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23 Dec 2011
Love / Polish men calling polish girl for dating englishman [80]

Sorry Vincent but I must add you to the list also. He omitted nothing

Well before I purchase a pair of clogs;) how do we know from the title what this calling is? Is it, calling round to her home, or on the her phone etc? I still think it may be names.

Have a nice day tomorrow.

Have a nice day yourself.
26 Dec 2011
Language / Use of swoj [23]

swój = possessive of the subject of the sentence.

That's it in a nutshell.

two examples for ryanb

When a man loves his wife, you should say On kocha swoją żonę. If you say On kocha jego żonę, it means the man loves somebody else's wife

when a woman loves her husband, you should say, Ona kocha swojego męża. If you say Ona kocha jej męża, it means she loves somebody else's husband.

Hopes this helps.
4 Jan 2012
Language / How should "Polish" be written? Maybe Polski? [27]

One of the easiest things about Polish is precisely that; it is written just as it is pronounced and vice-versa.

Mostly so, but if someone didn't know about voiced/unvoiced consonants, they could still make a "pigs ear" of it:)
8 Jan 2012
USA, Canada / Moved back from Canada to Poland:). Here are the reasons why. [868]

This thread has gone beyond trying to clean it. It has gone off topic and is a prime candidate to be thrown into the off topic where it will get swept away with the other rubbish when the next clean up begins. I would urge the OP to steer it back to the topic as it is not going to be left here to encourage members to insult each other.
20 Jan 2012
Food / Krupnik recipe (soup, not wodka) [14]

which is why am not certain kasia is right.

I'm sure I once saw Polish butter called Kasia in a supermarket, or maybe it was lard?.
1 Feb 2012
UK, Ireland / Unemployed Poles in Ireland : a crash course in milking the system [323]

I booked with Air Canada for the same money but with 2 stops(Toronto and Munich) instead of just one (Dublin).And I don't even like Canadians.

Maybe you should have inquired about group bookings? Might have worked out cheaper.
14 Feb 2012
Feedback / Seriously, Mods? You make great librarians, but otherwise.. [29]

Not quite the same this, though, is it?

I don't agree, if a guest came to PF to find information about a bus route in Krakow for example, then the best place to look would be a thread titled "Bus routes in Krakow". He or she would not expect to find the answer in a thread about food..

would you go back to the library to complain?

I would probably complain about their filing system. In my opinion "computer programming" and " the arts" should be filed separately.
18 Feb 2012
Travel / Polish travel game - questions [17]

This is Polish Tourism Organization forum, right?

I'm afraid you are on the wrong site. This forum (Travel, Tourism) is all about Support and advice for travelers and visitors to Poland. Talk about your Polish travel experience!

Maybe you could pick up some information here for your future trip to Poland ;)
12 Mar 2012
Life / Smart TV good or bad? Works in Poland? [8]

does it work well here in Poland, i guess that i wont be able to use the same programs as people in the Uk , anybody had any experience with this , cheers

I can't tell you what programs you will receive in Poland, but I can tell you a bit about a Samsung smart TV. First of all the older the model, the more basic the internet service will be. This years models will have an E in their model number. Last years D and the year before C. If you can't "hard wire it to your router, then you will need to buy a wireless dongle and they're not cheap at £50 UK. Only the same brand of dongle works with the same brand TV.

The film sites seem to have movies 3 or 4 years old and of course there is a monthly subscription. The good thing is you can play film files from your PC straight to your TV and the Samsung TV's also have a great picture too.
20 Mar 2012
Feedback / Do the Moderators have a rule book or is it Knee jerk Policy? [111]

In answer to your question in the title the answer is, we have the same set of rules as you and we try to adhere to them.

why do mods, only moderate certain topics.

We moderate all threads in the public forums.

The amount of anti Jewish propaganda threads, that seem to pop up on PF is somewhat worrying, why is there NOT a anti racist policy on PF?

The threads in the main forums are/ should be Polish related, If they're not they go to off topic or the bin. Everyone is entitled to free speech as long as it's civil,and everyone is entitled to reply; as long as it is also civil. Blatant racial abuse will not be tolerated.

I would suggest you have a look through the random chat thread, to see that many blatant racist comments and racist threads have been moved there. If you come across any on the main forums you should report them through the correct channel.
20 Mar 2012
Feedback / Do the Moderators have a rule book or is it Knee jerk Policy? [111]

What would you consider religious abuse?

I would like to know how the OP qualifies this also?

What about anti-Polish threads/posts?

When trolls start these threads they usually end up in the bin, but if someone supply's a link and it is genuine then there is little we can do except make sure the thread doesn't go into a flaming war. The forums are everything about Poland, the good and the bad. Thankfully the good always out numbers the bad.
21 Mar 2012
Feedback / Do the Moderators have a rule book or is it Knee jerk Policy? [111]

Religious discrimination

I would say that Religious discrimination can be found in most countries around the world and is reported most days in the news. Their is nothing you or I can do about that, but on PF if it turn out to be related to religious or personal lives of forum members, we will step in and the offenders will find themselves banned from the forums
27 Mar 2012
Language / What does 'gon sie' mean? [21]

what dose gon sie mean?

Might be short form of gonić sie (to chase one another)
8 Apr 2012
Travel / Any Anglican churches in Poland? [35]

Two posts were removed from this thread as they were off topic, mostly because you and another member were treating the thread like a social network site. Please keep the main forums clear of your random chat in future.
9 Apr 2012
Love / Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls? [138]

You just need to go down the pub, have an orange juice and wait. Soon someone will come and talk to you.

That would need a lot of courage and confidence to pull that off, but you're right it wouldn't be long before someone came to talk to her.
12 Apr 2012
Life / Do Polish names generally have a meaning to them or a particular structure?. [88]

Hello everybody! This is my first ever thread, so go easy on me!

All I need to know is if Polish names generally have a meaning to them or a particular structure.

I can see that you're a man who doesn't believe in searching the forum for information or gives any thought for a good thread title. There are 93 pages on Polish surnames here
15 Apr 2012
UK, Ireland / My dream about UK. Please help. [86]

Good, waiting for others critical words.
If anybody cares for it, feel free to write them.

Not words of criticism but hopefully words of advice. It would probably be best, not to go to a foreign country without a job.Try to find one before you go there, by all means possible, Internet, and friends etc.

Your best bet to get started would be an Au-pair or house keeper as you will probably get free accommodation with the job. London is a very expensive place to live, and the price of renting a room might start to get higher as the 2012 Olympics is just a few months away. If you have some Polish friends in the UK then it may be a better option to try and stay with them.

With many local people looking for work, you may find there are only a few low paid jobs available. £6.50 an hour might look good from afar, but after you pay for your rent, travel expenses and food there is not a lot left for saving.

Hopefully what I said might be a little help to you, and you can still have your "dream", it might just mean putting it on hold for a little while longer
23 Apr 2012
Language / The complement of the verb "to be" [14]

And me also. At first I thought it might be a "modal verb" rule but can't find one there, unless Polish has a few extra ones;)
30 Apr 2012
Language / Pronunciation of the Polish word 'ty' [4]

Most text books that I've seen, have it as an English phonetic "tih". listen to it pronounced here. Use "Polish,Ewa" in the drop down box.
14 May 2012
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

after ukraine all polish ladies will be ugly to u

But it hasn't put you of looking for a Polish girlfriend here?