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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

Adidasboy 1 | 32
24 Aug 2018 #661

That is not the official list of documents i don't know where you got the list from.

To all the people who are asking for what documents are needed for student visa and what order they need to be placed... here is the link to the official list:

Hope this helps! These are the only documents needed, nothing more nothing less.

@ishwarya My friend had the same issue during feb intake this year. If you have a scholarship then show the proper documents stating that the university will sponsor your accomodation and living and i guess in that case 3 lacs in the bank statements would be fine.
24 Aug 2018 #662
I had my national work visa appointment today, they just took the documents and asked to see original work permit and that's it... Handed over the token to track the application online. "No interview".
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #663
@kohliu - Hi , you went to delhi embassy or mumbai? what all documents you submitted and in what order? also could you please let me know at what time you booked the appointment?

ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #664
as per the e-Konsulat 'Note: failure to fill in the application within one hour of choosing the appointment date will result in annulment of the application.' i read in some of the comments that the time given is 20 minutes to fill the form. Could you please let me know the time in which we are supposed to fill the form if we get the date.

24 Aug 2018 #665
@Hi Rob, How could you later manage correct appointment? Did you take help of any agent?
24 Aug 2018 #666

I went to Mumbai consulate for National Visa

Documents are to submitted in following order:

1. Application form with pasted photo and signed at both places on page 3, make amends to application form in front of them (if required)
2. Bank visa fees receipt
3. Work permit
4. Poland company reference letter or offer ketter
5. India company employment verification letter (if applicable)
6. CV
7. Flight tickets (temporary)
8. Hotel bookings (trmporary)
9. Residence proof ( only if your passport is from a state which is not applicable in Mumbai but you have address proof of a state by which you can apply in mumbai. For me my passport had Delhi address but my company is in Bangalore and I live there.)
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #667
@kohliu - thanks for the detailed information :) Do i need employment verification letter, as my company here is different and my future employer is different? also could you help me with timings when should i try to book the appointment. P.S - i will be going to delhi embassy.

Also could you please tell me till what date you showed your health/travel insurance? i need to travel on 2018-10-01. please advice

sayan1994 - | 7
24 Aug 2018 #668

You can appear for work with others appointment but you need a permission mail from the embassy regarding the same. I secured an others appointment and then mailed the embassy explaining my situation. They granted me permission and then I appeared for my appointment and faced no problems.


Here are few tips for booking an appointment yourself because as far as I know all the agents also book only through the website and I don't think there is some backdoor entry to them:

1) You can open multiple tabs of the e-konsulate. Open one tab , complete the captcha and sit. Then open another tab, complete the captcha and repeat. Open atleast 25-30 tabs.

2) Keep in mind that the captcha verification expires after 15mins. So you will get an error if you try to book date after 15mins of completing captcha verification.

3) Exactly at 10AM Mondays for Mumbai and 3PM Tue,Fri for Delhi start trying for dates on the tabs. I asked for 25-30 tabs so that you have sufficient tabs to keep trying atleast for 5-10mins since it might happen they donot open the tabs exactly on time.

4) Also try at intervals of 1hour because unfilled application becomes void after an hour. So if the slots opened at 10:04 AM for example, try again at 11:04,12:04 and so on.

All the best guys.
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #669
@sayan1994 - thanks a ton for the help mate. i wanted to know shall we solve the captcha and then wait? or just keep the consulate site open prior to solving the captcha.

sayan1994 - | 7
24 Aug 2018 #670
Solve the captcha and then wait at the page where you get dropdown options of National-Others,Students and Work. But you can't wait for more than 15mins(a rough observation) else while you book a date the site will throw an error. Basically, open a tab, solve the captcha, open another tab, solve the captcha and repeat.
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #671
ok great. thanks a lot. lemme try my luck :)
24 Aug 2018 #672
It's better to carry more documents and I would suggest you carry employment verification letter as an extra document.

I tried to apply for appointment with multiple tabs open but still it takes 2-3 tries before you get it.

Delhi slots I found tuff to get than Mumbai as Mumbai captcha is more difficult to solve and it takes a couple of secs.

Best of luck! Keep trying!
Shrey - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #673
Can anybody help me get the appointment in Delhi please, i have been trying for weeks and I always miss out on it in the last second
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #674
even i was not able to book the slot :( in one of the tabs date appeared for 2018-08-29 but when i tried to book on that date it said date chosen date is not available. :(

but they have not extended the date yet. it still shows lack of date till 2018-08-31.
24 Aug 2018 #675
@Sayan1994, Could you kindly remember in which month you managed this?
24 Aug 2018 #676

24 Aug 2018 #677
@Sayan1994, Could you kindly remember in which month you managed this?
Shrey - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #678
Basic query, my cousin was filling up the form, and in the 20th question instead of his future University, he wrote his past educational institution's name, can he correct it? Or should he try to get another appointment now?
24 Aug 2018 #679
@Sayan1994, can you also please confirm for which embassy you got the appointment?
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #680
@Shrey - i guess in point 20 we have to fill current college/ Current company details only. can anyone please confirm on this.

Shrey - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #681
I recieved a sample of the visa application on my form, and in it, question number 20 states the name of my future University
sayan1994 - | 7
24 Aug 2018 #682
I had an appointment on August 14th at the Delhi embassy
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #683
@Shreya - ok in that case what is to be filled in point 31,32?
vbhatia - | 9
24 Aug 2018 #684
hi all,

i need to book work visa appointment for delhi embassy. where do we need to pay visa fees in delhi.
also how can we book dummy flight tickets
24 Aug 2018 #685
@Sayan1994, thank you
ash11091990 - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #686
@sayan1994 - could you please help me with information to be filled in points 20 and 31,32? i am a bit confused about this.

Shrey - | 17
24 Aug 2018 #687
In the sample it's written the data about the dormitory is to be filled there
25 Aug 2018 #688
All changes can be made in the form in front of the consulate while they are reviewing your documents. I have done the same. It's no issue.
ash11091990 - | 17
25 Aug 2018 #689
Hey , what did you filled in point 20 , 31 and 32? If you filled hotel details in 31,32 then from where did you booked temp accommodation and for how much duration.Thanks
25 Aug 2018 #690
Hi Folks,

I submitted application form on Mumbai consulate website without registering it and it got saved throwing me with application ID, shall that be considered null/void next time when i register/block appointment first and start filling up fresh application form, shall website gives a duplicate entry error? please advise.

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