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Polish sayings

14 Feb 2007 #61
Ja rosyjskie wolę - "sciastie nie chuj, w ruku nie wazmiosz" .... a przetłumaczcie sobie sam
krysia 23 | 3,058
14 Feb 2007 #62
Co wolno wojewodzie to nie tobie smordzie!

You got the meaning right , the exact translation is:
"What is for the palatine allowed, is not for you, brat"
Magdushya 3 | 104
14 Feb 2007 #63
You shine like a pitchfork in manure

it's about being brilliant

Gdzie zgoda tam i siła.
Translation: With unity there is strength.

I Herkules dupa, kiedy wrogów kupa
- Even Hercules is an ass against a ton of enemies.

Jeden lubi grać na skrzypcach, a drugi jak mu nogi śmierdzą .
One man likes playing violin, and the other when his feet are smelly. (i.e. all people are different individuals)

£adnemu we wszystkim ładnie.
A pretty person looks pretty in every clothing.

Nie chwal dnia przed zachodem słońca
Don't praise the day before sunset.

Wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej."
Everywhere's fine, but best at home

Zobaczysz, jak świnia niebo
You will see it as surely as a pig will see the sky. (pigs cannot look up)

Necessity is the mother of invention
Potrzeba jest matką wynalazków

However I can advice Stanisław Jerzy Lec sayings :)

I ja mam chwile filozoficznej zadumy. Staję sobie na moście nad Wisłą, od czasu do czasu spluwam na fale i myślę przy tym: "Panta rei".
16 Feb 2007 #64
odcedzac ziemniaki - to pass water (urine)
26 Feb 2007 #65
"Wiązać koniec z końcem" (useful especially in the communism era) - to make ends meet
Kristan1E 3 | 8
12 Jun 2007 #66
I really wish I can speak Polish. I was hoping to pick up some little sayings through this. You know some I can use and my children can repeat them learning to pass them through the years. The language is really hard to read. In my Church there is a Polish saying above the alter. All I know is Bud Jezis, I think that is how it is spelled. I only know that because my Babcia used to say that all the time.
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
12 Jun 2007 #67
"Quit d*ckin around and shoot already!"

- my mother at tonight's game, was said in Polish but I can't spell (someone may translate ;] )
Lech Walesa
22 Jun 2007 #68
"Są plusy dodatnie i plusy ujemne" :D ;-)
26 Jun 2007 #69
Can someone tell me how to say this in polish? ------> Yall are sooo cute
Meg 1 | 38
26 Jun 2007 #70
Hee hee, that would be a good one, is there an equivalent to "cute" in Polish? As we Southern girls use it - to describe things that are adorable, sweet, nice, perfect, wonderful, etc. Kind of an all-purpose compliment, but that doesn't detract from its meaning. We use it to describe clothes, houses, makeup packaging, men, garden layouts, silver patterns, computer form factors, anything. It can also be an insult, depending on how you say it - "That's a cute dress" means the speaker likes it, but "What a cuuuuuuuuute dress!" means "Why don't you buy something new once in a while?"
27 Jun 2007 #71
Cute (eng) = uroczy (pl) :)

Yall are sooo cute

Jesteś (taaaki) uroczy. [to man]
Jesteś (taaka) urocza. [to woman]
6 Aug 2007 #72
Can someone put Apple doesn't drop to far from the tree in polish lettering?

Thank You
bolo 2 | 304
6 Aug 2007 #73
Apple doesn't drop to far from the tree in polish lettering?

Niedeleko pada jabłko od jabłoni.
beatusia - | 11
12 Aug 2007 #74
gdy sie czlowiek spieszy diabel sie cieszy = when a person is in a hurry the devil is happy

(my mother used it cause whenever youre in ahurry youd hit all the red lights, etc)
6 Sep 2007 #75
someone taught me a polish aying about eyes...having them closed, or open, something about wanting what u see....or not alive with closed yes....or...i just dont remember it....does anyone know it????
delijo - | 7
6 Sep 2007 #76
were the devil cant go he sends a woman lol

Here goes another saying from Ireland: A woman can beat the devil
z_darius 14 | 3,965
19 Oct 2007 #77
"Żeby Cię kaczka kopła"
The proper Polish word for "kopła" is "kopnęła"
I think it's an insult.

