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I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons

Ahadi 1 | 8
16 Feb 2017 #1
Hello, I applied application for a National visa in the Poland embassy in egypt with all Documents needed that include (acceptance of university(all the fees of the first year are paid), My secondry school certificates, bank statement, Medical insurance, and all the supporting documents).I got refused for the visa for two not convincing reasons that are

1- I didn't clarify the reason of the staying.
2- Doubts of not leaving Polish territory before the expiry date of the visa. After that, I applied an appeal aginst the rejection letter and Answering these 2 reasons with Evidence.

1-I clarified the reason for the stay that I will study Bachelor of physiotherapy, paying all the fees for the first year, reservation of the dorms also is mentioned in the acceptance letter that i got from the university.

2-I applied Property contracts of my Father in Egypt that proving that I will come back after finishing my studies.
3- I also applied Employment contract of My father that proving that He is working As a professor in a university and getting a fixed salary.

then I got also a rejection letter of my appeal And this time without any reasons
All That I need to know that after answering the two reasons of the first rejection letter with evidences why I got a rejection letter again for the appeal and this time without any reasons and Nothing wrong with my documents? additionally,If i applied for the national visa again to complete my studies there are any posibility to get it? if yea what are the more documents that i bring to support me over my documents.

Thx in advance.
DominicB - | 2,707
16 Feb 2017 #2
You're not going to like this, but your application and appeal have both been rejected, so there is nothing else you can do except make plans to study elsewhere. Reapplying for a visa would be a waste of time. The consul does not have to give you any reason for rejecting your application. Apparently, something you said or did, or something in your documents, made him think that you are entering the EU for some other reason than genuine studies. The consul doesn't have any obligation to explain what that is, and there is no point is asking. Just scratch Poland off the list of the countries you wish to study in, and focus on making alternative plans.

Also be aware that any other EU country you apply to will know that your application to Poland was rejected, and probably also the real reason why. So your chances of getting a visa to any country in the EU are now lower. Perhaps studying in Egypt or a neighboring country would be a better option.
OP Ahadi 1 | 8
16 Feb 2017 #3
I think it doesn't matter for another country in EU If i applied for them because i didn't get a stamp in my passport that i was rejected..... and from the first interview they didn't take my passport and also in the appeal they didn't take it and i dunno why?????? but i think it will be an advantage for my case now because they didn't put any stamp in it.

But i heard from many people that like after the 4th time they accepted for the visa they want to get....and not poland embassy specifically i mean about any embassy for example (Germany,Canada) that's why i want to apply again it will be any possibility to get it because i don't need to lose the semester and the fees i paid ......Also i don't have an opportunities to join a physiotherapy here in egypt and this major is not spread in the arabic countries like in the EU
Ziemowit 14 | 4,201
16 Feb 2017 #4
So your chances of getting a visa to any country in the EU are now lower.

If he knows Tony Blair, he may well try to get a British visa ...
DominicB - | 2,707
16 Feb 2017 #5
I think it doesn't matter for another country in EU If i applied for them

Your rejection was posted in the computer system that all countries in the EU can check, so they will know that you have been rejected by Poland. It doesn't matter that you don't have a stamp in your passport. It's certainly not the "advantage" that you think it should be. So if you apply to France, for example, the French consul will know that you were rejected by the Polish consul, and probably also the real reason why (which he won't share with you).

There is no point in reapplying for a visa to Poland unless your situation changes in a major way, and that's not going to happen for some years. Applying too frequently to more than one country will just send up red flags and get you classified as a possible security risk. If that happens, you will have great problems getting into any EU country, or any developed country, for that matter, probably for the rest of your life. Once you are on the international security black list, there is nothing you can do to get off of it. And since the Egyptian authorities will be alerted, they can make life difficult for you, too. So don't make a pest of yourself.

Again, studying at a good school in Egypt or in a neighboring country may be the best option.
OP Ahadi 1 | 8
16 Feb 2017 #6
Firstly, I think that the Poland embassy didn't send my documents to the immigration, Eu system because how in 2 weeks they send the documents to the Eu system and get the answer So what i think that they take the decision in the embassy not more.....I know a friend applied for a visa from italy embassy and got accepted after many times .........Also i know someone Got rejected from germany embassy and after that he applied to the hungry embassy and got accepted so it doesn't matter if i applied in another embassy that what i want to say. Many people told me the real reason is that Poland doesn't want arabs or muslims to live or study there no more And i dunno it's the real reason that i rejected for it or not .....So what do u think ?
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
16 Feb 2017 #7
Yes, they rejected you because you're a Muslim and Dominic can 100% corroborate that information /sarcasm

I appreciate your willingness to go through the legal lines, but rejections are rejections and none of us can tell you why because we won't know exactly. Feel free to keep applying if you believe it will ultimately lead to success in spite of what you're being told here.
OP Ahadi 1 | 8
16 Feb 2017 #8
I Wrote that i dunno it's the real reason or not and i'am asking it could be this reason or not ?....People i know that told me like that about Poland..... because i'am confused why i got rejected and all my documents are right and nothing wrong with my documents! Thats all
DominicB - | 2,707
16 Feb 2017 #9
Firstly, I think that the Poland embassy didn't send my documents to the immigration

Yes, they did. It takes only seconds for them to check, not two weeks. You are indeed in the immigration computer system for the whole EU, and anyone working at the consulate can see that your whole history with only a few key strokes.

From the tone of your posts I can understand why the consul got the idea that you are not coming to Poland to pursue genuine studies and that you have no intention to leave when your visa expires. It has nothing to do with being a Moslem or Arab in and of itself, but rather with the fact that your story just doesn't jive with the story a real student would tell. You don't come across as very believable, honest or trustworthy, and I'm sure that is why the consul had doubts as to your real motives. You're hitting all the wrong notes. I doubt that a consul from any other EU country is going to feel differently.

One of the things you are failing to understand is that the consul doesn't need a good reason to REJECT your application. He needs a good reason to ACCEPT it. And that is what you have not provided. The fault that you got rejected is not his, but 100% yours. If you can't get that through your head, you are going to antagonize any consul you meet, from any country in the world.

My advice is not to make a pest of yourself so that you wind up on the international security black list. And to pursue studies closer to home, if you do in fact intend to study. Frankly, nothing you have said indicates that studying in Poland is a realistic option for you, and a few of the things you said, and didn't say, make me believe that you will not complete your studies there even if you were accepted. Quit wasting your time and money, and make realistic plans that you can pursue in Egypt or a neighboring country.
OP Ahadi 1 | 8
16 Feb 2017 #10
thank you for your advice!
16 Apr 2018 #11
In work petmit visa what is the main reson for rejection.
Amol Pandey
19 Aug 2018 #12
Dear sir / ma'am , I am from nepal and I applied for the national student's visa at Polish embassy in New Delhi 1 month ago but I got rejected which mentioned that I didn't have sufficient financial means to support myself in Poland . I had submitted my father's bank account statement of about 15500 euros of which 80 % money was from fixed deposits and only 20 % was from savings account . So could that be the reason why my visa was rejected . Should money of savings account always need to be greater than that of fixed deposits ? I am reapplying again so I would like to ask you should I break the fixed deposits and turn it into savings account or can I show the other bank accounts of my sister who is sponsoring me along with my father ? Also can my own sister be my sponsor or should that only be my father and mother ? Waiting for your favourable response . Thank you .
6 Dec 2022 #13
i spoke to embassy now regarding my visa refusal two times refusal i can apply or not she said i can apply fresh application

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