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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

6 Aug 2018  #511
With the screen shots, drop a mail to the Embassy. They may consider your case and give u appointment via mail.
6 Aug 2018  #512
@shrinivas I had the same issue. This process is so stressful, I swear I've never worried for anything in my life than this appointment.. Embassy should take responsibility on this.
6 Aug 2018  #513
Me and my wife have managed to secure dates for National Work D appointment on 24 Aug and 30 Aug.
We also we're trying since last 2 months, we were also getting stuck when dates showed up and it used to throw error. But we have secured dates both time by opening website by mobile phone.

It may sound stupid but that worked for us in last couple of weeks including today. Give it a try! Best of luck!
6 Aug 2018  #514
@kohliu... Same thing man! It was actually working on mobile but not on my mac. I almost booked a slot on 28th august and again it threw an error. This is so sick!
6 Aug 2018  #515
You not agreeing with me is entirely your choice. I am speaking as someone who has gone through this process very recenty and helped my friend also get his visa. We both study International Affairs and have a special interest in consular relations. We have interned in embassies in New Delhi. We know how embassies/consulates function from within. I will agree with you that the process is very much flawed at the embassy and consulate for Indians, HOWEVER, it does work seen as we have gotten our visa hardly 2 weeks ago.

Consultancies are just another fancy name for agents. I've also used them once being gullible just like you. It is people like that who are the customer base for these thriving entities. The embassy and consulate has strictly advised against availing their use on their website if you read! You will only lose your money and in few years down the line regret taking their services. Remember when the visa is rejected, your passport gets a stamp in it that you have been rejected a visa! So tread carefully if you want to with consulatancies/agents.

As for calling/emailing them. I do not know what tone you have been using with them in the email that they dont reply to you. Mr Prashant Mohan Raj is the Junior Visa Officer at the Embassy of Poland in New Delhi. He had replied to our email within a day.

We called several times in a day at the mentioned time till they picked up our call and addressed our queries. It isn't as if the Embassy/consulate isn't working at all. Their landline service is of MTNL which sometimes connects the calls and sometimes doesn't due to connectivity issues!

1. The timings you are trying at "3am-6am" is wrong. You are supposed to try from 8am-11:30am. Then again at 2pm-3:30pm.

2. Clear your cache and accept all cookies for that website. Use google chrome is you are using a Mac.

3. If you are emailng them then send them a screenshot of the portal in that to show you have proof that it isn't working.

4. Your email id is mentioned on the form where that form gets delivered. If you use a consultancy then they will use their email address which the embassy notices because you have to use your email id while filling up the form. They simply do not take 2 weeks to process each application. It is a thorough checking that happens on your application.

That is how we booked a slot and got a reply from them.
6 Aug 2018  #516
6 Aug 2018  #517
My passport has permanent address of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I currently work in Pune. My future employer will be different than my current employer. Am I eligible to book appointment with New Delhi Consulate?
Rob1212 - | 34    
6 Aug 2018  #518

Great to see your advice and comments. I really appreciate it. By any chance, are you a visa officer in one of these embassies trying to build faith with people who are commenting here? And please note people here are not fools to try at random times, they are all literate enough to know the timings as to when the slots open every week. People here try all day and all week around, even months and even a year. Try to confess that you and some people are just lucky enough to have slots. Good luck with your studies or work whatever.
6 Aug 2018  #519
Tell me one thing.
@adidasboy , @Rob1212 are you trying to book slot for Mumbai Consulate? I am a bit confused because @Hash1 is saying about Delhi consulate.
soodheman1321 - | 5    
6 Aug 2018  #520
@Hash1, I am trying to get bookings for Delhi, at what days and time should i look out for? any specific duration?
Rob1212 - | 34    
6 Aug 2018  #521

Except Hash1, everyone here are talking about Mumbai consulate issue.
6 Aug 2018  #522
No, I am categorically stating that I am not any visa officer of any embassy. You needn't twist words and use them to taunt me.

I am only advising them when to try, seen as they are struggling. Your comments are most welcome but they were very much uncalled for as i sense that you are trying to show me "my place". Anyone who claims to be approaching agents or any other company are in my view are illiterate. I wasn't aware of the fact that you are the spokesperson for all the people here.

Yes I was lucky and few others were lucky too. But it doesnt work on luck solely. I am trying to be both a realist and optimist with these people. The task isn't absolutely impossible, you just have to put a lot of effort into it.

If i may ask under what capacity are you commenting? are you also trying for a visa Rob? I have seen you commenting on many other topics on this website. I suggest you use your time wisely.

I am talking about both Delhi and Mumbai. I have got my visa from Mumbai. When they did not respond in Mumbai I informed them in Delhi. Its quite simple to understand. I have also mentioned the person who responded to the email from Delhi when we told him about the slots.

Both Mumbai and Delhi offices interact with one another when an issue has been flagged.

Everything is crystal clear on their websites. Simple as that.

So much for literacy.

Good luck.

Any1 got slots today? i got one at 1pm for 29 August then it dissappear when i refreshed it.

u try for work visa kavya????

I am trying for student visa. i got admission in Jagelonian university. But the date dont show till 30 august when i try online.

i try for student visa also. But the slot is not opening online today. i call them also but no one picks up first time.

For slot booking and any visa help pls contact Sunder consultancy.

