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Polish work visa refused - what should i do next?

4 Nov 2015 #1
I'm an Indian.I got a job from Polish company.I have work permit,offer letter but visa refused.
refusal reasons have not justified the purpose or conditions of the intended stay.
2.there are justified doubts regarding your intention of leaving the territory of the Republic of Poland before the expiry of your visa

what should i do next?
if once refused , it's over or we can make it through?
4 Nov 2015 #2
You should respect the decision.

Poland is a nation of laws. And Justice.

What was the name of this "Polish" company, btw?
OP sjsuresh89
4 Nov 2015 #3
I submitted all the documents that are required.
what else documents needed to avoid that refusal reasons that I mentioned?
InPolska 9 | 1,805
4 Nov 2015 #4
sorry for you but what do you want us to do? We are neither lawyers nor Polish government and also we have no access to your file. If you think it can be worthwile the money, time, and energy, do hire a lawyer but you know, no country (including Poland) owes visas to anyone.

PS: when you say "Polish" company, I assume you mean ... "American" company ;)
OP sjsuresh89
4 Nov 2015 #5
how can I avoid this visa refusal ? how can I get visa ?
InPolska 9 | 1,805
4 Nov 2015 #6
I personally believe he's better off outside of Poland and should try richer/firendlier countries.
4 Nov 2015 #7
Everyone in the word thinks that its cruel to ask what is wrong with an Indian being in India.....the horror.......

If he really is talented guy he will spend his talents uplifting the billion + slumdogs out of poverty, a poverty that makes sub-saharan Africa look modern by comparison.
mafketis 37 | 10,836
4 Nov 2015 #8
how can I avoid this visa refusal?

Go back in time and try again? You can't "avoid" it because it already happened.

he's better off outside of Poland and should try richer/firendlier countries

Or his own.....
4 Nov 2015 #9
I have work permit

No you don't, you can't: work permits are only issued once a foreigner is in Poland.

if once refused , it's over or we can make it through?

You can apply again, but the chances are now greater you'll be refused again (assuming that nothing in your life has changed); and each time after that that you apply, the chances you'll be refused again will be even larger.
5 Nov 2015 #10
Now you already know the reasons, so you Just try again, but this time fulfill all conditions, including the reasons why your visa is refused, because you will also want to see what other reasons they can give you. After fulfilling all the conditions, if the next reason they give you for rejecting seems unreasonable to you. Just try for other places/ other countries. I'm sure you're a good guy. There many others that would be willing to take you in and give you perhaps more than just a visa.
rananasir - | 1
22 Sep 2016 #11
Merged: visa refusal

i have attached file
please reply me

7 Nov 2018 #12
My work permit visa refused. Ples help me out what should i do now? Sjould i highr a lawyer now? Or what else
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
8 Nov 2018 #13
I like Poland more and more...
I wish the US would learn a thing or two from Poland.
Gauraog - | 14
10 Nov 2018 #14
What was the reason for rejection? For which company?
PM me your contact details.
kondoryus - | 2
7 Jan 2019 #15
we are doing the same process with some indian being honestly 2018 we had around 25 applicant and 21 of them received visa to come over like 1 year of working visa . But the 4 which was rejected we didnt push them for second trial . Because once its rejected and you try to re-apply it looks quite suspicious .
18 Mar 2019 #16
Hello dear sir/madam
Please help me
I got refuse of national visa for Poland to study master there.
They told me you have stated the untruth and concealed the truth or you have forged or altered a document or used such a document as authentic.

Can I re appeal or someone give any advice to help me.
Best regards
30 Jul 2020 #17
I got Polish Work Visa refusing in UAE base embassy with remarks " You have no justified purpose and condition for intended stay"
Please can you advise me for further process and also which documents are missing from my end.
15 Apr 2021 #18
I was applied for poland National D types visa.But my visa is refused for insurance.Now I appeal with new insurance which are mentioned on embassy website.Is there any possibilities to get a visa?
Umesh hamal
27 Apr 2021 #19
I had applied for a Poland National D type visa. But my visa has been regions denied for the territory, and the visa has been rejected. How long after can i to apply for a new one, and is it possible for the Polish embassy to issue a visa now?
13 Sep 2021 #20
I was applied for Poland Visa Work, but my visa was refused "there are reasonable doubts regarding the reliability of the statment you made about the purpose of your stay in the territory of the republic of poland due to the evidence that is available to the authorityor due to objective circumstancesindicating that the purpose of the stay could be different than declared", any one can help, what should i do next?

Novichok 4 | 8,035
13 Sep 2021 #21
How about: Your application is denied because we think you lied.
Why would you want to work where people talk like this?
narindersingh01 1 | 16
16 Sep 2021 #22
How long after can i to apply f

Within 14 days you can reapply again.
6 Dec 2022 #23
two times visa got refusal becouse of justify intended stay in poland ? they said you can try in courts

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