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Polish Swear Words

LostSoul 3 | 84
26 Jan 2021 #1,171
I don't know why I feel this way, but Polish swear words like K-bomb or P-bomb are totally ruining the beauty of this language. Is it because swear words in Polish sound harsher than in English?

Well, I suppose it is because I find the pre-war variant of Polish, which was sung by Eugeniusz Bodo, more beautiful.
12 Feb 2021 #1,172
Exactly, one can't translate meaning of slogans just ward after ward . It doesn't make sense at all, English to Polish or vice versa.

Correctly "Dupa Jaś " , can be use in two different meanings. First , one can use it instead of "This is BS(bullsh.t) or , use more frequently as define someone as shirtless person. The two wards meanings is Ass , and Jaś , is diminutive name from Jan (English-John/Johnny)like expl. Robert/Bob

You don't have to use whole Dupa Jaś , if you want to offend someone. It's enough, if you sey - Jesteś Dupa , You are Dupa ( nobody , worthless)
Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,053
12 Feb 2021 #1,173
Useally more emotionally loaded too, I remember hearing from friends (non-Polish speakers) that it was like hearing a thunderstorm when me and my sister even simply argued in Polish.

So adding swear words to it too? Oh boy
Lyzko 30 | 7,396
12 Feb 2021 #1,174
When once in Italy, a friend of mine at the time from Rome and I came upon two people talking together. Not knowing Italian, I figured from their voluble emotíons that they were cursing one another out. Angelina explained they were making plans for a bíg dinner party:-)
pawian 176 | 15,421
5 Apr 2021 #1,175
Jesteś Dupa , You are Dupa

Recently, a new one originated: You are Duda.

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