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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

22 Aug 2018 #631
Yes you have to apostille Masters degree certificate. A sister who is going to do Phd at Poland, from here, shared with me that, when you apply for students visa at Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Mumbai, you need to apostille your last degree certificate you have obtained.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
22 Aug 2018 #632
@akforfriend I would agree with Rohanag... genuine agents are not charging that less amount to book slots.. if someone is asking you less amount lets like 10k or 5k and say that they'll book a slot for you, they are definitely fraud. I got a slot from an agent and he charged me 25k and the slot is real plus my interview was done yesterday..

I'm not an agent and not promoting agents but they are real guys who does help...

If you don't wanna waste money, do it yourself, no one is forcing you to do.

Few of the guys from this thread did contact me and I've given them the number of the agent who booked for me.. you could ask them..
Akforfriend - | 3
22 Aug 2018 #633
The way you guys are supporting the agents. I am sure you are one of the agents and also raising the fees till 25k now.

To actual applicants: I suggest don't fall prey in their hands. Most of the chance that you loose your money and have a bad reputation of denied visa in your passport till all you life.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
22 Aug 2018 #634
LOL! You can't call everyone agents. Anyways , it's stupid to argue with you. Good luck !

I've been posting on this thread for a quite long time and everyone here knows who's fake and who's not.

To everyone who are done with the interview and got their visas, I have a question...

How does this visa decision status work?

I was given a token number yesterday and they didn't tell me when i will get the result of my application? Am I supposed to check on the website everyday or do I have to wait for certain time?

When i see the website it says visa decision results August 20, 2018.. does this mean this are the results who attended interview on August 20???

I'm kinda confused and need help with this.
22 Aug 2018 #635
Passport pick up token number system, works this way

1. In most cases within 5 working days from the date of interview and documents submission, your Visa status can be know when u contact Consulate at evening from 2 to 3. When u call, make sure to specify u want to talk with Visa officer, so u can know ur visa decision on call itself.

2. And, on the Consulate General of Republic of Poland In Mumbai official website, where visa decision status are updated. U will see a date, that means it's the day they updated the token numbers on the webpage. Which will be Monday.

3. If u want to know the most updated list, u have to visit to consulate office and check their notice, where they will paste the updated list everyday. Otherwise u can call to them, but it can be easily frustrating even at the window time 2 to 3 were they supposed to answer our calls. If u can be patient enough to keep trying on phone call, it's an possible option to know ur token number status.
Rob1212 - | 34
22 Aug 2018 #636

Hi, it means those token number bearing visa file decisions are made and their passport is ready for collection. They usually update token numbers every week. Past two weeks they are updating it real fast, meaning they are quick with the decisions. So, they should update it again this Friday or next week Monday. So, when your token number appears there, you can just go to consulate to collect your passport. Good luck.
John Wesly - | 1
22 Aug 2018 #637
Hello Everyone!

We can make appointment for Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic countries.
Both Work and Study visa.

Contact :
Charges applicable.
Make Payment after appointment confirmation
Adidasboy 1 | 32
22 Aug 2018 #638
@rob1212 and @Sreedhar Thank you so much for the info!
22 Aug 2018 #639
@John Wesly
Please don't cheat people
Friends don't trust this person and don't send your details, purely fraud
22 Aug 2018 #640

Thanks. Also, I would need to know whether to apostille my Undergraduate degree certificates as well?

Thank you.
Sonalika123 - | 1
22 Aug 2018 #641
@johnwesly: Omg u r again here for looting ppl, Guys this person took 12k from me for visa appointment, first he pretended to help me, but after 3 weeks he stopped responding to my emails and also his phone no. gone switched off. If I get your correct name and address I swear I will complain to police under 420 and see you behind bar....

Ppl don't trust such guys ! ! !
23 Aug 2018 #642
Not required to Apostille Bachelor's degree certificate.
sponnapa143 - | 2
23 Aug 2018 #643

Hello Rob, for work visa they did not even asked 1 question and the lady checked my original work permit and gave me a token number and asked me to leave. So i did not attended the interview and i did not give any fingerprints. Is it normal for work visa submission ?
Adidasboy 1 | 32
23 Aug 2018 #644
Hey @sponnapa, looks like they are not interviewing people who applied for work visa. The work visa guys who came with me also left with the token and they don't have any interview.

