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Polish Nursery Rhymes

meowdoc - | 2
8 Mar 2009 #91
thank you soooo much! the exclamation thing is like when you suddenly suck in air when you are startled. funny!
Krzysztof 2 | 973
10 Mar 2009 #92
Still looking for the actual translation and proper spelling on this one

look at the first page of this thread, there's a similar question in this post (link)
and you'll some answers below (page 1, but also page 2 - aguha's post, there are many different versions of this text, so you have to choose the one that has most resemblance to what you remember.

btw, Aguha wrote:


that's incorrect, she got confused with another verb ("ważyła" - she weighted), but "warzyła" has nothing to do with measurements (weight), "warzyć" means "to boil, to cook" ("gotować" in modern Polish), the pronounciation of "ż" and "rz" is identical, hence the error.
10 Mar 2009 #93
My mom used to sing this to me, but she doesn't speak Polish, so it could be made up.

This is what it sounds like (excuse the phonetics):

Kooshi kooshi wop-she
Boya jem-no bop-she
Bop-sha nomna nee-kla
Kooshi kooshi wop-she

No idea if it's a real song or just made-up.

Piorun - | 658
10 Mar 2009 #94
It's real, just a different version of it, look at Post # 90 by Eurola on this very thread page 3.
19 Mar 2009 #95
hey there, my grandad used to sing me a song about the rain and i cant remember it all. It goes sort of like this:

Czapu czapu czapu czap
deszic sobie pada

and then there's a part about a king and queen....

it would be really good if someone knows it because for the life of me i can't remember :(

Nata x
crazyamyraz - | 1
26 Mar 2009 #96
Hey, I'm new here... My grandma taught me a rhyme for my daughter that she used to say to my dad about a mouse, I think the translation is Abraham, don't go there, or the mouse will bite you "chomp"

I cant spell it in polish, but I'll sound it out

Nyeh Each Tum
Bwo Ghee Mishka
Zra Be "CHOMP"

is this right? If so how do I spell the rhyme in Polish???
4ksmom - | 1
29 Mar 2009 #97
Thread attached on merging:
Help with Polish nursery rhyme

I too am looking to find out about a nursery rhyme that my grandmother used to sing to me. In my memory it sounded like this:

Ah Ah kokti dva stadi budi obi dwa bole chele dola su ano meenie how a su

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and perhaps what it means in english?
29 Mar 2009 #98
Ah Ah kokti dva stadi budi obi dwa bole chele dola su ano meenie how a su

AAA kotki dwa
szaro bure obydwa
nic nie beda robily
tylko ...... bawily

you put the baby's name in the dotted space

Ah, Ah, kittens two
both grey-brown
They won't be doing anything
Only play with you(name)

30 Mar 2009 #99
What's the translation of this into English?

1 Apr 2009 #100
ping! pang! oi, oi, oi!
umaraet zaichick moi!

Ozzie,it is not in Polish.That's Russian
That means:
Bang!bang! oi,oi,oi
My hare(not rabbit)is dying.
zaichick orig.зайчик means little hare.
New Bubcia - | 1
6 Apr 2009 #101
Does anyone know a nursery rhyme about a Mrs./Madam riding a horse that goes galloping, galloping, galloping? Would like to have the words in Polish & English so I can say them to a new grandchild.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
7 Apr 2009 #102
Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and perhaps what it means in english?

This is a short lullaby (well a short version of a longer one)

Aaa, kotki dwa,
szarobure obydwa,
poleciały do lasu,
narobiły hałasu.

Aaa, kittens two,
both are greybrown,
they ran to the woods,
and made a lot of noise.
9 Aug 2009 #103
I am looking for a polish nursery rhyme...its about a teddy bear traveling and goes pee...does any one have the lyrics? its four lines, the last word of the 3rd is misiu, the last word of the 4th is shosho
Krzysztof 2 | 973
9 Aug 2009 #104
about a teddy bear traveling and goes pee

Jedziemy na wycieczkę,
bierzemy misia w teczkę,
a misiu fiku-miku
narobił w teczkę siku.

Some other rhymes (maybe already posted, I'm not sure, don't feel like reading the whole thread again):

My jesteśmy krasnoludki,
Hopsa sa! Hopsa sa!
Pod grzybkami nasze budki,
Hopsa sa! Hopsa sa!
Ślimak, ślimak pokaż rogi
Dam ci sera na pierogi
Siała baba mak,
Nie wiedziała jak
Dziadek wiedział, nie powiedział,
A to było tak...
Wlazł kotek na płotek i mruga,
£adna to piosenka nie długa,
Nie długa, nie krótka a w sam raz,
Zaśpiewaj koteczku jeszcze raz
W pokoiku na stoliku
stało mleczko i jajeczko.
Przyszedł kotek wypił mleczko
a ogonkiem stłukł jajeczko.
Przyszła mama kotka zbiła
a skorupki wyrzuciła.

