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jcsm 3 | 88
4 Apr 2007 #1
Does anyone know the meanings of any of these surnames? Origin information?


4 Apr 2007 #2
Mikolajcyzk - Mikołajczyk - something like: son or daughter of Nicholas
Sikora - name of bird which flew into Poland in winter - Tit (latin: Parus major)
Ptak - Bird (in general)
Plawny - Pławny - Floating, Buoyant
Zadora - Maybe Zadra? - Splinter
Wadolna - Maybe Zadolna? - Overhole, female version
jcsm 3 | 88
4 Apr 2007 #3
Thanks, emi.

Definitely Zadora on the Polish record.
Zadolna is a possibility.

Could it be Vadolna?
4 Apr 2007 #4

This is definitely not Polish. But there may be some people of Polish descend with that name.

Could it be Vadolna?

Nadolna - Onhole.
jcsm 3 | 88
4 Apr 2007 #5
OK. Now I have two possibilities for Wadolna, Zadolna & Nadolna.......Gonna have to look at that record again.

What nationality would you say Zadora was?
5 Apr 2007 #6
Hard to say. Sounds Latin to me. Or Greek.
witek 1 | 587
5 Apr 2007 #7
Zadora is Polish :)

Zadora - is a Polish Coat of Arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The coat of arms was created in 1292.

Notable bearers of this Coat of Arms include:

Przedbor z Brzezia
Zbigniew z Brzezia
Mykolas Kęsgaila
Stanislovas Kęsgaila
Przecław Lanckoroński
Stanisław Lanckoroński
Mikołaj Lanckoroński z Brzezia
Rumbold Wolimuntowicz
Michał Szweycer

jcsm 3 | 88
5 Apr 2007 #8
Thanks for the information, witek.

Are there coat of arms for any of the other surnames?
Szkola 1 | 17
6 Apr 2007 #9
Does anyone know if there is a meaning for
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
6 Apr 2007 #10
Zadora is Polish

Zadora - is a Polish Coat of Arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Hey....that's one of the the things I used to make my own coat of arms!! :)

Changed the lion head and made it look more wolf like, took away the crown, and replaced that metal thing with the breast part of a suit of armor. Flipped it around too. :)
10 Apr 2007 #11
does anyone know Skwirut
10 Apr 2007 #12

Could you help me?

What would Mildred, the woman's name, be in Polish?

And do you know if Swiatkuse or Swetkuse is a Polish surname or is a name similar to a Polish name?

Thank you.
jcsm 3 | 88
18 Apr 2007 #13
What would Mildred, the woman's name, be in Polish?

The site that I use for first name conversions shows Emila = Mildred.
Honeybee 7 | 26
18 Apr 2007 #14
what about the names



19 Apr 2007 #15
I am trying to find the meaning of Gutowski
I know ski and ska are m/f of, and I would like to get a hold of someone running the Slepowron Clan and see if my family comes from there or one of the other 4 clans.
24 May 2007 #16
We're from around Canton, my grandpas name was Frank. He just died a few yrs ago. Him and my grandma ( Irma) had 5 kids, Jim (my dad who was adopted by Frank ) Linda, twins Gary and Sherri , and Carol. I believe my grandpa was originally from Pennsylvania, beofre that of course Poland. God I love the food and would love some good recipies. It's hard to find polish food in florida where I live now. Anyway, drop me a ine @ if you want, just put Koasa in the subject line so I don't think it's junk mail.
7 Jun 2007 #17
[Moved from]: Kovalik or Kowalik

Is the family surname Kovalik (without W) Polish?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
7 Jun 2007 #18
In Polish should be Kowalik, was probably "Americanized".


Researching Solak family tree

Hello, I am searching for information on Florian Solak (b. June 1887) from Tarnow and Anna Dziubek (b. 1892) from Rzeznow. Both came to US approx. 1905. They married. Anna's grandmother possibly Florentine Kieszkorvska. Any information appreciated. Also have two Polish letters that need translation.

this is part of my family's history. My son is malcolm solack, my husband is david solack, his father is robert solack, his grandfather malcolm solack, his great grandfather is florian. contact me at klsolack66@hotmail

this is my family. solack.
why the interest? contact me at klsolack66@hotmail or husband at dsolack@hotmail
jdawg 2 | 6
27 Sep 2007 #19
[Moved from]: Kiecki - Polish last name?

there's a major thoroughfare here called "Kietzke Rd/St/Dr/whatever." Is "Kietzke" Polish? My guess is Russian but I was just wondering. Thanks.
krysia 23 | 3,058
27 Sep 2007 #20
Kiecki would be the Polish spelling and it means "skirts". But it sounds like a Jewish name.

Last Name: Glud / Glod?

"Glod" means "hunger" ("Glud" sounds like "Glod" in Polish though). The word "Glud" itself doesn't mean anything in Polish.

if you write 'glod/glud' it don't mean jack in Polish

głód - i mean, if two out of four letters are misspelled, it can't be easy to look it up, can it? (let alone pronouncing it)

:) just came to me. if a Dutch speaking person tries to read 'glud', he/she will say 'glut' and there we have ... a bugger ;)
ski1958 - | 1
10 Oct 2007 #21
[Moved from]: Kroczynski family research

I am from USA, I am trying to do research on Kroczynski Family from Austria/Galicia area, Village of Rozwaz, or Sobolowka? has anyone ever heard of those places?. Also looking for a Stanislawe Kroczynska or Kroczynski, from Nowy Sacz, Poland? can anyone help me in here, please and thank you. Ricky Wylie
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
10 Oct 2007 #22
Spend some time reading the Genealogy threads. There are plenty of ideas and links to get you started.
jessie - | 1
28 Oct 2007 #23
[Moved from]: Halicki

hi i live in australia and am trying to track down the origins of my surname which is Halicki. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
28 Oct 2007 #24
HI Jessie - good luck with your search.
ruska - | 1
19 Nov 2007 #25
[Moved from]: has anybody heard of the last name Chachaj?

my family's from the Lublin region, but everyone is always suprised to hear that my nationality is Polish because of my last name
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
19 Nov 2007 #26
It's not very popular but It's Polish.
21 Nov 2007 #27
My dads name was Voight. Does anyone know if this is Polish name? If not where does it come from?
krysia 23 | 3,058
21 Nov 2007 #28
Voight is not Polish. Could be German or Austrian?
KateLuba - | 1
26 Nov 2007 #29
does any body know the meaning of Lubaszewski? All i know is that my ancestors came to America around 1919 from Russia. Only people who i know that has this last name are my family members.

Please some help
monkos 1 | 5
27 Jan 2008 #30
[Moved from]: looking for "Szarkowski" surname

My grandfathers name was Szarkowski. Has anyone ever know people with that surname? My grandmother was Suchotcha or some other spelling. I'm coming to Poland & would love to meet anyone with those names. My grandparents came to the USA in the early 1900's but I'm hoping the names lived on. Thanks to anyone that might help.

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