So, I guess it is fine.
Rob1212 - | 34
23 Aug 2018 #645
Hi, yes that's normal. Unless they have some queries or doubts on your application or job, they don't conduct an interview. So, it is completely normal. Good luck.
23 Aug 2018 #646

Yes, as the mam in the documents verification at Consulate office, Mumbai. when I asked her "Do I need not scan finger prints?" She said " For National Visa, it's not required"
23 Aug 2018 #647
Hi All, I am in need for national visa - work. But I have secured appointment for national visa -others. Will I be able to attend the interview for work?
23 Aug 2018 #648
There was already a discussion on this subject between GiriPrashad and Micky01. Please check this link and refer their conversation for understanding
ash11091990 - | 17
23 Aug 2018 #649
Hi when i try to book appointment in chrome it shows lack of dates till 2018-08-31 whereas in Internet explorer it shows lack of dates till 2018-09-14. is there anyone else here who faced same issue?

please help.

23 Aug 2018 #650
Delhi has 2018-08-31

Mumbai has 2018-09-14

Except that browser has nothing to do
ash11091990 - | 17
23 Aug 2018 #651
Ahh got it.

Any idea when should i try to get the appointment as i have to travel on 2018-10-01. i don't have much time left.
23 Aug 2018 #652
Can you pls tell me how your secured the spot for the appointment

I had booked an appointment through an agent and have received the appointment confirmation on my email Id from

Is this the email Id from which your got your appointment as well. Can you post a screenshot of the email that you received pls.
ash11091990 - | 17
23 Aug 2018 #653
could anyone please help me with below doubts in filling Visa form:

1. I am a software engineer and i don't see any relevant titles to fill in point 19 i.e. Current occupation.
2. in Point 21 - Can i write 'WORK' ?
3. My future employer is not providing accommodation and flights. what should i fill in point 33?

Please help.

23 Aug 2018 #654

My friend who has just attended interview on Monday, 20/08 is now ready for passport collection with positive result.

We got it confirmed through phone call speaking with visa officer.It took just 4 days for them to process.

And, As you had interview on 21/08. Your decision should be made tomorrow. In any case you could check with them today too.. until 4 pm ph: 022 2285 2631
eamdavadi 1 | 14
23 Aug 2018 #655
Can someone share what order we need to put documents? I have seen that they have put on the board there but forgot to take photo last time.
jagatkc34 - | 4
23 Aug 2018 #657
HI, I am from Nepal.
I need help regarding sponsorship. My father is in Saudi for foreign employment (4000 SAR monthly salary , i have salary certificate) and he doesn't have bank account in Nepal, but bank balance of (20 Lakhs NPR) is in my name which is 2 month old (normally we don't do banking transaction ) + 10 lakh NPR family annual income + 50 Lakhs NPR property valuation (father + mother). is there any problem if i mention , father is sponsoring my fee and living cost who doesn't have bank account but only salary certificate or if i am sponsoring myself have bank balance but not bank statement . Any idea will be helpful .

23 Aug 2018 #658
Hi I am actually eligible for both embassies. So if I have mistakenly booked national others slot for Mumbai, without cancellation can I book for national work for Delhi?
23 Aug 2018 #659
I will be having a fellowship to cover my living and study in Poland. So is my bank balance of 3 lakhs sufficient.
Is ITR or tax excemption certificate necessary?
Rob1212 - | 34
23 Aug 2018 #660
Hi, I hereby answer your queries regarding filling up of form.
1. You can select Computer Expert as your occupation, I don't see wrong in that.
2. Yes, you can select "others" option and write Work or Employment.
3. You are going there for work, so, for question 33, it should be by the applicant himself/herself.
Hope this helps, good luck.

Hi, I had this situation, and you cannot attend a interview for work with others appointment. And you need to cancel this appointment to reserve a new appointment. You can cancel the appointment by calling them or mailing them. Good luck.

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