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Polish Nursery Rhymes

20 Feb 2010 #121

I am now a Babcia and as my mother has passed away I can't remember the following nursery rhyme :

Wlas kotek na plotek i mruga
byla myszka i druga
..... .....

I'd appreciate some responses to assist me.


RJ_cdn - | 267
20 Feb 2010 #122
I can't remember the following nursery rhyme

Look here
and here
24 Feb 2010 #123
I need similar help. Looking for a Polish Lullaby my grandfather would sing to me. I have the lyrics but.....want to find it on itunes or something so I can download it. Does anyone know who sings it, need an name or album....please, my baby is due next week and would live to sing this to her!! Here are the lyrics...

Polish Lullaby

- Verse One -

You're my little baby
You're my little girl
You're my little lady
The treasure of my world

When you're sad and tired
And you begin to cry
Daddy then will sing you
This Polish lullaby

- Refrain -

Tra la li
Don't you cry
Daddy sings a lullaby
Tra la li
Don't you cry
Polish Lullaby

A la la
Kotki dwa (kittens two)
Szary bury oby dwa (drab dark grey both two)
A la la
Tatusiu (Daddy-O)
Tru la lu la lu

- Verse Two -

When you're grown and married
With children all your own
You will come and carry
Your babies to our home

When they're sad and tired
And they begin to cry
Dziadek then will sing them
His Polish lullaby


- Verse Three -

Someday you'll grow older
And I'll have passed away
But children keep on living
They grow stronger every day

When they're sad and tired
And I can't be near by
Just be sure to sing them
My Polish lullaby

28 Feb 2010 #124

Thanks for the websites but they're not the same version I'm looking for. I've just remembered the third line as :

byla myszka i druga



I've just realised, I've repeated myself!!!

3 Mar 2010 #125
A-a-a, kotki dwaAh-Ah-Ah, Two Little KittensLullaby


A-a-a, a-a-a,
byly sobie kotki dwa.
A-a-a, kotki dwa,
szarobure, szarobure obydwa.

Ach, śpij, kochanie,
jesli gwiazdke z nieba chcesz - dostaniesz.
Wszystkie dzieci, nawet źle,
pogrążone są we śnie,
a ty jedna tylko nie.

A-a-a, a-a-a,
byly sobie kotki dwa.
A-a-a, kotki dwa,
szarobure, szarobure obydwa.

Ach, śpij, bo wlaśnie
księżyc ziewa i za chwilę zaśnie.
A gdy rano przyjdzie świt
księzycowi będzie wstyd,
ze on zasnąl, a nie ty.Lullaby


Ah-ah-ah*, ah-ah-ah,
There were once two little kittens.
Ah-ah-ah, two little kittens,
They were both grayish-brown.

Oh, sleep, my darling,
If you'd like a star from the sky I'll give you one.
All children, even the bad ones,
Are already asleep,
Only you are not.

Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah,
There were once two little kittens.
Ah-ah-ah, two little kittens,
They were both grayish-brown.

Oh, sleep, because
The moon is yawning and he will soon fall asleep.
And when the morning comes
He will be really ashamed,
That he fell asleep and you did not.
5 Mar 2010 #126
I had asked, around a year ago, about a small phrase my Grandfather would say to me. He would bounce me on his knee as he said "Jak pan jedzie po obiedzie" then made horse gallop noises. I was told this (above) is the saying from the previous post. Not that I doubt the person who replied earlier, but I would like to be sure the spelling is correct. I am contimplating getting a tattoo...and this is one of the most special things I remember about my Grandfather and my childhood. It has been a year since he has passed, and the old post/thread has been either moved or deleted. Can anyone help with this?
5 Mar 2010 #127
Jak pan jedzie po obiedzie

It is grammatically fine but would look kinda stupid as a tattoo.
5 Mar 2010 #128
Thank you Bzibzioh for the verification... and your opinion...
14 Mar 2010 #129
I think the third line went something like this....

something, something, kotek filutek
.... .... .....
14 Mar 2010 #130
@Krystyna here u are original version but i know this one
Wlazł kotek na płotek i mruga,
£adna to piosenka niedługa.
Niedługa, nie krótka ale wraz,
A ty mi koteczku buzi dasz.
Trevor 6 | 66
17 Mar 2010 #131
My grandma always sang me this song.....

Jedzy jedzy pogy towie
Jedzy tu i tam
Jedzy tam i tu
Jedzy tu i tam
Jedzy tam i tam.
Jedzy jedzy pogy towie.

I talked with my polish friend, and helped my wish a rough translation.

The ambulance is driving driving
Driving here and there
Driving there and here
Driving here and there
Driving there and here
The ambulance is driving driving

wildrover 98 | 4,436
17 Mar 2010 #133
I suppose the patient had died by the time they found them...?
25 May 2010 #134
ah, ah kotki dwa szare bure oby dwa jeden chodzi po dachu
krzytczy wresztczy od strachu
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
20 Jun 2010 #135
zajczyk is Russian. Polish is zajączek.

Here's another one:

W pokoiku na stoliku
Było mleczko i jajeczko.
Przyszedł kotek, wypił mleczko
A ogonkiem stłukł jajeczko.
19 Aug 2010 #136
I saw a nursery rhyme here that seems simnilar to this family favorite:

Jabowa ka cushka (The mouse goes into the hole) Poke the palm of childs hand
Jabowa ka cuska Poke the palm of childs hand
Temu dawa, Temu dawa... Pull your finger out of hand similar to the motion of starting a lawnmower
WOOP-le-vey Pull the same way but this time go up over your shoulder
Dedededede Tickle up the childs arm to his armpit

Are we saying this wrong? I seem some people say "Temu daw" and touch each finger on the childs hand, What is that for?

