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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

31 Jul 2018  #481
I totally agree with you on this.
31 Jul 2018  #482
@krish, I have been trying for a slot almost all day long, but did not get any ....

I am also having an eye on this website to see if you would give any information on the timing during which the slot are open for student visa......

24th August is already a late slot for me......
Rob1212 - | 34    
31 Jul 2018  #483
Frankly, no single advice, I mean time fits for all. Those who managed by themselves can never guarantee it for others. ONE SIMPLE ADVICE, YOU GOTTA BE THE LUCKIEST ONE on that day. Trying out for National visa student and work appointment is the biggest test of ones patience against this ridiculous system.
31 Jul 2018  #484
Hey people!

After a failed three week trial of attempting to a book slot for my student visa and an extensive research I've done recently, I figured out that expecting a slot from the website is like expecting an oasis in desert. You will find one but very rare chances and I must say you gotta be lucky like others are saying.

I've seen hundreds of people complaining about the same on all the forums, waiting for months and still gaining nothing but waste of time.

I'd like to say something here, instead of wasting time for the slot and getting disappointed, you could better reach out to any govt or embassy authorised agency and schedule a slot from them paying something. I'm not promoting anyone, Coz I'm still in the phase of getting myself a slot now.

Also, please don't believe who will guarantee a slot or call themselves an agent but indeed a fraudster.

Someone in the same thread said that he visited the embassy and see that most of the applicants got the appointment from an agency or a consultancy.

When you people are trying for months for the slot and failing these people are getting an appointment and flying out.

However, it is all your choice, if you have enough time and can time, id suggest waiting till the slots open and book it from the website else if you are in urgency I'd blindly suggest going to a good agency and rather not waste your time.

A frustrated applicant.
Rob1212 - | 34    
31 Jul 2018  #485
Well said. That's the fact.
Solution - Urgent - Good agent
Weeks, months and years in hand - keep trying.
1 Aug 2018  #486
hey rob, I figured that it is how everyone are getting appointments after I contacted few seniors of the university I'm joining. They said they've tried for months and at lasr got the job done at consultancies or good agencies.

This is always a win- win situation.
vishal2709 - | 9    
  1 Aug 2018  #487
@Rob1212 @adidasboy i agreed guys true. find good agent or consultant that's final & fast solution.

guys i heard that they have increased rejection...... anyone who get visa 0r get rejection plz share your some experiences.
2 Aug 2018  #488
The rejection might be due to inadequate reasoning of returning back to india in the CV or describing the purpose of stay and duration of stay during the interview ( this has been told by many people who attended the interview last year ). People should make the interviewer believe that you are definitely returning to india after your visa is over. Maybe you could show some property proofs etc for this thing.
wsthi - | 9    
2 Aug 2018  #489

Do not go for agents, they also book from online only. Try on your own instead of wasting money. All my friends(5 people got, 1 is still trying) got on their own.
2 Aug 2018  #490
@wsthi you have lucky friends, smh !!
Rob1212 - | 34    
2 Aug 2018  #491

Wish everyone was as lucky as your friends. :)
2 Aug 2018  #492
@wsthi It's not like people are not trying. Everyone is trying, ofcourse no one wants to waste their money when they get something for free. It's only because this slot system is **** and due to thousands of people trying from India, only few people get slots and rest go wasted. Also, something is better than nothing I say. Looks like German Visa also has the same issue currently where my friend isn't able to book a visa appointment.
2 Aug 2018  #493
Office hour of Mumbai consult is 9 am to 4 pm only.
So I guess, the slot will not open during off-office hour...
Any such information should be false...
2 Aug 2018  #494
@iswarya visa slots has nothing to do with office timings. My friend who left to Poland last year booked a slot around 9pm in the night.
3 Aug 2018  #495
Ho! ok.
3 Aug 2018  #496
Did anyone get slot recently ???
kingATR - | 1    
3 Aug 2018  #497
Can you tell me few names of such agencies/consultancies your mates at the university got help from?
My email ID -
study visa    
3 Aug 2018  #498
if you need any appointment of regarding work permit and study visa of Poland. Kindly let us know.

