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Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls?

11 Oct 2011 #1
Hey y'all,

Do irish people like eastern europeans? I'm so obsessed with Ireland although I never been there. I've seen lots of movies showing all those charming places in Dublin and surroundings and I just love the irish accent. I was just wondering if i'll ever get a chance to meet my irish prince. I'm a polish girl living in US (im 22) and I've never met a single irish person here. I know it sounds stupid but I feel like I'm destined to visit this beautiful country and meet my mr right there. Should I sing up for a student exchange program or something? Why is it so difficult to meet a full-blooded irish person in US? ehhhh
11 Oct 2011 #2
First of all, Poland is in central Europe. The idea of Poland being an eastern European country is nothing but a political ideology from the Cold War era.

Are you looking for an Irish guy or Irish-American guy? I've heard of both dating Polish girls so don't worry, you shouldn't have too much trouble as long as you're not ugly.

America has a history of Irish-Americans and Polish-Americans marrying. I would say Roman Catholicism was the reason since it was a cultural connection.

And finding a full blooded Irish guy in the US is not hard if you look in the right places. I know for a fact the US east coast has plenty of them, especially in NY.
OP longingfora
11 Oct 2011 #3
when i said that Poland is an eastern european country i didnt mean the geographical division of Europe (idk if there arte many folks on this forum who are used to callin Poland a part of the cenbtral europe but nvmd) im not here to discuss the influence of former soviet union on the eastern block countries :D

your post didnt answer my questions. I'm aware of the fact that there are many Irish-Americans in US (in fact every other car in the state where i live has a bumper sticker sayin "I'm half Irish" or "Proud to be an Irish-American" but obviously those people have little or nothing to do with the real irish people. Yess I want a guy straight from Ireland. And I'm not ugly. I dont want to boast or anything but ive never met an american who wouldnt fall for me. I'm also a pre-med student (I recently took the MCAT so its not like im going to switch my major - I am really working on getting accepted to the med school) so im not dumb either.

Ok any irish guys on this forum? Hit me up! ;)

Is there an online forum of irish people in US or anything like that? I tried to google it but nothing comes up. Im not from NY. That's why it might be harder than u think.
28 Nov 2011 #4
hi, im dave im an irish guy im 30 from dublin, im very surprised that you have not met a irish guy in the states? as i know lots of irish have traveled there to work. , when are you planing to visit ireland? i recomend you come to ireland for a holiuday first.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
28 Nov 2011 #5
What state do you live in?

Ive a couple of Irish buddies living in the US.
littlejagoda 1 | 26
28 Nov 2011 #6
Lol, Irishmen in most large cities in the states will not have an 'Irish' accent. Obviously, there is no irish accent, and even within Dublin, you'll find at least three to five different prevalent accents depending on the socioeconomic background of the speaker.

You should definitely sign up for the exchange program. I think it'll be a lot of fun. It's kind of why I'm here.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
28 Nov 2011 #7
Irishmen in most large cities in the states will not have an 'Irish' accent.

Why, do they lose it when they walk through immigration?

I've never met a single irish person here. I know it sounds stupid but I feel like I'm destined to visit this beautiful country and meet my mr right there.

I really, really do not get American girls and their fascination with my country.
28 Nov 2011 #8
Longinfora, I'm an Irish woman married to a Polish guy and I've lived in Poland, so let me just say that Irish men are very, very different to Polish.

Generally Irish men have a great sense of humour, are very easy-going, like socializing, and are pretty into their sports. Outside of Dublin the GAA (gaelic games) are a very, very big deal and a lot of guys will either play gaelic football or hurling or will follow their local team obsessively. Irish people, both guys and girls tend to be very active and lots of girls run or play sports, couples often run together for example. A big difference between Irish guys and Polish is that the Irish are not really into the whole macho thing, if they work out at the gym they don't make a big deal of it and flaunt their muscles all over the place, which I find Polish guys tend to do (not my darling husband though!). They are far less possessive of their women and they won't care much whether you can cook, keep house beautifully blah blah. I would say that they will care a lot more about whether you have a sense of humour, are good company, have interests in common etc certainly for a long term relationship.

