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Short Polish<->English translations

26 Sep 2020 #841
@Ziemowit: I thank you very much for your help, I am so grateful for your help! - the quotation is not taken from a book, but from the unpublished diary of Seweryn Potocki
26 Sep 2020 #842
Could someone please help to translate the following sentence into English?

Roza iest ze wszech miar dobrą tylko chcę na kommissarstwie utrzymać swoią
Ziemowit 13 | 4,204
26 Sep 2020 #843
You mean this Seweryn Potocki?

seweryn potocki

the unpublished diary

Do you mean the manuscript of his diary which is perhaps unavailable to historians?
26 Sep 2020 #844
Yes, it's him

The Diary is in French but there are some Polish quotations in it
pawian 175 | 13,561
26 Sep 2020 #845
Roza iest ze wszech miar dobrą tylko chcę na kommissarstwie utrzymać swoią

Rose is good by all means but, as a commissar, I want to maintain/keep mine.
Princesstp - | 1
7 Oct 2020 #846

Help with translation birth records

Hi, I have found my great grandfathers birth record on Lubgen website, I'm hoping someone can spare some time and tell me all the people with mother Magdalena Demusiak and father Jan (Ivan) Pilipczuk, by searching through these records I believe I will find out all of Maksym Pilipczuk'S (my great grandfather) Brothers and sisters which is treasure! I just need someone to look through the records and list the names of pilipczuks with mother Magdalena Demusiak and father Jan(Ivan) pilipczuk from Rakołupy (prawosl).

I have attached Lubgen website then you scroll to "Rakołupy (prawosl) then type pilipczuk into the surname box.

I would appreciate any help! Kind regards,Tessa
kaprys 3 | 2,484
7 Oct 2020 #847
403 forbidden.
Is it in Polish or the cyrillic?
Tbard - | 6
21 Oct 2020 #848

Random transltations Angieski to Polski

So im just expanding my vocabulary and not sure where to turn and would like someone to,help me instead of threading everytime i have a querry. Any takers of Polski speakimg originals drop me a note.

Thnak you/ Dziękuję

pawian 175 | 13,561
21 Oct 2020 #849
But you know that such private tutoring may entail fees?
In the forum you will have it for free.
Tbard - | 6
8 Nov 2020 #850
Thats why i was asking if anyone here, just want to connect and offer their expertise casually.
pawian 175 | 13,561
8 Nov 2020 #851
Tow weeks have passed since your first message. Did many people volunteer?
13 Nov 2020 #852
What is Polish equivalent of the phrase "Hug-a-Thug"? The "Hug-" part being "Przytulajcie"? (at least grammatically and/or literally correct)? What is most common Polish word for "Thug"?
pawian 175 | 13,561
13 Nov 2020 #853
13 Nov 2020 #854
Thank you pawian. Is there equivalent Polish "slang phrase" for the concept of "Hug-a-Thug", or is the Polish translation only grammatical and/or literal? ("Grammatical and/or literal" as in "Przytulajcie bandytę/zbira/rzezimieszek" etc?)

Oops I meant "rzezimieszeka"

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