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Staying in the USA - do I need work visa to apply?

bandicoot 2 | 2
25 Mar 2012 #1
I am staying in the USA with six month visitor Visa and want to find a job here in Indiana. Do I need to have a work permit first? Will a potential employer help with this? I have 22 years experience in accounting.
grubas 12 | 1,391
25 Mar 2012 #2
Are you stupid or what?You can not work on tourist visa,you need H1B.Do you even have ss #?You won't get work permit nor ss # with your visa and I doubt any employer will help you as US is dealing with high unemployement rate at this moment and there is plenty of people looking for work.Forget it.
25 Mar 2012 #3
Yes you do need it. And not while being in the US of A. So your best chance is to talk up prospective employers to engage you and also for you to make sure they are ready to shell out some $5K (+/-) to process your proper visa application (lawyers cost much). Been there, done that.Oh, and while they process all that and pay, you have to be back in PL, for sure. Good luck!
25 Mar 2012 #4
grubas is right. It is really stupid to look for a job on visitor visa. You can only work illegally (because you will not get ssn on tourist visa), but is it worth it? If you really want to work outside Poland just go to UK or other EU country and work legally. Have you ever thought what would happen if you would have any accident or just need to see a doctor? As an illegal immigrant you won't have medical insurance and you will need to pay out of pocket! You can also have problems with visiting US in future. It's really not worth risking nowadays when $ is so weak.

you are wrong about being in Poland while waiting for H1B. I just got it while being in US. If you applied before your current visa expired you can stay here.
croggers 7 | 109
25 Mar 2012 #5
Jesus grubas take a chill pill!
grubas 12 | 1,391
25 Mar 2012 #6
I am staying in the USA with six month visitor Visa

Do I need to have a work permit first?

I am just alergic to stupid questions and if this is not a stupid question then I don't know what is.
OP bandicoot 2 | 2
25 Mar 2012 #7
Ok maybe the question was not exact. I do not wish my fiance' to have to support me while we are trying to get k1 visa. I have lived in Canada and worked there so I would like to as well here. I am in the lottery but of course do not know outcome of such until May possibly.
peterweg 36 | 2,320
22 Apr 2012 #8
Isn't it the case that if you work illegally, you can be jailed, deported and banned from every entering the US, never mind ever being offered any sort of visa in future?

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