It's been passed down 4 generations or more since Starkavich family emigrated from Poland to USA. We have our version that makes the kids laugh but I'd love to get it right to teach other kids also.
supergreendog - | 1
30 Aug 2010 #137
Thread attached on merging:
Polish nursery rhyme - help me remember

When we were little boys - my Babcia & mother used to tell me & my brothers a funny, little rhyme - they would count on our fingers & hide them - finger by finger after each verse. I seem top remember it was only 4-5 lines.

I really can not speak any polish, but am trying to remember this rhyme for my mom & would appreciate anyones help.

It went somwthing like:

enna dooda labba
petta svitta ...
(thats all I can remember...)

Thank you.
ed winston - | 1
14 Sep 2010 #138
Ed Winston

My grandmother used to sing me a lullaby about a woman picking apple and stuffing them into her bossom with a farmer watching nearby. Slightly risque as i recall. Part of the phoenetic lyrics were:

yak yai doo, pits i dum,ti nees bryu veshney..... also.... maw haw tate, novehkate, tinees bryu veshni......
Can anyone make sense of this? It must have originated circa 1890-1900 based on her age. She was from the Minsk area.
Thanks for any help,
ed winston
14 Sep 2010 #139
Wow, these nursery rhymes are great! Thank you for posting them. The only one I can remember is Idzie rak. I can tell you it has always been a big hit with my own kids and my grandkids because they end up getting tickled.

Idzie rak,
Jak ugryzie,
Będzie znak.

A crayfish comes
Poor fellow
When it stings you
here will be a mark!
5 Apr 2011 #140
My family is trying to find the words and meaning for a rhyme our grandma said while moving up the arm and ending by tickling under the arm or chin. We thought it was about a chick eating all the way to heaven and it sounds like this: "too peen too kuska" Anyone know this?
volte - | 1
3 May 2011 #141
This is an amazing thread. I've been falling deeply in love with Polish folk tunes and wanted to figure out what the song was my mom sang to me as a baby.

The first line sounds something like "puzh me zhish me" and later on it sounded like (and I'm 99% positive) it mentioned Dostoevsky. That's about all I can remember. If it helps, I could include what I remember of like note durations, but I figured that's probably erroneous.

This could be a life-saver! I'm planning on arranging this for her and playing/singing it on Mother's Day. If I can't find out the real lyrics, I'm just going to make my own to the melody.

Regardless, thanks a million in advance (and for this thread!!).
polska american
4 Jul 2011 #142
This is a Polish Christmas carol. In English, it translates to something like "to the manger hasten yonder to behold this holy wonder, Lord of all...and I forget the next line.

"Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki" is the song you are thinking of and here are the lyrics:

Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki, do Jezusa i Panienki,
Powitajmy Maleńkiego i Maryję Matkę Jego.
Powitajmy Maleńkiego i Maryję Matkę Jego.

Witaj, Jezu ukochany, od Patriarchów czekany
Od Proroków ogłoszony, od narodów upragniony.
Od Proroków ogłoszony, od narodów upragniony.

Witaj, Dzieciąteczko w żłobie. Wyznajemy Boga w Tobie.
Coś się narodził tej nocy. Byś nas wyrwał z czarta mocy.
Coś się narodził tej nocy. Byś nas wyrwał z czarta mocy.

Witaj Jezu nam zjawiony, Witaj dwakroć narodzony,
Raz z ojca przed wieków wiekiem, A teraz z matki człowiekiem.
Raz z ojca przed wieków wiekiem, A teraz z matki człowiekiem.
16 Jul 2011 #143
How about this one:

Nyak nyak voody knahta
Voozshy voozchy tepiclowy
Tyna gumba clatcha

31 Aug 2011 #144
Uciekaj myszko do dziury, bo jak Cię złapie kot bury, to Cię obedrze ze skóry...and on and on and on and on like that...Run away little mouse, hide ina hole, cause if the tabby kat catches you, he will take your skin of you...such a free translation..
David G
14 Nov 2011 #145
Grandma used to recite a poem that was supposed to be about a fox and a chicken that sounded like:

Inky pinky my morovski
Zader fostik ya karovski

Any ideas?
rsolty 1 | 2
15 Nov 2011 #146
I am not familiar with that one...but my Busia from £omza had a similar "nursery song" which she used on us, and it never failed to put us into stitches! It went "du Pisz, du Kolda, du Pisz, du Kolda.....woo, wooo, woo,...Zimna Woda!!!! She went from forehead to navel with each of the first two, then went quickly to the right armpit for the "Zimna Woda!! I have no idea where she came up with this! It was about 1950.
15 Nov 2011 #147
Tu pień,
tu kłoda.
Tu pień,
Tu kłoda.
A tu, tu, tu ZIMNA WODA.
29 Jun 2013 #148
My babcia used to sing a nursery rhyme to me. When my family came to the US in the early 1900s, they stopped speaking polish and never discussed Poland. For this reason I speak very little Polish, and some words we do use are not "familiar" to my polish friends. So heres how the song sounds:

Moya mada nezchka
Dobje guzbudena
Flazla ja pitz
Evila swinia
Nisho nisho, newt, newt, newt
Nish, nisho, newt newt newt...

Something about selling the pig so he hides in the house or something..
29 Aug 2013 #149
I have tears in my eyes because my grandma used to sing this rhyme to me and my siblings then our children. She has passed now and I never remembered the lyrics until my girlfriend told me to look it up on line.
15 Mar 2015 #150
My mother use to say a Polish verse after we brought home our blessed Easter basket and before entering the house. She would hold the basket by the handle and spin in a circle repeating a verse. When asked years later what it meant she said it had to do with "bugs staying out of the house."

Does anyone else remember this verse?

I would like to know the English and Polish words.

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