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Polish Nursery Rhymes

6 Feb 2020 #181
Hello! Not sure if this is still active or not, but I am looking for a Polish Rhyme my dad (now passed away) used to say. I don't know the Polish spelling, but it went like this:

Kee-zha mee-zha ga-dgshchee biwo. Ooma boo-zhee mletchko piwa. Ah-teen-ye (and then something in the middle which I've forgotten). Cup-chee cup-chee cup-chee cup-chee
pawian 173 | 13,530
7 Feb 2020 #182
Not sure if this is still active or not,

Yes, from time to time it is active. Especially when the great bell rings. It happened just yesterday, so you are lucky.

Kee-zha mee-zha

- Kizia - Mizia,
gdzieś ty była?
- W komóreczce, na miseczce
mleczko piłam.
- A mnie nic nie zostawiłaś?
A ty! A ty! A ty!

It is a counting out rhyme.
7 Feb 2020 #183
To Pawian: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I appreciate this more than you know.

(Not sure how to reply directly to the post, so making a new post and hoping you see it!)
pawian 173 | 13,530
7 Feb 2020 #184
It`s OK, we are here to help. :)

As for the rhyme, it is not a popular one today. Probably was in the past.
29 Mar 2020 #185
Hi! My grandmother used to sing me a song when I was little in Polish. She never could remember the translation for it to English. She said it was something about my mother has no pants LoL. Her mother would sing it to her while she cooked. My grandma is now 95 years old with dementia so she can't even recall the Polish words for the song. I would love to be able to find the song and play/sing it for her. I know I don't have much information to work with but hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks!!
pawian 173 | 13,530
29 Mar 2020 #186
By pants you mean briefs or trousers?
If briefs, check this out:

Kajtek bez majtek
7 Jul 2020 #187
I wondered if anyone could help me out. My Polish grandmother used to recite a poem to me back in the early 1950's. The only thing I remember is that it was supposed to be about a white spider. I will attempt to phonetically type out here what I remember. I totally apologize in advance for butchering the Polish language.

Biowa pianchina,
sternishko ocrwa.
Oze bim ya printko.
schitz she now ochiwa
gumishu 11 | 5,412
7 Jul 2020 #188
Bioła (regional form of biała) pajęczyna
ściernisko okryła
O żebym ja pryntko (regional of prędko)
Szyć sie nauczyła

white spiderweb has covered a stuble
let me( or I want to) quickly learn how to sew
gumishu 11 | 5,412
7 Jul 2020 #189
a stuble

correction: stubble - or maybe stubbles sound better in English
7 Jul 2020 #190
Oh my! Thanks! I know there is more to it, I just don't recall...
pawian 173 | 13,530
8 Jul 2020 #191
Bioła (regional form of biała) pajęczyna

Wow. Did you know this rural rhyme/song before? I never heard of it. It has 4 stanzas. I tried to find it on youtube, to no avail.
9 Jul 2020 #192
@pawian Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I followed the link, had to do a bit of searching, but I found it!!! I have seen the literal translation in English, but it is pretty rough. My Busia passed away many years ago, but I remembered it as best as I could. I always hoped that I could find the poem, a link to the memory of her reciting it to me often when I was just a little girl. I am speechless, I am in awe, I cannot believe my good fortune. Thank you all again!

If I can impose on anyone here, for a better translation than what I could get from Google, here is the complete poem.

Biała pajęczyna
Ścierniska okryła;
Oj, żebym ja prędko
Szyć się nauczyła.

Wyszyłabym sobie
Bielutką chusteczkę,
Braciszkowi memu
Piękną koszuleczkę.

Nosiłby braciszek
Piękną tę koszulkę,
Modliłby się zemną
Za naszą matulkę.

Że mnie tak młodziuchno
Szyć już nauczyła,
Żem mu koszuleczkę
Tak pięknie uszyła.
gumishu 11 | 5,412
9 Jul 2020 #193
Wyszyłabym sobie
Bielutką chusteczkę,
Braciszkowi memu
Piękną koszuleczkę.

I would sew for myself
a white handkerchief
And for my little brother
a beautiful shirt

My little brother would wear
This beautifull shirt
He would pray with me
For our mom

Because she , in such young age
Taught me how to sew
Because I sew him a shirt so beautifully

The last stanza is difficult to divide into verses because in Polish we don't have a rigid word order in a sentence

in such young age

at such a young age* - my English is not proficient I guess
10 Jul 2020 #194
@gumishu Thank you so much! It makes much more sense than any online translation I tried. I so appreciate you taking the time to translate this for me. Thank you again for your help and support. ❤
gumishu 11 | 5,412
10 Jul 2020 #195
Thank you so

You are welcome. Best wishes :)
11 Jul 2020 #196
@gumishu @pawian

I found the music for it in this pdf preview! (page 13). Not only do I not read or speak Polish, I also can't read music. But my dear husband is/was a professional musician. So I will print this off and have him play it for me. If you are interested, here is the link I found.
27 Jul 2020 #197
My grandma who died many years ago also used to sing a Polish lullaby to me when I was a baby and to my children, her great-grandchidlren which went (phonetically) like this: Poich, poich, katkumala, yesa lusa die; bo tem stalusmali, yes no yis ni rye". Does any one have the proper words and a translation?? I know it's something about a cat!!
pawian 173 | 13,530
27 Jul 2020 #198
That is a piece from an operetta Love manouvers

Pójdź, pójdź, kotku biały
I całusa daj
Taki buziak mały
To największy raj

Come, come white pussy
and give me a kiss
Such a little buss
is amazing paradise
17 Oct 2020 #199
Hey guys, I'm looking for a recitation that my late grandmom and mom use to tell me - I think it's about cats that went to the doctor.

I reamber it start with something like -
A-po-byem chi-bayke (i think it say listen to this tale) and later someting like atu atu da dottore (they ran to the doctor?)
Does it make sense to anyone?
gumishu 11 | 5,412
17 Oct 2020 #200
A-po-byem chi-bayke

opowiem ci bajkę - the rest probably treats about a cat who smoked a pipe: jak kot palił fajkę

here's the link to the poem on youtube -
pawian 173 | 13,530
17 Oct 2020 #201
about a cat who smoked a pipe: jak kot palił fajkę

Strange, I knew the title but the rest is completely new to me - my parents never told me that bed time story. Why?????
gumishu 11 | 5,412
17 Oct 2020 #202

maybe because it's not a bed time story but a stupid limerick and cruel at that (although i find it funny:P)
pawian 173 | 13,530
17 Oct 2020 #203
but a stupid limerick

Now I know why - my parents were educated and loved us. hahaha.
When I am reading this rhyme now, it is indeed crazy.

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