We do all kinds of it for Schengen student and tourist also.

office location Andheri east.

I got a slot today at 3pm for 30 August student visa at mumbai consulate. I used incognito mode in chrome.
divya - | 3    
6 Aug 2018  #523
To whom so ever it concern!
Please stop advising others and start to clear up the doubts. This forum is meant for helping and not for advising. Every one knows what to do with their life and they have the potential to tackle their situations.

@hash: Man! please know how to give a suggestion. I accept the fact that you are very much concerned about the people who are getting the appointments from the agents. I want to ask you one thing. Luckily, if we get an appointment on our own, is visa is guaranteed? There are lots of students who wait for months, gets appointment and got rejected at last.

Nothing is in our hand.
So, please spread some positive vibe here! Lets all cheer up and try our best!
dolnoslask 5 | 2,369    
6 Aug 2018  #524
Easier to go England for study than Poland, visa to England is not as difficult and with less corruption.

Do not use agent , they are hand in hand with bad people
7 Aug 2018  #525
For work visa, do we need to get the documents apostilled?
soodheman1321 - | 5    
7 Aug 2018  #526
hey guys do Delhi consulate slots open today? or thursday?
7 Aug 2018  #527
Im applying for student visa for poland,
Should I check in the website regularly for appointments (as there can be cancellations), or only on Monday morning? And also can you specify the time for them, thank you :')
ajitkatariya - | 13    
8 Aug 2018  #528
Anyone here help me with getting initial accomodation with reasonable price near Rondo ONZ, warsaw, or share some link where i can find tha apartment.
9 Aug 2018  #529
@shrey, as per my personal experience and the embassy's official timings.. the slots for mumbai consulate open only on mondays between 9.45 am to 10.30 am ( i found slot two times between 10 to 10.30 but couldn't book). I don't know about other timings and never found slots on other days..

@ajitkatariya is your university not providing you accommodation or incase if you are going there for work, pepehousing is a good website where you can houses, shared apartments and studio flats anywhere in poland. Do check the website.

@dolnoslask Tuition fees in England are thrice of what the tuition fees are in poland. Not everyone can afford to study with such high fees, hence poland.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,369    
9 Aug 2018  #530
I agree but unlike Poland there is unlimited work for students, cash in hand, you can make good money during evenings in restaurants and weekends casual labour

I did exactly that to get through my business studies qualifications.
Shrey - | 17    
9 Aug 2018  #531
Can anyone tell me about affidavit of support, can I show FD's in it? Or should it be only my father's income?
10 Aug 2018  #532
@Shrey, I've checked with the embassy and they have clearly mentioned that You can have anyone as your sponsor it can be your parents, relatives, friends or any private organizations etc. They don't have any specified list for who can be a sponsor. But the important thing is you need to show necessary documents of the sponsor like last 3 months bank statements with enough funds in it + form 17 which is also called IT returns form ( Fixed deposits also count under financial documents ).. In case you are getting property documents also, get them attested from any Chartered accountant.
10 Aug 2018  #533
Anyone got slots recently ????
sponnapa143 - | 2    
10 Aug 2018  #534

I got a slot for aug 21st.

Never go with agents. They are not useful in any way from at least my experience. Try to gather all the friends you can get and ask them to try for you. It worked for me.


Anyone who are done with the work visa, it would be greatly appreciated with my questions,

1. How to book a one way flight when our visa is not confirmed yet ? Is there a way to actually book and then cancel later if the visa gets rejected ?

2. I booked my hotel in advance i can cancel for free before i can check-in. Is there any website to do the same for flight reservation ?

3. Can anyone please share their covering letter to my email :


May i ask what happened to your appeal ?
10 Aug 2018  #535
Hello Guys,

I have doubt on Visa application field 26. Schengen or national visas issued during the past five years.
Is this referring to the national visa of Poland or other countries like Sweden.
Which detail we need to fill if I am having Sweden National Visa(But it is expired now).

Please help me with this information.
12 Aug 2018  #536
I didn't appeal the decision as I was advised not to do so. Apparently it's impossible to issue a multiple entry tourist visa for a year. Pfffffft.
raaaz 1 | 13    
13 Aug 2018  #537
i have an appointment ready. on 6/9/2018 for student national visa.. anybody want send me your details fast to mail id:
13 Aug 2018  #538
Anyone got slots today? I got an error too this week.. fml
raaaz 1 | 13    
  13 Aug 2018  #539
i got it now.. for 6/9/2018 send me your details fast.. apparently i already have visa.. i just tried.. so to help anyone.. send me your details to

Finally you sent me details and the appointment date didn't go vain.

Really requires guts to believe someone online, especially in cases like Visa. Where there are lots of frauds and fake appointments.

I already have a students visa and leaving next month. And now to help someone, and to see how difficult to book an appointment date. I tried and purely based on luck, i was able to block a date.

First i got for 04/09.. but got an error.. then immediately tried and got for 06/09.

With @Shrey quick attempt to share details, i filled the form fast.

I feel happy my small attempt to help someone online.. is fruitful. People just need to realize, not everyone are fraud minded.. some people do have intention to help others without any expectation.
13 Aug 2018  #540
@raaaz true I agree. I got a slot today from a mutual friend who is studying in Poland he helped with a slot on 21st August 2018. I'm finally happy and getting ready for the appointment.

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