Call on this number - 9878277283...

if you need German , Poland any other country appointment kindly let us know..

3 Aug 2018  #499
Those who need work visa, can try emailing on Thursdays between 9am and 2pm, as specified in
4 Aug 2018  #500

There is no need for an agent. What your seniors have told you is according to their timeline. The embassy and consulate have made notable changes since the past 1 year on visa processing. I am an exchange student who has got his Type D visa easily in July itself. However, I have contacted both the embassy and consulate several times before i got a slot. Make sure you put in a grievance both by email and on call to the consular himself (not the lady who picks up the phone in Mumbai). They will take a note of it and open slots accordingly once they get to know about it. I had reported it to the embassy in New Delhi. The very next day I was able to book a slot for myself and filled in the details on time. Practice filling your details on the form without the bar code first and print it out so you can fill it easily and faster.

I called the consulate 6 times in total over a span of 3 weeks starting from the last week of May to confirm the types of documents i would be required to give them.

You DO NOT need to book any agent for doing this work. It is pretty straigthforward and simple. Anyone looking to study or work in Poland has to understand this that it doesnt make sense on your application to use an agent. It only reflects on your lack of competency to go through a visa process. This is however not the case for the schengen visa as tourists usually avail help of travel agencies.

If you want the visa slot, just try early in the morning from 9am till 11:30am on the mentioned days of the consulate's website. I know it is a flawed system, but it eventually works as it did for me hardly a month ago. Use a computer or laptop which is fast and does not hang. I had used my Mac and google chrome for the same. You have to just keep trying to find the slot by yourself. If you do go through an agent the chances of rejection are automatically higher plus you waste your money.

You will simply regret using agents later when the process is so easy and simple. total waste of your money.
5 Aug 2018  #501
@Hash1 Firstly, I won't agree to everything you say. Calling or emailing the doesn't help at all, Coz I mailed them like a dozen times along with my admission requesting them for a slot.. call them I don't know how many times..nothing worked. I've never said to go to any agent do this.. I only said if it is a good consultancy go for it,, there is a difference between consultancies and fraud agents.. consultancies outsource the work if you know..

Also, I've been trying almost all the possible times every day even at 3am to 6am sometimes..

After all this exhaustion, I couldn't take it anymore and reached out to a consultancy who said will help me out, they didn't guarantee it either but said will try out for me and asked me to pay after they book the slot.

The weirdest part of this is, when they open the website, they see a different date and when I open the website I see a different date. I don't know what witch craft!!

Finally I only say thing.. do what works good for you and is safe.. and it is easy to say to try on own than actually doing it and failing.


Anyone trying today ???? Let's see who's getting lucky today..
soodheman1321 - | 5    
6 Aug 2018  #502
Hi @adidasboy, till when, on Monday? we should keep checking the slots? I am trying for New Delhi Embassy.
6 Aug 2018  #503
The slots open by 10 itseems, the website is crashing... keep trying with multiple systems.
soodheman1321 - | 5    
6 Aug 2018  #504
Yes, same here, can we try to book slot by writing them an email or visiting the embassy personally?
6 Aug 2018  #505
I had the same situation like last time. Found a slot on 28th aug, when i clicked it said not available..what the hell !!!!!
soodheman1321 - | 5    
6 Aug 2018  #507
I have a question, I am an Indian citizen. I am on a tier 2 long term visa in UK. Can i get my national d Visa from London ? or will I have to book appointments in New Delhi? Any Idea?
6 Aug 2018  #508
could anyone secure appointment?
6 Aug 2018  #509
i am able to get it at 28th Aug, while filling form SAVE button not activated , when I tried again and making refresh time expired, is there any other way to get appointment. have screen shots with me
6 Aug 2018  #510
No :(

Its depressing

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