You sound very young my love, you know the fact that you're nice-looking is really not that important. No guy, Polish or Irish will fall in love with you for your looks, they may be attracted to your apperance but an Irish man will definitely want more than a trophy girlfriend, they'll be looking for a bit of substance.

These are just my views, others may disagree. Definitely come over for a holiday. Just be sure to bring your wellies and umbrella!
milky 13 | 1,657
28 Nov 2011 #9
lot of guys will either play gaelic football or hurling or will follow their local team obsessively.

ahaha, what a daft generalisation. I am from well outside Dublin and I hate all types of sports; most people I know, are not jocks and the vast majority of males(men) do not play GAA sports. They, who follow sport are usually equally obsessed with soccer,rugby or justabout anything with a ball, just like their fellow country men in Dublin.

In relation to women, Most Irish men(all the ones I Know) think Polish women are absolute (beauts)rides(me included).
elena_delacroix 1 | 6
28 Nov 2011 #10
Hello there! Im an eastern european in Ireland, been living here almost all my life. Irish men love Polish women, for Irish men these ladies have something new and exotic that Irish ladies lack. I know plenty of Irish men who have married Polish women and seem to be to be happy! But they do say that Irish and Poles are extremely similar anyway :)
smurf 39 | 1,979
28 Nov 2011 #11
No guy, Polish or Irish will fall in love with you for your looks, they may be attracted to your apperance but an Irish man will definitely want more than a trophy girlfriend, they'll be looking for a bit of substance

come on now, tut tut tut, that's simply just not true. It's every man's dream, most of us are just not lucky enough to live the dream.
milky 13 | 1,657
29 Nov 2011 #12
Polish or Irish will fall in love with you for your looks, they may be attracted to your apperance but an Irish man will definitely want more than a trophy girlfriend, [/quote]

Come on, wake up!!! with that water is wet and snow is white mantra , as Billy Connolly said "Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes right to the f***ing bone"
29 Nov 2011 #13
Goodness what a fuss!

Milky you got so flustered that you misquoted me on your second post. As for sports, well I've lived both in Dublin and outside it and as I said in my own experience Irish guys are into sports and like to be fit. Obviously not yourself - Milky by name and Milky by nature?? I strongly suspect that you're named Fiachra or Oisin and enjoy wearing jumpers knitted from the unravelled socks of Lakeland fell-walkers...........
littlejagoda 1 | 26
2 Dec 2011 #14
littlejagoda: Irishmen in most large cities in the states will not have an 'Irish' accent.

Why, do they lose it when they walk through immigration?

Why the passive aggression? With the world getting smaller, people traveling more, having more access to international TV shows and sometimes emulating the American or British accents, the accents overall seem to be becoming a little more homogenized. So, Irishmen walking through immigration tend to have less of an accent than their rural brethren. Secondly, and most obviously, most 'Irishmen' found in large cities in the US are not first generation.
19 Feb 2012 #15
Longinfora, I'm Irish I live in limerick you would love it here
thebadmonkey 2 | 71
20 Feb 2012 #16
Generally find the Irish accent increases in some emigrants the longer they are away from home :D

As for Irish men liking Irish women, I married one so I guess so in my case. As long as you understand sarcasm and don't get easily offended you'll be fine ;)

The problem with Americans is that they are a mongrel race (don't mean that in an offensive way, just that have a very enthically diverse background which merged in a very short timeframe). To give an example, I was in Ohio with work few years ago for Paddy's Day. Lost count of the number of Americans who came up telling me they were one quarter Irish, half Polish and quarter Italian etc...friendly people though, had a really enjoyable time.
polishmama 3 | 279
20 Feb 2012 #17
im not dumb either

Not nitpicking here (OK, a little) but dumb means someone who can't hear, not someone who is stupid. It is taken as offensive by some to use that word like that.

