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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

Rob1212 - | 34    
28 Jul 2018  #451
Congrats on your appointment and success in embassy. So, when you were in embassy, the people who came there for appointment had got their slots online by themselves and not by any agents you mean? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks.
aditya755 - | 8    
28 Jul 2018  #452
Dear I have seen only 15-20 People on last Friday for National visa. I think they are attending only 15 or Max 20 People at Mumbai for National visa and Most of came with Printed appointment.I tried to speak with some people who were in Queue but nobody wants to disclosed information that how they booked slot. It is difficult to judge whether they book them self of agent but as i told you one guy got trouble with his form and it seems that some agent make him fool. I told u bar code printed on form and Appointment letter should be scan and it should be match with their system.they are opening your detail and form in his system by scanning of your bar code only.

I have seen that now in day , they are rejecting National visa also a lot for both ( Study and Work ) ..People who are came for passport collection and most of going back with bad u can imagine.....
Rob1212 - | 34    
28 Jul 2018  #453
Thanks a lot for your information mate. Good luck.
sidd123 - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #454
Does anyone know what to fill in the Name of host person or company in the Schengen states and contact person in host company. If not applicable - name of hotel or temporary address in the Schengen states section for students?

Thank you
sidd123 - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #456
No :/
Is it done for today?
30 Jul 2018  #457
I've been trying so hard from the past 1 and half hour and still failed to book a slot. Also, the date changed from 16 to 24 now.. what the heck ???
sidd123 - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #458
^ I can totally relate.
30 Jul 2018  #459
Someone said the slots are also open in the afternoon around 3... wish us luck !! I don't wanna get disappointed.
rohanpatel - | 8    
30 Jul 2018  #460
Please help ...Give some idea for booking of slot...really tired with such follow up on every Monday...
wsthi - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #461
Hello Guys,

I managed get slot. Let me tell you some tips.
1) DON'T TRUST ANY AGENT, agents will also try to book from online in same way, but they might be bit quick.
2) Be real quick, you may get error while opening the page( I got so many), keep on refreshing and try again and again.
3) Do not open in incognito mode. Allow all the cookies and other scripts, make sure your firewall is good for all the sites for this period( We tried with two laptops, one has strong firewall, I got error " Unauthorized access" ) .

4) Make sure you fill form once, so that you will get autofill suggestions while filling the actual form. It will help as you will have only 20 minutes.

5) I got input from friends, that they open slots on other times as well, so check when you get time.
6) On Monday, try till, 11:00 AM, as some people may block some slots , or fail to submit on time.
30 Jul 2018  #462
@wsthi, This helps... Ive been getting errors in between maybe i will able to book..
30 Jul 2018  #463
Hi All, I am trying to book appointment for National Visa - Work , from last 4 weeks I am trying but no luck, I feel some one freezing the website and booking from back end, tried calling Consulate but no proper response and they were very rude, can some one suggest me to get the genuine appointment.
30 Jul 2018  #464
The website is frozen currently, not able to open anything.
wsthi - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #465
Some people here pretend that they are students/workers and advertise in smart way for agents. Don't fall for them. They follow these steps.

1) They post that they are not getting Visa slot.
2) They tell, there could be someone/ some network behind the scenes.
3) They will tell that they got good agent who charge less.
4) They will tell they got Visa slot and ask people if they want contact.

After some days they open new account and repeat the same. Be aware!
krish90 - | 6    
30 Jul 2018  #466
I got the slot for 21 st and booked it
30 Jul 2018  #467
I almost booked a slot and it throwed an error when i refreshed its gone... such a bad fate.
sidd123 - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #468
^same thing happened with me
30 Jul 2018  #469
try again at 3 pm... im gonna do the same
sidd123 - | 9    
30 Jul 2018  #470
thanks for the advice. I will do that
vivek1989 - | 6    
30 Jul 2018  #471

How you manage to get data man.

can you please give us tips on this*

30 Jul 2018  #472
Hi All,

From last 2 months, we have been trying to book the slot. Earlier we were not able to see dates as well. From past 2 weeks, we were able to see the dates but while making reservation, we were getting the error - No reservations found for the day.

Today morning, i have got dates visible for 20th but when I tried to make reservation , got the standard error. Within 2mins, i got one more date for 21st, again same error.

In few more mins, i got date for 24th, this time also got the same issue.

I dont understand, how speed we should be to get a slot.
30 Jul 2018  #473
Same issue here..
30 Jul 2018  #474
I need an appointment for National D type student visa.
Not getting an appointment date..
Please help
krish90 - | 6    
  31 Jul 2018  #475
try @ sharp 10 o clock every monday , Use IE browser . dont check 9.45 to 9.55 am , remove all your cache . load the site sharp 10 o clock, if persons are looking for other category try every thursday night 9pm to 11 pm some slot has been open , m noticed this past 3 weeks , @iswarya student i dont know, ill check this week and tel you. dont go with any agent all are fake people try your be patience.
31 Jul 2018  #476
Slots for Schengen visa were open whenever i saw yesterday. I wish the same was the case for National Visa too.. struggling to get a slot.
31 Jul 2018  #477
Hi All,

I am from India.

I am trying to get appointment for polish national D type work visa due to the new job I have got in Krakow, Poland.

But I am not getting any slot. On 31 July it showed the lack of available dates to 24 Aug, 2018.

Today I kept visiting the site to secure an appointment but still showing same message.

May you please advise how I can secure a slot?

Thanks and regards,
31 Jul 2018  #478
@madhubanti007 Everyone has the same issue. You just have to try multiple times on different days you might get a slot soon if you get lucky.
krish90 - | 6    
31 Jul 2018  #479
@Madhubanti0007 Please check the site Regularly monday 10 Am Sharp. it will close with in a minute . and also check some slots will open on thursday 8. pm
Rob1212 - | 34    
  31 Jul 2018  #480
Within a minute Krish? More true to say within a micro second. And at most you see a date and select it to see a message saying selected date is not available. Of course, some people are really lucky with this.

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