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Polish Swear Words

7 Apr 2010  #1,141
I know absolutely no Polish, but I have a friend who's grandpa used to always say "Sok-ra-men-ski Hoo-ba-sa-ki" Know Idea how it is spelled, but he said it was Polish, and always used it as a curse....and for a good proclamation he would say "Gloriaski"

Anybody heard these?
7 Apr 2010  #1,142
my grandma will sometimes call someone "slotzky" pest can someone tell me what it means?

also, "squatchozitto" she uses it to mean zero or nothing. I don't know if its a real word or just a slang family term..
marqoz - | 195    
8 Apr 2010  #1,143
"Sok-ra-men-ski Hoo-ba-sa-ki"

Very corrupted indeed.
Sok-ra-men-ski = SAKRAMENCKI wordformed from SAKRAMENT = a sacrament, but shifted in meaning to the opposite i.e. devilish, disreputable, damned.

But what the hell, Hoo-ba-sa-ki means, I have no idea.
17 Apr 2010  #1,144
Or better yet, come to England where there are more Polish people than trees.
These days, the Poles here probably swear in English after picking up muttered insults from the Brits, directed at them.
ShawnH 8 | 1,502    
18 Apr 2010  #1,145
Or better yet, come to England where there are more Polish people than trees.

Shame on the Brits for poor forestry management!
7 May 2010  #1,146
hi my name is mike urbanik and iam half polish and learning how to speak the language
Olaf 6 | 957    
7 May 2010  #1,147
One of the ultimate, almost forbidden and worse swear words are: motyla noga and kurcze pioro. Most vulgar you cannot be. Used by enlighted people too.
AdamKadmon 2 | 508    
7 May 2010  #1,148
learning how to speak the language

Hi, I think that you couldn't possibly find any better place to start to speak the language than this thread - Polish Swear Words.
7 May 2010  #1,149
what up with you guys.

well i wont to learn how to speak the language and the swear and how to put it all to gether.
Agax - | 1    
7 May 2010  #1,150
My friend used to say, with no reason "jebana w dupę jego mać"
just when you say it quick it sounds funny
and it means "his mother fucked in the ass" :)
31 Oct 2013  #1,151
Merged: Language

My Polish boyfriend said kurwa at a crucial moment whilst we were getting intimate.
Google Translate tells me it means *******" lol although he assures me it has many different meanings depending on the context.

Is this correct or did my fella call me a *****?
Polson 5 | 1,775    
31 Oct 2013  #1,152
Is this correct or did my fella call me a *****?

Hard to say. But 'kurwa' is equivalent to the English 'fµck'. So it may just mean that. Which in your case would be better, for sure.
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
31 Oct 2013  #1,153
Really, polson?? I always thought it simply meant ********-)
Magdalena 3 | 1,837    
31 Oct 2013  #1,154
It probably meant he was getting really hot and bothered, nudge nudge, wink wink ;-)
It's a profanity you would use to express many different emotions, including excitement and admiration. Therefore, you should not concentrate on the word itself, but more on the speaker's body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.
jon357 65 | 13,654    
31 Oct 2013  #1,155
I always thought it simply meant ********-)

No. In fact it's rarely used like that. Mostly just a general expletive, sometimes adjectivaly as an intensifier, as an adverb, or even (in this case perhaps) an expression of relief or pleasure.
Sczur - | 29    
19 Nov 2015  #1,156
Can anybody recommend a website that will help me properly pronounce the swear words of the Polish language
everyday witch    
26 Jul 2018  #1,157
My grandma referred to my grandpa as her "Galvati." Help, please.

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