I've met plenty of Irishmen (as in, accent and all, property in Ireland, coming to US to visit family) and imo they are very respectful to Poles bc we share a similar type of history. At least, that's the words they would use when I would say I was a Pole. Idk what your chances are of landing an Irishman, nobody can tell you. Enjoy your trip. Who knows who you are destined for.
9 Mar 2012 #18
Well im an Irish guy from Dublin and I would love to get to know a polish girl:) I've always thought that Eastern European girls are the most beautiful, obviously im not the only one as they are so regarded by most of the world. I've pretty much grown up with Polish here and they have always stood out as regards to looks. Im 22 now and I am going to the European Football Championships in Poland this summer, can't wait:D So if you would like to talk, get back to me, I loving meeting new people :)
10 Mar 2012 #19
I live in Ireland for over 7 years and I am a Polish woman and made some good friends here among Polish, French, Czech, Spanish and Australian women. Numbers of times we had a chat about Irish men. Common opinions disregard of what origin and culture we are coming from were as follows:

Pluses of Irish men:
- easy-going, relaxed attitude;
- less possesive towards their women;
- cannot communicate straight and express what do they really think about something or someone;
- narrow - minded and sadly only a few of them are educated, so there are not too many topics you can discuss with them. Common topics which you can discuss with an average Irish men are - football, rugby, mortgage, making money, spending money, mortgage, making money, sportand making more money. NOTHING ABOUT CLUTURE, BOOKS, TRAVELS;

- hypervigilant about themselves;
- immature personality especially if it comes to building relationships with women - very often they don't know how to apprach woman and to start discussion, they are scared to see in woman a strenght, soul mate and their sexuality in a good way. One day one some Irish man said to my beautifull Czech friend " we didn't have such beautifull women in this country, it only happens for a few years, therefore we are not use to it". Well, there are also pretty Irish ladies and were here before, so no comments.

- atttiude towards foreign women - they treat these women like a piece of fresh meat, escorts, even like a kind of a sub race. And many of them would date foreign women only for their physical apperance or just for sex. I will not mention that many of them would avoid to show such foreign girlfriend to his friends, like if it was a disgrace.

- for some reason they think we all are here only for their money and will hunt for them and their pockets. Surprisingly we don't.

- they don't look after themselves - don't care about the right food, sport, hygiene (yes in 21st century), appearance. As a result they are aging quicker than other nationalities and look 10 years older than they are;

- very money oriented;
- serial cheater, many of them go to prostitutes (above average in EU);
- addiction to drugs and alkohol - it is a common problem with Irish society nowdays;
- we found incredible amazing how many of Irish men have problems with their psychic health - it is also discussed in media, so many of them suffer of depression, neurosis, take antidepressants. A lot of them cannot deal and handle personal problems. It is very sad, because this country has a wealth above an average in EU, even in recession;

- lack of ambition, a will to achieve and make life better for themselves;

Considering these opinions I have to say I was never interested in having Irish boyfriend/husband. Absolutely I have to say I met here and worked with a very good, lovely Irish guys, intelligent and open - minded, but these present minority.Thankfully I am attached to a wonderfull, inteligent and handsome Polish man.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,868
10 Mar 2012 #20
Common topics which you can discuss with an average Irish men are - football, rugby, mortgage, making money, spending money, mortgage, making money, sportand making more money. NOTHING ABOUT CLUTURE, BOOKS, TRAVELS;

that says more about the kind of people you hang around with than anything else......
irishguy11 6 | 157
10 Mar 2012 #21
Did you not know that the Irish guy just wants money, watch GAA, maybe a foreign sport like Rugby. Check out the change to rule 42 in GAA. We are all unwashed, do not travel, do not read books, watch films or do anything culture except ST Patrick's day.

How do you know that all irish go to escorts, are on anti depressants, are immature.

Polish guy = drinks beer on street and go to gym. Are members of white only and neo nazi gangs. If you generise the Irish, we can do it to the Polish. BTW Iam married to a Polish girl and she does,t think you are nice with your description.
irishlodz 1 | 135
10 Mar 2012 #22
I think you might be socialising in a very restricted circle judging by the Irish men you meet. I'm not saying you don't have some valid points but some of that is OTT.

only a few of them are educated - I have very few male friends who do not have a Higher Education. I would actually struggle to think who I know that doesn't. Speaking to my wifes friends (Poles) they bemoan the lack of educated Polish men suitable for relationships.

atttiude towards foreign women - Any man that treats a woman like that is clearly one who uses prostitutes. Walk away.
addiction to drugs and alkohol - I don't know any drug users, but see no difference in the way Polish men drink.
lack of ambition - I find that laughable. How many have left Ireland over the past few years because that will not sit on their arses. We also have a huge SME sector driven by people who take risks. We attract massive foreign investment because of our workforce (the actual total tax applied to foreign corporations is lower in France than in Ireland in case you are going to quote that bull, and we attract more investment despite being 15 times smaller a country). Again I suspect your comment this is down to a certain calibre of Irishman you meet.

