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Polish Nursery Rhymes

Looker - | 1,135
24 Apr 2021 #211
Probably that's not it, but the first lullaby that came to my mind is this "Aaa kotki dwa":
26 Sep 2021 #212
Could you please help finding words for lullabie I was hearing about 50 years ago, smth like shed bai po stene u červonoi šapune, plet lapti dla zheni, po laptenku dla dedzienku.
Novichok 4 | 7,107
26 Sep 2021 #213
Use Netflix. Easy on the parents and kids love it.
pawian 202 | 21,092
26 Sep 2021 #214
plet lapti dla zheni,

That sounds not Polish, more like some Eastern language, Belarussian for example. I guess that plet lapti dla zheni means plótł łapcie dla żony i dla każdego dziecka. He plaited bast shoes for his wife and kids.

Use Netflix.

Stop giving moronic advice. This is a serious thread.
4 May 2022 #215
My dziadzia used to sing a children's song to me like 70 years ago. Does anyone know it and possibly the English translation? I'll just write it phonetically since I'd just kill the Polish.

Hojeep tasha voleetseh
Zbyeda so byeh garshpyeneetseh
So zbyeda joopkin Koda
Hyasobyeh (insert child's name) robyeh
Looker - | 1,135
5 May 2022 #216
This must be it:

"Lata ptaszek po ulicy,
Zbiera sobie garść pszenicy;
Co uzbiera, dzióbkiem kole,
A ja sobie ciebie wolę."
16 May 2022 #217
Thank you,Looker. I'm sure that's it
gumishu 13 | 6,112
20 May 2022 #218
it's the right rhyme - but the first word in what you remember is probably 'chodzi' ('chodzi ptaszek po ulicy' means 'a bird is walking along a/the street')
pawian 202 | 21,092
20 May 2022 #219
means 'a bird is walking along a/the street')

No, it is too dangerous. Let it fly along the street.
3 Jun 2022 #221
I have a friend who has sent me vid that includes a rhyme about a porcupine who is unhappy about his life and walks around making funny faces. Does anyone know the name of this rhyme and where I could locate the words in Polish so I could have them translated into English?.
Looker - | 1,135
3 Jun 2022 #222
Do you have a link to this video?
pawian 202 | 21,092
3 Jun 2022 #223
a porcupine

Which is highly suspicious coz they don`t exist in Poland, only in zoos. That must be a much more popular hedgehog.

could locate the words in Polish

There might be a problem coz there are a few dozen rhymes and poems about the hedgehog. Each week new ones are created.

have a link to this video?

Or at least provide a rough phonetic transcript of what is said in it.

jon357 71 | 21,090
4 Jun 2022 #224
Which is highly suspicious coz they don`t exist in Poland, only in zoos

Perhaps a modern nursery rhyme.
pawian 202 | 21,092
4 Jun 2022 #225
modern nursery rhyme.

Impossible. :):) Poles are too conservative to reject their fave hedgehogs and adopt porcupines instead. Certain traditions are eternally holy.
Because of our traditions, we've kept our balance for many, many years. You may ask, how did this tradition start? I'll tell you - I don't know. But it's a tradition... Because of our traditions, everyone knows who he and she is and what God expects him and her to do. Simple.

Do you know Poles celebrate the Day of the Hedgehog?

Looker - | 1,135
5 Jun 2022 #226
I've found this:

Jeżyk i marzenia...

Jeżyk ze ślicznym noskiem,
przemierzał pewną wioskę.
Szukał schronienia na zimę,
więc miał nietęgą minę.
Patrzył, wąchał i zaglądał,
na smutnego wciąż wyglądał.
mafketis 35 | 11,660
5 Jun 2022 #227
Has no one mentioned mięsny jeż yet?
pawian 202 | 21,092
6 Jun 2022 #228
I've found this:

Yes, this must be it. Good job. :):):)

Pity but within the last two weeks I have seen about a dozen hedgehogs run over on the road. Never so many before. Paradoxically, it means they are increasing their population and colonising new territories. Good.
20 Aug 2022 #229
I've searched through this whole thread and can't find a specific finger-play/rhyme my grandmother used to do with me...I'm almost positive it was Polish. She'd make little circles on my palm, squeeze each finger, then quickly run her hand up the arm and tickle the neck/armpit. The only words I remember are from the beginning when she'd be makinn circles in my palm. They were (phonetically, sorry!) "lura lura kashka". Any ideas?
pawian 202 | 21,092
21 Aug 2022 #230
And did your granny use the magpie or mousie version?

