
what is a swan eater
sledz 23 | 2247
4 Dec 2006 #170
Ya, I want to know too.
krysia 23 | 3058
4 Dec 2006 #171
I'm not so sure if I want to know. My imagination is too big......
4 Dec 2006 #172
I'm not so sure if I want to know

I know - but i don't like mysteries especially in that department
4 Dec 2006 #173
when my grandmother was really angry she'd say psia and what sounded like "Krida"

Hello: I like your picture and you seem to have alot to say.
krysia 23 | 3058
4 Dec 2006 #174
"Psia Krew" means, and it doesn't make sense, means DOG'S BLOOD!!!!!!

BOO!!! Are you scared now????
6 Dec 2006 #175
My family likes to use dupa yosh (josz in Polish maybe) and goovno (guwno?).
6 Dec 2006 #176
Someone would ask another if they knew where a misplaced item was. The other person would say something like, Doopsa na poopsa na leva strona. Which was something like. In your arse On a shelf, on the left side. They had a great sense of humor.
6 Dec 2006 #177
Guys, are U bored, or U have nothing to do?
6 Dec 2006 #178
Your question is rather insulting.
How about you? Are you bored or have nothing to do, to ask such a question without commenting on the topic.
krysia 23 | 3058
6 Dec 2006 #179
My family likes to use dupa yosh (josz in Polish maybe) and goovno (guwno?).

josz is " jesteś" and it means: "you're an a**"
gówno is "sh*t"
Eurola 4 | 1898
7 Dec 2006 #180
"My family likes to use dupa yosh (josz in Polish maybe) and goovno (guwno?)."

It is simply "dupa Jas". Dupa Jas is a dummy.

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