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Polish sayings

floyd6 - | 7
6 Jul 2008 #121
is there a polish saying similar

trawa jest zawsze bardziej zielona po drugiej stronie/w ogródku sąsiada/za płotem
goodlook - | 13
6 Jul 2008 #122
"the grass is always greener on the other side"??

Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie. maybe?
floyd6 - | 7
8 Jul 2008 #123
Na pochyłe drzewo to i Salomon nie naleje.

Lepsze włosy z łupieżem, niż łupież bez włosów.

Nie rąb drzewa w ortalionie.

Nie taka kobieta straszna jak się umaluje.

stev1963hit 1 | 4
8 Jul 2008 #124
Wow,some of these are really cool.Am embarrassed to say my fave used to be 'don't let anger spoil your beauty'[i assume that is a genuine one]but it's way down the list now. Any funny[i.e. not too vicious!]ones about germans?
kate - | 1
8 Aug 2008 #125
Has anyone ever heard a saying that in English means something like, "Ma, the frog is looking at me"? I'm guessing from the context I heard it in, its implying someone is a crybaby. Please advise. Also how would you say it in Polish?
HelenaWojtczak 28 | 177
9 Aug 2008 #126
"Gdy wleziesz między wrony, musisz krakać jak i one.
English equivalent: When in Rome do as the Romans do."

I think it literally means "when you are amongst crows you sing like them"?

If wrona is a crow?
czarnykot 16 | 28
12 Sep 2008 #127
To turn in one's grave
Can anyone help me please with the Polish equivalent saying or proverb for to turn in one's grave? In English we often use the expression about a deceased person - he must be turning in his grave - meaning that if that dead person knew what was happening now,after his death, he would be horrified. For example Charles Darwin must be turning in his grave because Creationists think his theory of evolution is nonsense.

Many thanks in advance.
Jova - | 172
12 Sep 2008 #128
To turn in one's grave

Przewracać się w grobie.
Darielka - | 1
12 Sep 2008 #129
'glowa siwieje,dupa szaleje' - your hair is getting grey,your ass is getting crazy or wild ;) there is not possible to translate it perfect:) but i hope u will get the meaning :)
12 Sep 2008 #130
how do you say 'nie szuraj nogami'? don't scuffle?
Babinich 1 | 455
13 Sep 2008 #131
McCoy had an excellent one on another forum.

"Don't talk with stupid because first he will bring you down to his level and than he will defeat you with his experience."

I am in the process of translating it into Polish.

Thanks McCoy...

Please, if you do not mind please tell me how I made out... I am trying to learn this stuff :')

nie rozmawiać głupiego ponieważ pierwszy sprowadź się do jego poziomu i wtedy będzie pokonać w jego doświodczenia.
_Mariola_ - | 2
12 Oct 2008 #132
Tanie wina są dobre, bo są dobre i tanie.
(Cheap wine is good, for it's good and cheap)

Kurwa kurwie łba nie urwie.
(literally meaning "A wh*re won't tear off another wh*re's head", yet in Polish it rhymes)

Zaje*ałeś, jak łysy grzywką o kant kuli
(You did it as a baldy when he (furiously) smashed the sphere's edge with his fringe)

W rosłe drzewa częściej pioruny biją
(Big/Strong trees attract more thunderbolts)

Drzeć z kimś koty
(To tear cats into pieces with somebody-to argue)

Gówno chłopu, nie zegarek.
(Shit's for a peasant, not a watch./You should give shit to a peasant, not a watch)

Gdyby babcia miała wąsy, toby była dziadkiem.
(If the granny'd had moustache, she'd have been grandpa)

Poglaszcz chama, to cię kopnie; kopnij go, to cię poglaszcze.
(Stroke a lout and he will kick you, kick him and he will stroke you.)

Śmiejesz się, jak głupi do sera
(You are smiling like an idiot to his cheese.)

Nie susz zębów po próżnicy(old-Polish)
(Don't dry your teeth in vain/with no reason.)

Człowiek nie kaktus, pić musi.
(Man is not a cactus, he has to drink.)

Każdy Polak po jedzeniu myśli tylko o paleniu.
(Every Pole after eating thinks only about smoking.)