It can also be used to express astonishment, disbelief.

Co wolno wojewodzie to nie tobie smordzie!

My dad always says this, its hard to translate though. Maybe someone can help.

I'd say:
what's good for the goose is NOT always good for the gander.

- Gosc w dom, woda do zupy. (when the guests arrive thin the soup with water)
- Jak sie nie ma co sie lubi, to sie lubi co sie ma. (If you can't have what you like, you have to like what you have.
19 Oct 2007 #78
Na wselki wypadek, nawet ksziadz ma jaja.

I'm at a loss how to translate this one though!
urszula 1 | 253
19 Oct 2007 #79
Just in case, even the priest has balls
???? OK.....:)
8 Dec 2007 #80
Does anyone know the phrase " The cat thought and he died" My Mom used to say it to me when I used to start making an excuse about something...Any answer I gave saying "I thought..." I would get (sounds something like this) "keep mas dies dok !?"

She would say it means' the cat thought and he died' ...The message was delivered, but now since she has passed I'm looking for what it exactly is andits origin if any. Thanks
krysia 23 | 3,058
8 Dec 2007 #81
the cat thought and he died'

"kot myślał i zdechł" would be the translation.
11 Dec 2007 #82
Witam wszystkich :) Can anyone translate this for me ------> " In an ideal world, plugs would all be the same" ( plugs as in electirical plugs...cause you know how they're different in Europe) lol don't's random i know, but i need it :)

Dzęki za pomoc!
sledz 23 | 2,250
11 Dec 2007 #83
w idealnym swiecie, wszystkie wtyczki bylyby takie same.
Gosiaa 2 | 89
12 Dec 2007 #84
"prawda jest jak pupa, każdy ma swoją "

= the truth is lika a buttie everyone has he's/her's own.
12 Dec 2007 #85
my dad used to say this to me when I was a baby while he was "walking" his fingers up and down my back. His grandmother used to do it to him when he was a baby. I don't know how to spell it only say it so please forgive me...

Le Je BuBu
can anyone please tell me how to spell this correctly and what it means???
I would greatly appreciate it
miss m - | 1
16 Dec 2007 #86
Thread attached on merging:
polish saying?


today a polish friend of me told me that in polish there is a saying which goes like: 'i have a romance for you' . He made me believe that when you say this to someone it only means that you want to ask a favour (not specificly in romantic terms). Does anybody know more about this saying? And if it's is true that this saying exists, how do you say it in polish?

I hope that somebody knows more about this.
Thank you!!
z_darius 14 | 3,965
16 Dec 2007 #87
He made me believe that when you say this to someone it only means that you want to ask a favour (not specificly in romantic terms).


In Polish this will be:

mam do ciebie (maly) romansik or
mam do ciebie romans

(and variations of the above)

Le Je BuBu

not even close to what comes to my mind but the "walking fingers" tell me it is "idzie rak nieborak, jak ugryzie bedzie znak". It means roughly "the crab is walking, when it bites there will be a mark (booboo)"
krysia 23 | 3,058
17 Dec 2007 #88
baba z wozu, koniom lżej - easier for the horses when the woman is off the wagon. Meaning: All the better when an unhelpful person gets out of the way

Kto się wróblem urodził, kanarkiem nie umrze.
Who was born as a sparrow, won't die as a canary
osiol 55 | 3,921
17 Dec 2007 #89
the cat thought and he died'

"kot myślał i zdechł"

'Curiosity killed the cat.' might be a better way of translating this one.
Or would it? A cat being too curious might lead to its untimely spending of all 9 lives,
but just thinking?

I'd better start giving cats riddles to solve. (Or will this only work in Poland?)

edit: No cats have been harmed.
Lettuce 1 | 23
1 Jan 2008 #90
:) These sayings are fantastic lol

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