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Polish Nursery Rhymes

22 Sep 2006 #1
My grandmother used to sing a short Polish nursery rhyme to me when I was little. She sang it in Polish (or Lithuanian, she spoke both) and it was something about a mouse hiding under a rock. Anyone know what the heck I'm talking about?
22 Sep 2006 #2
eee... yyy...

Are you sure it was a rock? :P
I know only about mouse hiding in hole :P (in...? to...? yyyyh... :| I don't know :| )
22 Sep 2006 #3
That could be. Does that nursery rhyme have little hand motions, like the mouse running up your arm and hiding in your armpit? Sorry, sounds silly, but that's what my grandmother used to do :)
Tom_Poland 1 | 17
22 Sep 2006 #4
"Uciekaj myszko do dziury,
bo cię dopadnie kot bury
a jak cię złapie kot bury
to cię obedrze ze skóry"

It starts more or less in this way: "uchekay mishko [do:] jury" But I dont have much time to provide you with a bit longer phonetic transcription of this short rhyme.

Hope it will help u a bit.
15 Jan 2007 #5
Hi, I need help too. There is a polish song that goes something like ahh ahh cookie dewa, shanda boota owbee dewa. Then is says something about Billy & Charlie.

Does anyone know what I am talking about. I have been search for the words fowever and I just came across this site
15 Jan 2007 #6
AAA kotki dwa
szaro bure obydwa
nic nie beda robily
tylko ...... bawily

you put the baby's name in the dotted space
David 5 | 12
17 Jan 2007 #7
what are the words in english...
krysia 23 | 3058
17 Jan 2007 #8
Ah, Ah, kittens two
both grey-brown
They won't be doing anything
Only play with you(name)
Eurola 4 | 1899
17 Jan 2007 #9
about a mouse hiding under a rock.

Uciekaj, myszko, do dziury,
niech cię nie złapie kot bury!
Bo jak cię złapie kot bury,
to cię obedrze ze skóry!

Run little mouse to a hole
so the grey cat will not catch you!
Because if the grey cat catches you
he will pull your skin off!

:) not really nice, but maybe this was the song?
Children also play a game singing this song...
wozzy 8 | 206
21 Feb 2007 #10
thought this was quite good..................

Slimak slimak pokaz rogi ........... Snail snail show me your horns
Dam ci sera na pierogi .............. I'll give you cheese for pierogi
Jak nie sera to kapusty ............ If not cheese then cabage
Od kapusty bedziesz tlusty ...... Off cabage you'll be plump
OP jeanp
27 Feb 2007 #11
My mother recently passed away and I am left with a hole in my memory. When I was a little girl my dziadziu used to recite a little nursery rhyme to me. When my daughters were born, my mother (their babci) used to recite it to them. Try as I might while my mother was in the hospital unconcious, I could not come up with all of the words. Here is what I remember:

(while tapping your index finger into the child's hand you recited):

"Dziobawa, kokosczka, igelka
kaczka ze wazila
. . . . . . . . . . . (missing words)

fyk, myk, jusz go nie byla.

(while touching each one of the child's fingers you say)

Te mu dala;
te mu dala;
te mu dala;
te mu dala;
te mu dala;

(your hand pulls away from the child's thumb) saying

frrr, poleczala.

(then holding your hand like a blade you touch the child's wrist and then the elbow in a sawing motion while saying)

tu piec, tu kwoda; tu piec, tu kwoda; tu piec, tu kwoda; tu piec, to kwoda;

(then tickling the child under the arm you say)

a tutaj zu zu woda.

I did the best with the Polish, and I don't really have a translation, but for some words.

If anyone can fill in these blanks for me, I would be most appreciative and I would like to continue to instill what bits of Polish heritage I can onto my grandchildren, if and when they come along. Dzienkuje bardzo!
BubbaWoo 33 | 3504
27 Feb 2007 #12
My mother recently passed away and I am left with a hole in my memory

jeanp... i am sorry for your loss...

... and i am sorry that i cant help you fill in the blanks...
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Feb 2007 #13
There are different versions:

Sroczka kaszkę warzyła..dzieci swoje karmiła.
Temu dała na łyżeczce.
Temu dała na miseczce.
Temu dała na spodeczku.
Temu dała w garnuszeczku. A dla tego? Nic nie miała Frr!!! Po więcej poleciała.

Tu sroczka kaszkę warzyła
(grab the smallest finger and go to the next)
Temu dała na łyżeczkę
Temu dała na miseczkę
Temu dała w rondeleczku
Temu dała w garnuszeczku...
(grab the thumb)
A temu nic nie dała i - frrrrrr - odleciała!
sledz 23 | 2248
27 Feb 2007 #14
Kobieta nie starzeje się dopóty, dopóki jest pożądana.
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Feb 2007 #15
You'll end up in the trash can for that one, for sure!!! with a Big THUD!!!!
sledz 23 | 2248
27 Feb 2007 #16
I yhought ud like it..????:)
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Feb 2007 #17
I assume you know what it means........:)
sledz 23 | 2248
27 Feb 2007 #18
Yes I do ! :)

I`ve been crammin
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Feb 2007 #19
Hey, so far we're still alive!!!!! but soon it's the trash can for us!
Wonder how long we can do this????
sledz 23 | 2248
27 Feb 2007 #20
I Imagine this will do it

powiedz mi, z kim sypiasz, apowiem ci, o kim snisz
krysia 23 | 3058
27 Feb 2007 #21
That's a very popular Polish nursery rhyme!!!
sledz 23 | 2248
27 Feb 2007 #22
It Might work Sabota.:)
A66J40 - | 3
8 Mar 2007 #23
what does it mean though in english can you translate
15 Mar 2007 #24
i have been looking for the text and hopefully translation. my grandmother did it when we were little, but we didnt really know the worlds, and there is no yiddish version......
24 Mar 2007 #25
I so enjoyed this subject!
My father used to tell me a very long-winded poem about rabbits .... but all I can recall half a century later is ...
ping! pang! oi, oi, oi!
umaraet zaichick moi!

Anyone have a verse or two of this one?
craigphilips24 - | 4
9 Aug 2007 #26
My girlfriend taught me this one - But I couldnt for the life of me write it in Polish!!

It sounds something like this:

Ee-Ja Ra-check
Ne'air-bo Ra-check

Ill always remember that till the day I die! Please can someone try to translate!!
Dagmara 1 | 38
9 Aug 2007 #27
Idzie raczek nieboraczek
Jak uszczypnie bedzie znaczek
craigphilips24 - | 4
10 Aug 2007 #28
Dagmara - ''Idzie raczek nieboraczek
Jak uszczypnie bedzie znaczek''

Thank you so much! What exactly does it mean though? Something about a small creature trying to bite you I heard?
Kangur 1 | 6
10 Aug 2007 #29
I'll have a go, eventhough I'm only an amateur and not a very good one at that ....

Here comes crab, not a beetroot
When you fall asleep, there will be a stamp.
glowa 1 | 291
10 Aug 2007 #30
Here comes a little crab (a little cancer to be exact) nieboraczek (this word has no meaning really, an invented word that rhymes with 'raczek')

when it stings/tweaks you there will be a mark

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