And a bonus - „Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi” game/play

1. Children go around a center point.
2. In the center there lies/sits one child - „The Bear”.
3. The other children walk around him and sing:

Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi,
stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi.
My się go boimy, na palcach chodzimy,
jak się zbudzi to nas zje,
jak się zbudzi to nas zje.

4. And then they say, not sing:

Pierwsza godzina - niedźwiedź sapie.

5. Nothing happens, „the bear” is still resting, making a little noise while breathing.

Druga godzina - niedźwiedź chrapie.

6. Nothing happens, „the bear” is still resting, but now making a louder noise - snoring.

Trzecia godzina - niedźwiedź łapie!

7. „The bear” catches one of the children.
8. The child who got caught becomes „the bear”.
9. And they start all over again, until every child has been „the bear” or until they are tired:)
TIKTAK - | 3
9 Aug 2009 #105
Trying to find a Polish ryme about a bouncing ball... I doon't know Polish but try this....Piuka hopka.?
10 Aug 2009 #106
Hello All. I've just found you and have read with interest all the verses and translations. My father used to tell us a rhyme similar to some others

Kra, kra, woruna
Dzieciom kaczkym parzyla

(can't remember next bit)

Temu dala, temu dale, temu dala (tapping youy fingers)

A ztym "Frrrr!" i poleczala

Can anyone help, explain, or complete?
Krzysztof 2 | 973
10 Aug 2009 #107

Most people know the version with sroka (magpie) not wrona (crow), but there are regional differences, so maybe where you father lived they used wrona instead of sroka :)

Read my post from Mar 10, 15:34 hours and you'll find more info.
11 Aug 2009 #108
Thanks, Krzysztof, very interesting. Can you give me a more exact rendition of the verse in Polish, please?
Alex Dabrowski
18 Aug 2009 #109
Agnieszka thank you for the first rhyme i have been trying to find that one for a bit. i remember my dad used to tell it to me when i was little
20 Aug 2009 #110
Hello! Can anyone give me the actual words in Polish of "Kra, kra....." See my post on August 10th.
27 Aug 2009 #111
Mama mama vida kosha Tom dava, Tom dava, Tom dava, Tom dava ada mijooka negava, isjinks catastadas bida bida bida bida

My family is Lithuanian and we had a very similar says that you use the little piggy hand gestures. My parents roughly translated it into a mom stirring the porridge and giving it out to each childeren and the lastest one not getting any and running off. I would be interested if you get a real translation as my kids and I love it too.
CacyUlcia 2 | 46
28 Aug 2009 #112
czarna krowa w kropki bordo gryzla trawe krecac morda

It's not a nursery rhyme but a tongue twister used to stress the hevy sounding semivowel "r", and it vibrates when it's prnouced in Polish words like "krowa." This semivowel is never used in English language and it's almost impossible for native English speakers to pronouce it corectly in Polish words.

Just some nursery sing and entertain a child.

"Kosi, kosi łapci.
pojedziemy do babci.
babcia da nam kaszki,
a dziadzio - okraszki

kosi kosi łapci
pojedziemy do babci
babcia da nam mleczka
dziadek cukiereczka

kosi kosi łapci
pojedziemy do babci
od babci do cioci
ciocia da łakoci"

Ja znam śmieszniejszą wersje tej piosenki (a different version)

Koći, Koći, łapći
Pojedźem do Babci
Babcia da pieroszka
A Dziadek papieroska
Eurola 4 | 1,902
28 Aug 2009 #113
I like your grandparents! :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
28 Aug 2009 #114
Koci, Koci, łapci
Pojedziemy do Babci
Babcia się ogoli
A Dziadek popierdoli
Eurola 4 | 1,902
28 Aug 2009 #115
Another set of cool grandparents!
CacyUlcia 2 | 46
28 Aug 2009 #116
I like your grandparents! :)

This verse was made up by a long distance cousin of mine, I thought it was funny when I first herd it. But it doesn't describe my grandparents; they didn't smoke.
29 Sep 2009 #117
does anyone know one that roughly sounds like this:

e jay bo bo noshga shini etchay betchay porka bini

my grandma said it to me, it's like a tickling game. she might have said it's about a man who takes kids at night???
24 Jan 2010 #118

Koći, Koći, łapći
Pojedźem do Babci
Babcia da pieroszka
A Dziadek papieroska

Aha! Thank you so much for posting this - has been driving me mad trying to remember the version my grandad sang to me!

One question - I thought Koći was a kitten? But it's meant to be 'clap' here? Is it a slang word perhaps? And does the meaning change with the ć or c ?

Thank you!
CacyUlcia 2 | 46
24 Jan 2010 #119
I thought Koći was a kitten?

Kitten is kotek, or koteczek
Koći in this verse means to indulge

does the meaning change with the ć or c ?

Yes, koc means blanket
1 Feb 2010 #120
Thank you Krysia. We have been talking about this all night and had differences in some words. Do you know the translation for the nursery rhyme that is

Sroczka Kaszke warzyla, etc?

Ours also started with something that sounded like Miska jagelka and then the same as you have.
Thank you for all of your help.

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