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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

25 Aug 2018 #691

Mine was national visa.

For me,

20 - present employer name and address, for universities it will be present Univ

31 - only if you have a sponsor and their address details

32- future employer/Univ address and contact details

If you have 32 field details, 31 is not mandatory. Accomodation is not required to be shown for national visa, although my firm Provided it so I submitted it. You could try and check for payment at hotel option, duration 2 weeks should be fine.

Form changes can be when you are showing docs for screening. Ask as many questions you have and make those changes.
25 Aug 2018 #692
How to check my Visa appointment in Poland is genuine or not?
ash11091990 - | 17
25 Aug 2018 #693
Hey Kohliu,

can you share your contact details in DM. i need to discuss few more doubts that i have. mine is also national work visa case.

25 Aug 2018 #694
Issue in online visa appointment

For Mumbai embassy of Poland

In my first attempt for form submission on 22 August I got link down after submission.
Later on I got error message- "More than one form for data provided not permitted"

In all subsequent tries I am getting same error message.

My mail to consulate are not answered, nor calls getting connected.

What should I do ?
worklink - | 23
26 Aug 2018 #695
kohliu - | 10
26 Aug 2018 #696

Were you able to fill the form in less than 20 mins and submit it. If yes, check if you recieved email in your email account that you provided.

If not, consulate can't help you but you can still try to reach out and confirm with them.

Best of luck.


If you directly recieved email from consulate then it is genuine. If still you want to verify call consulate and ask them to send you another email invite. If you provided your email you will get another PDF confirmation.

If you have booked through some agent then I guess I am not aware you can check if consulate confirms that although they wouldn't share any jnformation Over a call.
26 Aug 2018 #697
I got an Appointment after long time. If anyone want to book date on urgent basis kindly contact : 9878277283..

Thanks to Kamal....
kohliu - | 10
26 Aug 2018 #698
@worklink - thanks for highlighting the issues. If everyone starts making bookings on their own the website issues will be solved as the hundreds of agents trying via hundreds of simultaneous connections is what is causing the issue.

I hope people are not going to pay agents.
Umar5314 1 | 8
26 Aug 2018 #699
it's urgent because i have to book appointments tomorrow .
i haven't book any room or dorm for accommodation till now and for online form i have to write the address so can i write university dorm address and after official booking can i show them my new dorm or room address on appointment date in embassy..

also i have to send documents to university till 29 sep but appointment dates are not available till 28 sep
so how can i deal with this situation because i have to show them documents on visa appointment.
27 Aug 2018 #700
How can I cancel the appointment ? unfortunately i have provided my dormitory address except my university's name and address. I got an appointment In Polish embassy Kuala Lumpur.
kohliu - | 10
27 Aug 2018 #701
you can make the changes on the application at the consulate. Please call them and confirm - I don't think cancellation is required here.
27 Aug 2018 #702
Hello Folks,

Can any body help when cancelled appointment gets opened for re booking in a week for Mumbai consulate??
Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #703
Hey people!

My visa is granted today.

It was a really strenuous week for me and finally a fruitful result.

All thanks to this forum which provided me so many insights useful for my interview.

Anyone soon gonna appear for the interview may need tips or suggestions can ping me at

Thanks a ton!
kohliu - | 10
27 Aug 2018 #704
when was your interview at consulate at Mumbai, was it National Visa?
Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #705
It was on 21st August for National Student visa. They are updating the list every week and visa process has become very fast itseems these days. I checked on the website today and finally my visa got granted within 5 days.
27 Aug 2018 #706
May I ask how u come to know ur visa got granted?
Through phone call with visa officer or email ?
My no. Also got listed but finding a way to know if visa is granted or not!!
kohliu - | 10
27 Aug 2018 #707
@adidasboy - how do you check status granted/rejected as it says Visa decision status.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #708
Only granted files are displayed on the website. @kohliu
27 Aug 2018 #709
I don't think so. It's like that. The numbers that are displayed on the website means the passport is ready for collection.
27 Aug 2018 #710
I will contact to visa officer at 2 to 3 this afternoon. If u can share ur token no with me.. I will ask him. Because I have heard it's not easy to speak to him at the window time. Since generally they won't pick up.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #711
Oh is it ? Damn! I was thinking mine got granted. My token number is 6658, please do check.
Sree - | 2
27 Aug 2018 #712
Mine also got listed on the webiste last week, but unfortunately got rejected.

Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #713
Oh man! This is freaking me out again. I wish mine is granted :( :(

@sree what was the reason your visa got rejected ? Did you appeal again ?

I was all happy until now, oh man this is again stressing me out.
venkyVenkat0909 - | 1
25 Sep 2018 #714

Poland Type D work visa appointment in Mumbai consulate

Hi All,
I'm trying to get an appointment for Type D work visa from Mumbai consulate from 3 months but no luck till now. In my work permit it is stated that I need to travel before November 25th, 2018 or else it will cancelled. Now I'm worried. Can anyone help me in this
rishabhstein - | 1
24 Oct 2018 #715

No Travel insurance date in Polish Visa appointment form

I got the slot yesterday and filled the complete form. But by mistake, I filled the wrong date of the validity of medical insurance which I want to correct it. But there is no column in Section-33 of the VISA application form for Travel insurance Validity which was there at the time of filling the form. So can anyone suggest me what to do?
1 Dec 2018 #716

about minor child Visa application

Hello all, I wanted to know whether a 4 year old kid should go to Mumbai consulate for Poland National Visa appointment and application or is it ok if parent submit Visa form.
16 Jan 2019 #717

Visa appointment-Mumbai

Hello I am subha shree from India, my husband is working in I am trying to book appointment for dependent visa in Mumbai,but it is very difficult. So my friend suggested me to go through agency for booking appointment. So I just want to know whether it is safe or not? Is there any others ways to book appointment like emails or phone calls? Your reply will tell me a lot, thanks
19 Feb 2019 #718

Visa Appointment with Polish Consulate in Mumbai


I am trying to book an appointment for type-D visa with polish consulate in mumbai, but I am not able to get appointment. Every time I try site do not load properly and by time it is available slots will be already filled up.

Can anyone suggest what is correct time to apply for slots from India.

Currently I am located in Bangalore

Thanks In Advance

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