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Polish Swear Words

krysia 23 | 3,058
7 Dec 2006 #181
Yup. That's sounds better.
8 Dec 2006 #182
Also, regarding the word "pierdolić", I had always thought it was related to fart or some variation. Doesn't pierd (gee) mean to fart?

There's a slight difference (as thin as an ano-vaginal septum, but still) between "pierdzieć" (to fart), and "pierdolić" (to
8 Dec 2006 #183
how do you say "fuckin right I'm polish"??
bolo 2 | 304
8 Dec 2006 #184
If you want to tell this to an adult person and you are a male, you could say: "Tak do kurwy nedzy, jestem Polakiem".
8 Dec 2006 #185
with great difficulty - I cant even get the ******* polish alphabet off to a tee yet!

I have managed some of the alphabet after 6 weeks of 2hour lessons at college once a week and some pronounication lmao but i am getting there.

How you doing now with the alphabet shelley?
just a woman
9 Dec 2006 #186
People .You are so funny!!! I love my Polish "juicy" language.:)
krysia 23 | 3,058
9 Dec 2006 #187
haha, you're funny too. You must have a lot friends.
Did you see the "motylek" movie yet? It's floating around this forum somewhere. You will love that one!!!!! I was laughing sooooooooooooo hard!!!!!
Eurola 4 | 1,907
9 Dec 2006 #188
Did anyone hear the expression "pinda grochowa"? It usually said about a silly woman. However, saying "ty pizdo" to w woman is very insulting.
10 Dec 2006 #189
How about the famous: Each do phecwa ?spelling Go to Hell.
Eurola 4 | 1,907
10 Dec 2006 #190
OK Jim that would be: "idz do piekla" :)
15 Dec 2006 #191
pindolek cipączkowaty
16 Dec 2006 #192
kocham cie iz da best word in polish:)
Eurola 4 | 1,907
16 Dec 2006 #193
Wow. Times changed. A LOT. :) :)
21 Dec 2006 #194
I haven't had a chance to read through all of the postings yet, but I am enjoying myself so far. My grandma let slip something. It sounds like "te du she PUtina". Any idea on the spelling or the correct translation?
dziadek 3 | 64
22 Dec 2006 #195
Haven't heard of it. It only sounds like:
"Te dusze Putina"- "Those souls of Putin" or "Te duże Putina" -"Those big of Putin"(???)

I don't remember any swearing, that sounds like this sentence
Tom_Poland 1 | 17
22 Dec 2006 #196
Once upon a time my grandma was very annoyed by something (she's a very pious person so she doesn't use any swear words) and she said to herself "do duszy" ! which can be used instead of "Jesus!". Literally it "do duszy" means "to the soul" so it is not an offensive set of words. Maybe this is what you've been looking for? Cheers!
22 Dec 2006 #197
Reading some swear words here, I think I may have made a mistake.
I told my relatives in Poland that ( Moya matka new czuje sie dobre) now was that correct?
Eurola 4 | 1,907
22 Dec 2006 #198
vet, you just said "My mother does not feel well". Nothing wrong with this statement. It does not sound like you used any swear words in error. Phew.
24 Dec 2006 #199
Thank you I appreciate that, I still think I may have made a boo boo, isn,t chuje, and czuje, pronounced the same?
Eurola 4 | 1,907
24 Dec 2006 #200
The two words are not pronounced the same in polish.
The bad word (chuje) sounds like "whoyeh" and the good one (to feel) - "chooyeh"

Hope it helps :)
26 Dec 2006 #201
yes I said it the right way. there are two other words I am not sure of, one is , or sounds like ( ushownz) the other word is( pas-coo-ra) are these bad words?
Eurola 4 | 1,907
26 Dec 2006 #202
( ushownz)

it is "usiadz" which means - "sit down"

( pas-coo-ra)

not sure. Could it be pas-coo-da?

Then it could be "paskuda", which means ugly, very ugly..
However, it is a teasing, joking word said to a beatuful woman or a young girl, and she knows that she is not.
26 Dec 2006 #203
The reason I asked about the words usiadz,and paskuda was that, psa creff usiadz, and psa cref paskuda, was heard alot when I was young, and I figured those words to be bad.I have every thing under control now , but I will still be carefull of my words, when and if I have to speak in Polish.
Eurola 4 | 1,907
26 Dec 2006 #204
Sounds like you were a very cute, hyper child who could not sit still :)

Usiadz paskuda! psiakrew!
kitten 8 | 65
27 Dec 2006 #205
To fuck - pierdolić

To fuck off - odpierdolić (się)

To fuck up - spierdolić

lol:P:) i don't get very much the difference between **** off,**** up...:P can someone please explain?:P
in italian we simply say vaffanculo!
Ranj 21 | 948
27 Dec 2006 #206
To **** off means to mess around and not get anything completed; To **** up means to do something and get it wrong.

Ex: Right now I am ****ing off at work by being on this website, instead of actually working.

I try to speak Polish, but everytime I do, I **** up the pronounciation of the words.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
27 Dec 2006 #207
Try this:
Eurola 4 | 1,907
27 Dec 2006 #208
You can also say "F**** off" to someone who bothers you and you don't like it... :)

You 'F**** up" if you mess up - no matter what it is!

It's good to know this kind of words, but they do not suit every company or circumstances since they are offensive. Be careful using them.
kitten 8 | 65
28 Dec 2006 #209
:)thank u

so...difference between spierdalaj and pierdole cie?
28 Dec 2006 #210
So I am Polish! And most popular swear words in my country are:
Kutas, chuj (and huj), jaja - dick
Kurwa, kurwa mać - *****
Pierdol się, spierdalaj - **** you, **** off
Skurwysyn, sukinsyn - a son of *****
Huj ci w dupe sukinsynie - **** you off you son of *****
Yea...;P Greetings! :)

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