Try magpie, more popular:

21 Oct 2022 #231
Gdzie jedziesz?
Do Warszawy.
Po co?
Po buty.
yez un ye shiz te (no idea what it is)
Patrz do góry (Look up - i.e. in the direction upwards)

My Grandfather, Stanley Bozenski, was a WWII Veteran, a warrior with the 24th Inf Brigade, and an alchoholic. Kinda a Polish Viking of sorts. How I miss the man, he was a wonderful Gandparent. But as I try to find the origin of the game he would play with me and with your help traslating the cryptic nonsensical verses. I begin to think, maybe this was not a childs rhyme, but a drinking game. I said into a translator the one line we could not transcribe. "yez un ye shiz te" and the translator printed out and repeated exactly what I was trying to convey to all of you. "Jezu nie świetny." holy cow, thats not a childs rhyme I thought then laughed as I rebembered the grizzly stern old Polish man who's heart would go soft as butter in the presence of his children and grandchildren.

Here is the Rhyme he would repeat to me and my brother as small children. LOL

Gdzie jedziesz?
Do Warszawy.
Po co?
Po buty
Jezu nie świetny.
Patrz do góry.

God bless and keep you Grandpa! I'll see you when it's my turn and I'm sure you'll be proud!
He told me to never become a Marine. He fought in the Pacific with the Wolfhounds 24th Infantry Brigade. I joined the Army in 1986 and became a Paratrooper in the 82d Airborne Division. My Uncles, his sons never joined and told me as a very small child it was up to me to continue the legacy and to be great.
15 Nov 2022 #232
My father used to recite a rhyme about a beetle or insect,,? and the female ladybug would say.. 'what me' go with you' ?
pawian 202 | 21,092
15 Nov 2022 #233
She says it to the beetle who desires to marry her:
A poem by Brzechwa.
9 Dec 2022 #234
I would like to know if anyone can remember a Polish baby rhyme. My mother would put her hands over my cheeks and then move them down saying a rhyme that sounded like this. On the last part she would lightly tap my cheeks. For sure NOT the right spelling or pronunciation.

Pani koshelli?
Pani de kotay?
A peek in a bouta!!
pawian 202 | 21,092
10 Dec 2022 #235
I can`t identify it.
There are hundreds of rhymes. My advice is to paste each rhyme you can find in Google Translate and click the Listen icon:


Look for sites "rymowanki dla dzieci" = rhymes for kids.
Alien 12 | 2,767
11 Dec 2022 #236
A peek in a bouta!!

Perhaps it wasn't in Polish.
1 Jan 2023 #237
I've been searching for this rhyme. My mom (who spoke only Polish until she was 5) remembered it from my Babci. She said it like this, at least this seems to be it.

Kizia - Mizia, (you hold the baby's hands and stroke your cheeks)
gdzieś ty była? (you hold the baby's hands and stroke your cheeks)
- W komóreczce, (you hold the baby's hands and stroke your cheeks)
mleczko pił. mleczko pił. mleczko pił.(hold the baby's hand and repeatedly lightly slap your face.
My mom thought it meant something like
Little kitty
Where have you been?
In the corner
Drinking milk, drinking milk, drinking milk.
I'd love to know if this is what ot actually meant
Sylvio 20 | 157
1 Jan 2023 #238
Does anyone remember: "wlazi kotek po drabinie, po drabinie..po drabinie.. juz ostani mial szczebelek a wtem frrrr uciekl wrobelek"?
pawian 202 | 21,092
1 Jan 2023 #239
- W komóreczce,
In the corner

Not exactly. Komórka means cubby hole, often where coal was kept. 30 years ago, when my first black cat ran away from home, i found her in the coal hole.

Does anyone remember

Yes, we do. Why???
26 Jan 2023 #240
Okay .. I've been searching for one that my mom and "uncle" would sing while bouncing us on their knee. It's similar to some I've seen - but can't find the exact one.

Sounds like (I'll try to write how it sounds as best as I can.. please be kind lol)

Hop hop hop
Yejeh chlop (like a klop but more .. from the throat?)
Nakonycha hop hop hop
Azo nyejeh (something, something x2) slowly getting faster

Hotsaway hotsaway hotsaway hotsaway! (Bouncing really fast and saying whatever the word is loudly)

It was really fun... and I apologize for how awful I wrote this. Hopefully someone can figure it out? Please?

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