Irish men/people love their sports yes, the participation levels in organised sports are enormous. the local GAA team fields a team every weekend during the summer from every parish in the country. Can you imagine a team of adults and up to 12 junior teams being drawn from the surrounds of every church in Poland each weekend to play a competition? Not to speak of rugby, soccer etc.
markskibniewski 3 | 200
10 Mar 2012 #23
I've never met a single irish person here.

You may wish to find an old Irish pub in your area an attend on monday though wednesday....Do not go on the weekends or on St paddys day. You will never find a true Irishmen wading through the wannabees.
irishguy11 6 | 157
10 Mar 2012 #24
IF you get a copy of the GAA fixture's that are on TV, you would meet loads of Irish guys. You would have to wait till September though for the All Ireland matches to happen. The All Ireland games will bring many Irish men to the pub
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
10 Mar 2012 #25
I live in Ireland for over 7 years and I am a Polish woman and made some good friends here among Polish, French, Czech, Spanish and Australian women.

Whilst a bit ott, that is probably the best comment ive read on this website. Good post.
thebadmonkey 2 | 71
10 Mar 2012 #26
Have to say when read that comment I laughed out did my Polish wife and as did her Polish friends. Not sure what type of people you hang around with but you might need to expand your horizons a bit. For example the same could be said about Polish in Ireland (those who seem to include kurwa in every second sentence etc etc)...they area subsection. There's also the highly educated Poles here for example working in financial service sector etc etc. It's why making sweeping statements is usually a stupid thing to do.

As for depression and mental problems well a simple wiki search shows a that Poland has a much higher suicide rate per head of population than Ireland. Of course that's only one indicator but there are more. That's not to say mental health isn't an issue. It is sadly a huge problem for Poland, Ireland and indeedmany countries in Europe. The stigma associated with it is terrible, ironically given your comments about narrow mindedness earlier in your comment your highlighting it as a negative about Irish men is..well....narrow minded.

Good to see you are happy with your Polish partner but seriously...get out more before....
24 Mar 2012 #27
To everyone who felt threatened by my opinion posted here a few days ago, I feel sorry if it did offended you. My post was related to the general opinion which Irish men have among foreign women its not solely me , but many other women not only Polish, from the other cultural background, living here and work for many years and these are all intelligent, educated women.

Such opinions are not taken from anywhere - this represents the common experience we had with Irish men so far meeting them at a workplace (financial services, IT, health services) and we didn't choose to stick to such people, we just had to work with them and to spend a few hours per day in the same place. Another places we got such experiences were restaurants, shops - where everyone goes sometimes. Any chat with, at the first look classy Irish man, was finished when he realized he has to deal with foreign woman ("sorry, I don't understand your accent. BTW - he said this to an English woman). Another example frequently met- "I have such a nice car, and a house worth 500000 EUR" or "ahhh, so you are Polish" (here is the end of conversation after he realized this). Or an example of a compliment (?) to an intelligent pretty Spanish woman "women like you must be from the hell, because you have such a devil ugly face" or "would you like a drink, I want to see you getting drunk". These are simply the phrases used by Irish men when they pick up women.

Privately I can ensure you that none of us stick to such type of men, we run away as far as we can, does not matter what nationalities they are, but here for an example is how an average Polish or French man picks up a woman: "Hi, my name is ...., I would like to meet you for a coffee/tea and to have a chat one day".Can you see the difference?

Another example from a labour world:
A man at work on a supervisory level (high class?), who looks at his foreign female employee like at a piece of a fresh meat, not as at person and feels intimidated by her education and skills (BTW - he decided to hire her for these skills). After work he gossips around about this woman about her physical features (well she dresses very smart and decent) with his colleagues from work. And he starts to laugh ironically when he realizes she speaks not only English, but also French and German. Does it sound right for you and what such woman should think about such boss?

She actually put a lot of effort into her work so he could earn his bonus. She did not receive anything even a mutual respect from him.

