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Short Polish<->English translations

Ironside 50 | 10,906
6 Mar 2021 #901
To steady his nerves?

I wouldn't know I don't drink to steady my nerves.

if people drink it straight

Some do...I think in that circumstances he would drink anything he had on hand. In that case it would be a beer, I doubt 20' years old keep bottles of strong spirits laying around,
Looker - | 1,079
7 Mar 2021 #902
my grandmother drew a picture and wrote something

This is a nice letter in the form of a neat rhyming poem.
One sister named Pesia (diminutive from Pelagia? or maybe a nickname) writes to another something like this:

In memoriam
May you be among the scents of the rose
So that you can spend your life merrily
Lest you experience the world storm
That happiness and honor adorn your forehead
And when the sky is cloudy sometimes
And the sorrow overwhelms your heart
Remember that there is no rose without thorns
And there are no happy people in this world
Sister Pesia signed in

Translation made by Google
Rix8 - | 1
15 Mar 2021 #904

Is this old letter in Polish?

I recently found an old letter from an ancestor that supposedly lived in Eastern Slovakia in the late 1800's. I am trying to find someone to translate the letter but need to find out what language I need translated. It was suggested to me that it is either Polish or Hungarian. There are 2 pages I placed them online so you can preview them at:
I appreciate any help someone can offer.
Thank you.
mafketis 24 | 9,124
16 Mar 2021 #905
Doesn't look like Polish to me..... I'm not sure if it looks much like modern Slovak either....

My guess is some kind of non-standard Slovak. You definitely need a Slovak specialist for it.

You might contact these folks.
gumishu 11 | 5,629
16 Mar 2021 #906
My guess is some kind of non-standard Slovak

yes, it does look Slovak - I have no idea whether it's standard or a dialect
22 Mar 2021 #907
My mother often used to say this. Would like to know the meaning. I may not spell it right. (Sha Clef holeta) Last word sounded like coleta.
mafketis 24 | 9,124
22 Mar 2021 #908
my guess:
psiakrew (dog blood)

cholera (cholera, the disease)

both are relatively mild expletives

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