If you don't give it to men, you'll have to give it to worms.:)
2 Nov 2008 #133
My dziadek has passed and i am trying to find out how to say "in loving memory of" in polish could someone help please
wildrover 98 | 4,451
7 Nov 2008 #134
One Polish saying i heard..........Life is like the toilet paper...very long ...and full of sh..
9 Mar 2009 #135
My godmother used to say in polish "a duck kicked me in the ass" (or something very similiar) It would be used for when she was literally taken by surprise over something. (It would be quite a surprise to have a duck kick you in the ass).

Does anyone know the exact phrasing?
9 Mar 2009 #136
Nich cię geś kopnia. May a goose kick you?
nikttaki 5 | 62
9 Mar 2009 #137
Na zdrowie starej krowie! (meaning: cheers you old cow!)
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
9 Mar 2009 #138
Thank you. That is going to come in handy later.
9 Mar 2009 #139
Do widzenia, ślepa Gienia.
9 Mar 2009 #140
Nich cię gęś kopnie

Close - only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.
yaba - | 5
12 Mar 2009 #141
Ani w Boga wierzy, ani się diabła boi. Neither it believes to God, neither it fears devil.
Bęben dlatego tak głośny, bo próżny. (o gwiazdkach show-biznesu) So, drum so loud, because vacant <vain>
Jak Kuba Bogu tak Bóg Stanom Zjednoczonym. As Cuba God, God United States so.
12 Mar 2009 #142
Neither (he/she/it) believes in God.. neither fears devil - self-explanatory
The drum is loud because its empty. (referring to people)
Jak Kuba Bogu tak Bóg Kubie - As Kuba towards God, so God towards Kuba (or As Kuba deals with God, so does God with Kuba)

Kuba is short for Jakub(James). I can't think of an English counterpart of the saying, now, but I am convinced there must be some. The saying is used to comment on 'paying someone in the same currency'.

Jak Kuba Bogu tak Bóg Stanom Zjednoczonym is a pun on the previous.
It means As Cuba deals with God, so God deals with the US.
Rockergirlie 2 | 9
18 Mar 2009 #143
Thread attached on merging:
Polish proverbs/sayings?

In Polish and English (of course English does not have to be exact), if you could. :)

What is the correct Polish translation of "Do not push the river, it will flow by itself" with correct Polish characters?

Of course, I want the original Polish version, not like a word-for-word translation or anything.
19 Mar 2009 #144
There's somewhat similar saying in Polish in the sense there's river flow to it, but actually it describes somewhat opposite idea.

It goes like: Nie zawracaj kijem Wisły. or zawracanie kijem Wisły

it means Don't turn Vistula (greatest Polish river) back with a stick.

maybe there is a proper counterpart in Polish of the saying you've given but I think I have never heard one
Rockergirlie 2 | 9
19 Mar 2009 #145
maybe there is a proper counterpart in Polish of the saying you've given but I think I have never heard one

Thanks, gumishu. Anyone else heard of this phrase, or am I nuts?
chi 1 | 33
20 Mar 2009 #146
Nie pchaj rzeki, sama płynie. Aleksander Fredro
alisonjane - | 1
2 Apr 2009 #147
What is a good colloquial Polish saying for a fuss, a song and dance, a production, as in
"Don't make a song and dance about it"
- I mean one of those colourful sayings like 'a drowning man clutches a razor' as oppsoed to a direct translation. IN Polish and English would be good! thanxx. :)
20 Apr 2009 #148
can someone please translate these sayings into polish for me or somethign along the lines of the same meaning..thanksss

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

Where there is love there is life.
22 May 2009 #149
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow - wyciągaj wnioski z dnia wczorajszego, żyj dniem dzisiejszym, miej nadzieję na jutro

Where there is love there is life - gdzie jest miłość tam jest i życie
lukham - | 11
28 Jun 2009 #150
What is a good colloquial Polish saying for a fuss, a song and dance, a production, as in "Don't make a song and dance about it"

I think the best way to say that in Polish would be:

"Robić z igły widły", which literally means "To make a pitchfork out of a needle".

The meaning of this is to make something seem like it's much more important than it really is.

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