However I pointed out that over these years here I did meet and work with very intelligent and approachable Irish men and they are very decent people, but sadly these are minorities. One of my good friends is Polish and she is attached to a great Irish guy and is very happy with him. However she said one day - If I didn't meet him, I would never date any Irish man.

I have to say that I shared these opinions with my Irish friends and they agreed with these. One of them even admitted "we didn't grow up as a nation to be opened and take all the wealth and beauty of the world which was offered to us, we didn't deserve for this".

And in terms of mental health. I agree that it is also a common problem for all nationalities and agree there is such problem in Polish society as well. But the reasons are totally different.

Irish man will not be sincere towards himself - will lie to anyone around, will not take care of himself. Cannot deal with a simply life problem like to limit spending money for somethimes, or he must take a job on lower salary on less prestigious position. This is sth what makes his life hard and what makes him sick. He still has money even living on the dole and the social welfare offers him help - courses, advices, support to run his own company. Even in such a deep recession jobs are still here in Ireland, maybe less prestigious, but still it is here.But it is visible that they simply don't want to take even this job or to study more to learn. Better to go to a doctor to take antidepressants or to go to the pub, drink and take the drugs.

Polish man - sorry, for an average salary of 700EUR/pcm he must feed and keep his family, work very hard. After one work he goes to another one to get more money to feed his family and to survive till the next paydate. Despite all his efforts and being stubborn, he cannot get better salary, because these simply are not offered.These are realities of living in Poland and yes and I agree he can be nervous, stressed and worried about the future.
desgrant - | 1
24 Mar 2012 #28
The Polish Lady who made such sweeping generalizations about Irish men clearly has had a very negative personal experience with some Irish men, as an Irish man I must explain that we are not all gentlemen and we are not all university educated and we don't all work in IT or financial services. However, many of are and for those that are not, I suspect that you will find such type of people everywhere. Women in general are very highly regarded, having had only female Presidents for the last 20 years makes its own statement about the men who voted for these excellent female Presidents. We currently have 40,00 Polish people living in Ireland. Such a figure suggests they like us very much and feel welcome too.

POLISH WOMEN - Positives
1 Very nicely educated
2- attractive
3 Keep healthy and fit
4 Hard working
5 sincere
1 None they make the world a better place please come to Ireland each and every Polish person, you brought sooo much to Ireland, and when work finishes we love socializing with you - great crac.
Midas 1 | 571
26 Mar 2012 #29

Talk about painting with a broad brush.

I mean some of the stuff you wrote is just off the wall.

It is really surprising considering how many Polish women in Ireland go for Irish blokes over Poles, with all these negative traits you listed one would rather think that Polish women would sooner commit suicide before going out with an Irish gent.
26 Mar 2012 #30
Midas, despite of my experience and my friends experiences, I would not committ the suicside before meeting any Irish man at work or anywhere else. My friends also would not do this. We simply love life and do not to prejudge any person by her/his nationality. Unfortunate these opinions just happened to be similar in case of Irish men.

These opinions are not only of Polish women, but of women from other nationalities too.

Most of Polish women who I know (I know 15 here in Ireland) are with Polish men, only 1 I know is with an Irish man (I must admit he is a lovely person). The same figure appreas among women of other nationalities who I know here. So it is in general very rare to see a foreign woman in a stable relationship with an Irish man.

Of course in my friends circle - women who dated Irish men dated them for a very short period or finished the relationship after the first meeting (mostly for those men attitude and lack of committment to a long term relationship). I have to say (and not solely me) that we never felt being threatened unequally chatting to French, German, Swedish, Italian or Spanish, Amarican man but we had such feeling chatting to an Irish men, such "a view from a high horse".

Irish men are not that attractive as life partners as it seems to be and don't have a good reptation in general in this case. It's not my post which made it, they made such opinion for themselves (sadly valued Irish men suffer as a result of that).

In general most of Polish women living in Ireland are with Polish men, simply for common reasons: attitude of these men towards relationships, marriage and family settlement and personal culture (and I don't mean a bad example of Polish men drinking beer on the streets swearing using a word k... in every second phrase).

It is not my story and releasing weepning opinions - I just showed an opinion of foreign women (not only Polish) about Irish men, which are very common.

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